Gloves are off as Mkhize takes on the SIU and Ramaphosa | Citypress

Gloves are off as Mkhize takes on the SIU and Ramaphosa

2021-10-19 06:40:00 PM

Gloves are off as Mkhize takes on the SIU and Ramaphosa

Mkhize is seeking an order to declare the conduct of the SIU and a referral letter sent to Ramaphosa as unlawful and unconstitutional.

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Any affidavit on Oscar Mabuyane. You guys are factional!! You are all Ramaphosa's mouthpiece and defenders of his corruption tendencies He will lose Aykhale Amper...🙆‍♂️🤏😭 (Mkhize thinking) They steal n take on Ramaphosa.What for boy Let them fight At first Mkhize deny any wrong doing. Then he confess some wrong doing. Then he defend at all cost. Then he crash and burn and then he will vanish like all the rest.....The neverending story.

Ntloko nje leyakhe itsho ulisela oKhabazela ngenke abaneliseki kodwa ? Futhi njalo badlisana nabomdabu base Ndiya ..Njalo nje! Then bona njalo bayasukelwa ingoba ipolitiki..Inkinga kabani ukuthi kunamaNaphaNapha ebusweni ? Bebe bedle bodwa? Osopolitiki neZisu zabo kuphela..Never trust A politician Never!

CoruscaKhaya Ramaphosa lied in Parliament about his son , so Mkhize can also lie and say he is estranged to his son . 👍🏾 Any update on OSCAR MABUYANE?!👀🔥🔥

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The audacity, CoruscaKhaya No accountability on his part The guts How is He to CLEAR His name if He stop INVESTIGATIONS? Why all ANC OFFICIALS who are being INVESTIGATED always TRY to stop things that will CLEAR their names. WHAT ARE THEY HIDDING? CORRUPTION!!!🤔 Appreciation they say is an application for more. If I fall to acknowledge you Michael_Jeff_ it will shows how ungrateful I am. i am really grateful to a man who God has used in blessing me and my family in general, guaranteed,trade with him now and thank me later

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👏👏👏 DrZweliMkhize Nazo-ke, go for it! You should have refused to resign from the first place. Khipha ama-files kuvele kushube once This reporting is not accurate hey .

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Please clarify....How? When? Where is DrZweliMkhize taking on the president? Madness Captured for PPE, this ANC Ministers, Premier's and the President they don't respect this Country Called South African Black People's, Sies Oh how we love side shows…or is the beginning of the real show? Ace done. ish. Gwede fuming. DM homesick for the Kremlin. Lindiwe trying to help the hotels. Fikile barks for whoever gives him dinner. Mkhize has been given the confidence to relight his ambition. Time for Thandi?

Fokken Skelm! DrZweliMkhize VoetsekANC Good for him the other races do this all the time. City of Cape Town is a legacy grandparents work with their grand children all family members friends have jobs not to mention all procurements are friends and colour based but when it's our hue everyone is screaming corruption 🥴

Where have we seen the delay and object strategy before? please remind me . When and where did Mkhize take on Cyril in his affidavit ? The Most 🔋Powerful Statement from the ANC Fit For Purpose Leadership of HE President CR Ramaphosa The ANC Refuses To Protect those Corrupt Forces Irrespective of Who you are This Instruction will Not Go down well for the RET-EFF-ATM Corrupt Forces CR22 LOADING Viva ANC Viva

He basically admitted to stealing the money, why is he not being charged? I'll never hold my breath to a City Press headline.

Botswana president praises controversial Khato Civils | CitypressBotswana president Mokgweetsi Masisi has applauded a South African company – which is fighting to clear its name locally over a R3.5 billion water project – for completing a P900 million (R1.169 billion) water pipeline in his country within budget and record time. I've learnt a lot from a mentor who were instrumentally in shape with me, and I want to share what I've learnt. Investing with you has changed my life Geoffreypreud It's seems like Khato Civils takes Botswana projects serious unlike here in South Africa. 🤔 He gets kick backs...expected

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A voluntary resignation might have lent some weight to this claim of innocence. Lacking that, crickets Mkhize Mr Mkhize, you are an academic professional with potential opportunities, get up and go. You went to politics in order to get political powers and to be connected, so you can get rich quicker.

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They’re so shameless. If CR can protect Oscar I guess it’s open season for all

Black Tax returns for a second season | CitypressThuli must adjust to having her parents in close proximity, as well as balance any love interests with raising two her children.

I'm fed up ke ANC 🤮 This ppl are demonic really,after getting cought stealing instead of admitting thier sins thy challenging the government, mst we declared this country a lawlessness am asking,Satan is giving them voices thy have a sharp tongue, Isn't that amazing though, someone is caught in corruption instead of standing down they come for the authorities that called them out. ....and this is with whom we want to leave the administration of the country with.

DrZweliMkhize ngumgulukudu wohlohlesakhe The guilty are afraid 😱 😱 He is fooling himself because there is enough evidence against him. Di loma le barafi😂😂😂😂 Kusazoshuba! Something is wrong with the South African constitution. Why are all suspected public office criminals attacking it? I thought as much.Instead of him taking responsibility he blames other people. His son was a family proxy receiving stolen money from Digital Vibes but now he claims that he didn't know

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CyrilRamaphosa Mkhize is coming for you. I owe you an apology for not trusting you at first now I know your platform is really good remain bless🙌 Geoffreypreud ...hayi yi-prent mntakabawo... Of being questioned by the SIU DrZweliMkhize says: 'Documents in the possession of the SIU were simply withheld so that I could be ambushed.” That's how questioning works. The cops 'ambush' you with questions you're not prepared for to get the truth.

Arrogance of the cANCer members, they think it is their “liberation right” to loot public funds, Pray for RSASIU. DrZweliMkhize is no joke in court. Those who say he's gunning for higher office are right, uyisusile He is not strenuously disputing the overwhelming evidence against him and his family.He alleging the processes and procedures of the SIU weren't fair.Ludicrous!

Corrupt people use the same stolen money to fight law enforcement..I have never seen them donating stolen money to law enforcement to improve service delivery mkhize must sit down. his brand is damaged.

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Seka batlwa seka bonwa. 'SIU initially suggested to me in my questioning,on the strength of a group photo of me including Mather,that her head was rather close to mine,clearly inferring a personal intimacy.I took exception and the SIU then overtly withdrew any such insinuation.' You know this attitude of entitlement to Public money by these thieves make me so mad. Report set aside? Where is the money? Batho ba ke magodu botlhe. Who interfered with selection of service provider? Why didn't the relevant Department do the work given to Digital vibes?

'Ziyeke zinamakhanda agxabhayo ziyekele' *Singing*

I wish him bad luck Fight Fighter There is a bullet with the name of someone,Sifiso Nkabinde once said there is bullet with his name within almost two months he was shot dead in Richmond but the gun is still crying for his money he claimed he was not paid. Joo joo we haven't seen anything yet as far as the 'champion of the poor'organisation ,the ANC 's infightings are concerned more is still to come,MKMVA, RET.

There are receipts moogoe Impi'🔥 The try by all means to bury Oscar Mabuyane store if they are all corrupt let the same rule apply to all of them. The last kick of a dying horse. ziyakhala

MSo say the SIU report is declared unlawful and set aside by the court his next move is to contest Rama in the ANC upcoming conference and possibilities are there👀 Yidlani kodwa sibukele Waze wavelelwa umntaka Ramaphosa ngamasela kaKongie. The headline is misleading They should investigate him from his mec days at KZN.They may surprise themselves

Is he denying or challenging how he was caught? The law is a wield animal! When the doctor takes off the gloves, it's over...🙈 Off to ramaphosa his venda that men,can anyone remind sir mkhize Journalists can be so dramatic sometimes

Let’s close RSA. Failed state Lawyers are ready fill the wallets An arrogance crook. Mr 10% cut Im surprised y we still pay Zweli Mkhize, after being exposed by SIU. Will be watching from the stands 🍿🍿 which gloves? I wish everyone can be like you Sir I haven't lost since you have been managing my trading account, I love you so much Geoffreypreud

Kubo Zikhal'impela Amen, let's close the country🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Thief!!! VoetsekMkhize Lol