God loves Black people, even if Angus Buchan doesn't agree | IOL News

OPINION: God loves Black people, even if Angus Buchan doesn't agree


OPINION: God loves Black people, even if Angus Buchan doesn't agree

In one statement, that joins many others, Angus Buchan has set back South Africa's faith and race unity project by at least 50 years.

Angus Buchan has done nothing different this time, these are the views and comments he has built his multi-million rand ministry on.

What is concerning is that his recent racist rant is at a time when South Africa needs to use religion and faith to unite the nation more than ever.

Buchan's anti-black theology seeks to remind black people of years of apartheid laced theology.

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This nonsensical religion must be disposed. People must take their foreign gods and messiahs and voetsek. We don’t worship their ancestors God loves those He loves regardless of race. Angus Buchan⚰️ IS A FRAUD But we do agree that there is no god so why are we caring about this racist ? You are reaching. No, you are making stuff op that other people never said nor implied.

Self serving money making machine... Looking at how screwed black people are everywhere, you got to wonder sometimes Religion and race. They have created astonishing conflict in the world. Would we have been better off without both of them? Who cares Angus Buchan is the devil 👿 The Bible contains info about people like him


Black people must adopt legally: Cultural expert - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.World Adoption Day on Saturday, is a global day to raise awareness of adoption and celebrate family. Cultural expert, Ndela Nelson Ntshangase has urged black people looking into adoption to follow the legal process. Why you feel so comfortable calling them 'Black people'?🤔

Adam eve. His knowledge of the bible limited Again religion can make u say and do stupid things And the same black sheep will be flocking in numbers at his esigangeni shindigs Which 'god' is that? God is an energy, u cannot see Him, but u can sense Him. God loves everyone. He doesn't have a preference. Whoever comes close to Him, will receive more blessings. It's like u have one light in a big room, the closer u get more it's clear, the further u go, the darker you get. 😌

I concur Galatians 3:28. No racism should ever be tolerated in this country again.

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