Anc, Crime

Anc, Crime

Gauteng ANC councillor dies days after his home was petrol bombed

Gauteng ANC councillor dies days after his home was petrol bombed | @kaveels


Gauteng ANC councillor dies days after his home was petrol bombed | kaveels

An ANC councillor in the West Rand Region of Gauteng has died following the petrol bombing of his home in Randfontein, the ruling party says.

"As the ANC in West Rand we condemn the barbaric attack on Councillor Matshogo and his neighbours. We appeal to the community of Mohlakeng to help with any information that will assist law enforcement agencies to bring perpetrators of this barbaric attack to book," ANC West Rand spokesperson Zaza Machakela said.

Over the weekend, police made an appeal to the public for assistance in helping them track down suspects involved in the incident.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said that at least three unused petrol bombs were found at the scene.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the police in Mohlakeng or call Crime Stop at 08600 10111.

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kaveels So sad..😥 kaveels Must have had incriminating information kaveels Power, money and Greed..... Killing one another now..... kaveels We need a Cleansing ceremony in RSA many people were killed during the struggle against apartheid their souls are not happy that's why people are killing each other like that

kaveels This thing has to stop.those behind should go down the same road tenfold kaveels So if dis is how politics are am glad am not associated wth any political party or even have intrest in them 🙌🏻 kaveels Ish jst got real kaveels Yhu human beings 😭 kaveels this is a disappointing behaviour from our fellow mzasi citizens.....our thumbs are still having that marker from the condolences to the family and friends 😭🙍

kaveels Inside job kaveels Oh wow ! Human beans!

LIVE Election Results: ANC back at 50% in Gauteng, DA below 21% nationallyFollow the action of today's big polls to decide who governs the country and each of its nine provinces for the next five years. The opposition partys just keep slitting each others throats no wonder anc keeps winning Viva ANC

kaveels What a world kaveels Reason been? kaveels Why did you vote ANC then

2019 ELECTIONS: RESULTS : Gauteng: ANC retain a hold in key service delivery protest hot spotsThere was a spike in protests across the country in the build-up to the elections, engulfing Gauteng, the most sought-after province. Daily Maverick looked at voting patterns emerging from some of the hot spots. By Ayanda Mthethwa, Yanga Sibembe and Leletu Tonisi iq scientifically proven below 66. protests, yes, but afraid to loose their grants ? that's a big yes as well.

LIVE Election Results: ANC passes 50 percent mark in GautengFollow the action of today's big polls to decide who governs the country and each of its nine provinces for the next five years.

ANC holds slim majority in Gauteng, KZN | IOL NewsThe ANC has a fight on its hands in the key provinces of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal where it held a slim majority in each. ElectionResults Elections2019 Gauteng still up for grabs...Coalition government loading ElectionResults2019 Holding on for dear life. Those are key provinces. We can't do coalition with the devil.

2019 ELECTIONS: NEWSFLASH: Gauteng cliffhanger: ANC hovers just below 50%, but final count yet to comeThe ANC dipped under 50% of the vote in Gauteng as results continued to trickle in on Friday. Opposition parties were cautiously watching the results as the governing party was still tipped to retain the province.

Battleground Gauteng Strong showing for ANC in JHB, Tshwane, but party well below 60%As citizens patiently await the outcome of the Gauteng Provincial results which currently sits at 43.56% votes counted, here is a look at the results trickling in from the province. CannyMaphanga With Our_DA sliding backwards down the hill. CannyMaphanga Yep. Now tell me again how voting for smaller fringe parties doesn't dilute the opposition? The ANC love all these little parties springing up everywhere. CannyMaphanga Dis n korrupte pot kak die. Verkiesing wat net mooi fokkol beteken

Jacob Zuma's legacy, e-tolls give ANC a shock in GautengAngry ANC leaders in Gauteng are blaming rampant corruption, the legacy of the Jacob Zuma era and unhappiness over e-tolls for their near loss of the province. But etoll is Mbekis baby Zuma was recalled early 2018, let them accept that the anc is loosing . He can not be an escape goat. He delivered more than 60% in 2 elections despite o the new formations which took 1 million votes in both elections. According to FakeNewsMedia Ramaphosa won elections but ANC lost support, 20 MPs retrenched Delusional

ANC Gauteng admits next 5 years will be difficult in legislature ANC Gauteng Deputy leader Panyaza Lesufi says they are not worried about not having enough numbers in the provincial legislature at all times to ensure that motions are passed in their favour. That is the understatement of the year. They will literally have to agree on almost everything OR make sure that there's an ANC 100% attendence if there's a legislature vote. Those lazy ones aggg shemm. At least attendance will be 100% every day.

ANC claws back gains in Gauteng race as vote counting nears completionThe ANC 's share of the province's votes has been hovering around the 50% mark for some time now, raising questions about whether the region will be governed through a co-alliation agreement. No, ANC is not at 53% in Gauteng. It is sitting 49.98% now. You are confusing the National and provincial ballots. The IEC website is confusing, but your journo clearly needs a lesson in navigating it. Wow, totally wrong. You should be embarrassed. ANC are under 50% in Gauteng. You’re looking at the wrong numbers. IEC says ANC just dropped to 50.05% in Gauteng. Why is Gauteng taking so long? Same happened in last municipal elections in metros that ANC lost. 🤔

2019 ELECTIONS: Battleground Gauteng: ANC holds on by a razor-thin margin as count continuesWith half the votes in Gauteng counted on Thursday night, opposition parties were still hopeful the ANC might fall under 50%, but the ruling party looked like it might just scrape over the line to keep its majority in the country’s economic heartland.

ELECTIONS FLASH: Gauteng on the cusp, ANC clears 50%.Gauteng, the richest prize in provincial politics, remains in the balance as the ANC breaches the electoral threshold of 50% support. PieterDuToit I wonder with the numbers being so close whether any of the parties will call for a recount in GP. The IEC may well have to cancel the results announcement planned for tonight. PieterDuToit Looking at the voting districts still to come, I think the ANC will hold above 50%. Just. PieterDuToit This is CyrilRamaphosa effect. He and He alone saved both Gauteng and National results looking from 2016 results debacle. David Makhura must be the most delighted Man now while Ace Magashule is the new elephant in the room. The battle of Luthuli House is on !!! Watch this space

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