Government distances itself from Lindiwe Sisulu's 'reckless utterances'

Minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele says tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu's remarks 'grossly misrepresent the constitution'.

2022-01-11 10:04:00 PM

Minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele says tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu's remarks 'grossly misrepresent the constitution'.

Minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele says tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu's remarks 'grossly misrepresent the constitution'.

the deck had been heavily stacked against the victims of the “rule of law”.“What we have instead witnessed under the supreme constitution and the rule of law since 1994 has been co-option and invitations to political power brokers to the dinner table, whose job is to keep the masses quiet in their sufferance,” she argued. 

To a lesser extent, Gungubele agrees with the issues raised by Sisulu — but not the manner in which she raised them.“The purpose of the constitution is to deal with the very issues that she’s speaking about: healing the pains and divisions of the past, ensuring there is social justice, dealing with the imbalances of the past is an imperative of this constitution,” Gungubele said.

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She should be fired immediately If her parents heard her talk like this...she would be put in the naughty corner....and her gloves taken away from her....and since when does a boxer wear pink gloves.And she was only made a minister because of her name.Done nothing constructive since 1994..only empty water tanks

Udakiwe❗ Fungible is quite correct we are all equally shocked by Lindiwe 'statement. The almost minister of everything since 1994. Now running her enriched mouth. Mouthpieces of the establishment! Still waiting for the pit latrines to be eradicated in all the schools that she promised would be done within 6-months of her taking up office as the Minister of Water Affairs. If useless was a person. VoetsekLindiwe VoetsekANC110 VoetsekANC

Time up! Not surprising at all by her comments, she is a constitutional delinquent of note that one. She thinks we owe her our lives for her family for being in the struggle. She thinks like a traditional leader, I think she has overstayed her time in government and should retire. Fire her. I wanna see sumthing

Lindiwe Sisulu flirting with Zuma allies by attacking constitutionLindiwe Sisulu's comments about the constitution and judiciary are not based on fact, says political analyst Mpumelelo Mkhabela. This is NOT journalism. We love her You mean the white serving constitution

We all know the minister of Gucci is useless Blacks are afraid of white people, Rob calls people idiots, incompetent and useless.. Noone says anything, Lindiwe asks questions, these fools jumps out to attack her, if stupidity was personified, blacks represent it very well. How serious is the osth of office to her?

Funny how the constitution was drafted by American and British corporate lawyers while clowns were agreeing to everything hence its the best constitution in the world as it gives imperialists permission to exploit with the help of the ANC Is this an attack on the minister? Then fire her So why hasn’t she been fired yet ? Does Cyril not have the balls to get rid of the rubbish ? Or is he playing factional games ?

Our constitution is kak. This plastic Barbie doll wants attention, TSEK That stupid mayor Gungubele must first sort his alleged Corruption he conducted when he was a mayor Ekurhuleni,he is singing for I papa

Government distances itself from Lindiwe Sisulu's 'reckless utterances'Minister in the presidency Mondli Gugubele says tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu's remarks 'grossly misrepresent the constitution'. Fire her Who is government? Pravin and Ramaphosa puppets? Which government 🤷‍♂️here malindy want to be a anc President for now🤞

Gungubele has been a cage bird lately. The constitution doesn't cater for African values and cultures. Lindiwe is right It shows her lack of respect for her government. Sour grapes 🍇 Why is she still having a job Then I know she is 100% right about her utterances. why are she not fired clearly these ANC idiots believe they don't have 2 abide by the rules and law of this country it's only 4 citizens so why are citizens allowing a criminal organisation 2 turn our country into a Zimbabwe we as citizens must stop being controlled by this ANC

I believe her because I the the government looks like the have a lot to hide they are criminals hiding behind the constitution they wrote That gungubele fool will do or say anything for attention...I still remember him in parliament hearing on Eskom playing for the gallery with that DA blond foreigner,which got him the deputy FM position

Tsek gungulube I think she must be phsycologil test

Lindiwe Sisulu flirting with Zuma allies by attacking constitutionLindiwe Sisulu's comments about the constitution and judiciary are not based on fact, says political analyst Mpumelelo Mkhabela. This is NOT journalism. We love her You mean the white serving constitution

Sisulu is right.finish and klaar TheDynamicOne3 Mondli’s buttering his bread! Same WhatsApp group with MbalulaFikile GwedeMantashe1 OscarMabuyane zizikodwa these Xhosa men have sold their souls! They have chosen to use the stomachs instead of their mouths! She never spoke as a Minister but as a member of the public and ANC. Awume ukuphapha MondliGungubele

Ramaphosa must do cabinet reshuffle now. Take her out of spot light, she is using her position in government to campaign for ANC leadership yet she is not a leader. Sisulu must apply for medical parole SavedOneClick She is right because the same constitution says she has a right to express her views Ironic that she is our tourism minister.

South Africans don't own resources or the rights to it. Granted ANC's 'radical' economic transformation seems a bit scary but its for all South Africans! 📺 Like Lindiwe Sisulu would care.

Minister Lindiwe Zulu visits Buffalo City Municipality following devastating floodsMinister of Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu on Tuesday visited parts of the Buffalo City Municipality where flooding from the recent torrential rain... That leadership 🤮bet she didn’t apologize for the shocking conditions her Government has imposed on the residents! VoetsekZulu VoetsekANC VoetsekANC110

What thing is Gungubele? This colonized minds will continue defending this evil constitution till death just to impress baas She is another 🤡 in the anc, clean house OUTASA aDAvoter MYANC But because she is a cadre nothing will happen with her or her colonial styled headwear There must be an ANC conference coming up hence some people like her and Carl Niehaus are saying stupid things to gain attention.

Eusebius I'm sharing this because this was exactly how i saw so many posts about Hendricksnino77 church and how he was helping individuals with their trades and i decided to give it a try and luckly it went well, Contact him via his profile link below 👇👇 Hendricksnino77 Remember Lindiwe, believes she deserves to be the president of the country. Just because of her connection with the legacy. She must just create this havoc she is aware RET is desperate and waiting for any little opportunity to capitalize. She must be removed

Always distancing themselves... why not call to order... If Lindiwe comments in her personal capacity why should it take a whole minister in the presidency to distance government from her? She is threatening the Stellenbosch project Maybe? They can sort out their issues as colleagues not through the media.

Mondli has been doing this ladder thing very well, banna ba twerka kantle lamina, ho setse rona fela the unambitious losers

People would starve if NGOs did it your way, Sooliman tells Lindiwe Zulu'It's called disaster because it needs an urgent response, it can't be something you respond to five days later,' Sooliman responded to Lindiwe Zulu. My greatest wealth is created by being an early investor through TarellaCampbel Making that investment requires believing in something before the majority of people understand it. I was mocked, ridiculed & criticized for my non-consensus action Yet it’s absolutely worth it! Sooliman proactive citizen, tell the stupid minister who is swimming in soup pot whats happening on the ground. My wife passed away while I looking for employment. I have two children (3 & 4 years) to take care of now and I'm struggling and in my struggle my children sleep hungry😔💔. Please assist us with any food parcel or tinned food you dont use🙏🏻. For my babies 🙏🏻

Makukhuluma abelungu abo Gungubele are quite, now they think their word matter in politics 👀🤯😲 Some cross-breeds battle with their identity. So much so that they forever stumble around looking for recognition. kkkk She didn't speak on behalf of the government anyway. She was expressing her view. What is the government view on this issue anyway?

Ziyakhala ke manje Did he make a statement about what Rob Hersorv had said about President Ramaphosa? The constitution should be challenged for it to be constitutional. Minister Sisulu is right, poverty and constitution are related. What is Gungubele now? Eusebius I won't be sharing this good news on how am getting paid from Brandonkaren11 platform if I didn't see others testifying I was doubting but now that am experiencing how great her platform work.I also recommend you to Brandonkaren11 bitcoin mining for safe and secured investment

You have said anything about this.... why?

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But She's part of government That adopted constitution is not a gospel which can't be challenged or questioned.... Mosadi ye okare onale ho bolediša privilege sometimes. They say LindiweSisuluSA has been a Minister for over 29 years? How so if she writes such twaddle? But she was spot on nontheless Jamandas mafia cabal, stratcom mafia cabal, WMC mafia cabal and stellenbosch mafia clan syndicate and their attacking dogs, all on the offensive against lindiwe Sisulu, Spiritual gifted Malema warned us against these devils 😈

In other countries she would have been fired immediately she is lucky to be in the Banana republic of South Africa Mondli shouldn't have dignified Lindiwe's rubbish with a response Her comments are grounds for a firing,you can not insult the same constitution that elected u into parliament,her comments were very reckless.