Gareth Cliff to be reported to SAHRC over 'racist incident'

Gareth Cliff to be reported to SAHRC over ‘racist incident’

2021-10-25 02:15:00 PM

Gareth Cliff to be reported to SAHRC over ‘racist incident’

Cliff's comments led to significant backlash and public outrage, with many accusing him of being a racist, among other things.

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LIVESTREAM: Police Minister testifies at SAHRC hearings

The Human Rights Commission hearings into the July unrest continues on Friday.

😂😂😂 What racist incident? How to ignore & avoid the irrelevancy of the SAHRC..💩🖕🤣😂😠 Credits due Criminalize racism! If it was affecting white people it would have received the attention it deserves. And they continue to act this way because there are no serious consequences for their actions! We should have punished apartheid criminals!

I watch the whole video and I cant find anything that Gareth said that was racist. That 'lady' made it about race and NOT about service delivery. Lol these guys are funny. Substituting lack or no service delivery with racism. He Won't Be Punished, We Live In A Racist Society. They will do nothing. SAHRCommission is useless!

Oh c'mon really? Far from a racist incident 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Will these racists be joining him? Or is it more 'racist' for a host to rightly tell a guest that their personal anecdotes have no place in an election debate? We're keeping an eye out for your double standards again, SAHRCommission.

Nando’s takes Gareth Cliff off menu over ‘highly disappointing’ conductNando's has announced that it has terminated its sponsorship of Gareth Cliff's show The Burning Platform on Cliff Central. Great news. Some people are plain spoilt brats thriving on being lauded for daily mouthing off unchecked Balderdash. They prance around as so-called shock-jocks, a subtle licence to be all things nonsensical, while others in the same industry are edited word for word. Good!

Ag pleeeeeeze.. get a life. Why is he not in orange overalls already? In other countries he would have been prosecuted on the day and thats how we should deal with the Steve Hoffmeyers of this world....prosecute on the spot.... And then what? When will we report anc to sahrc 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. They need to get over themselves.

Reporting racism to racist 😂😂 We just a joke society, when you can be misquoted saying you want to kill settlers or anyone else for that matter & there are no issues of concern from SAHRC. All in the name of the ongoing struggle? Ok, this is ridiculous now. Garreth has always been an attention seeker. He knows exactly which buttons to push too cos the left is so predictable. Just stop now, he didn't violate any human rights - he just got ur attention.

Don't 4gt those who abuses our country... Foreigners n ANC

Nando's probes Gareth Cliff show it sponsors after Twitter roastingA clip from the show has been viewed more than 450,000 times on Twitter after Rakhivhane posted it with a comment describing the conduct of Cliff and Steenhuisen as “the literal definition of black lives don't matter”. fakenews wokenews

Lol - prove the racism 😂 😂😂😂😂 What racist incident? And they are going to do what? Handle it the same way they handle that little hate spewing dwarf from the EFFies? Precedent has been set by them agaes ago! Twats! A white personal being rude to a black person is now constituted as racism it seems. Gareth Cliff didn't downplay racism. The lady said she faces racial prejudices ever single day all day. How can someone feel that ppl are being racists to her every day all day? It is surely her own inferior complexes and phobias plaguing her!

LMAO. Black fragility is pathetic Tlogelang die man. Ha a na molato. Oh for fuck's sakes. What a load of BS!!

Nando’s takes Gareth Cliff off menu over ‘highly disappointing’ conductNando's has announced that it has terminated its sponsorship of Gareth Cliff's show The Burning Platform on Cliff Central. Who else is still sponsoring Gareth. That boy needs to be dealt with

What a joke. We need more adults in this country and less children. Lol, what a farce He's a racist and nothing will change that. Goodluck with that one This is ridiculous. He was rude, and condescending and should apologize for that if he hasn't already. But that is it. Mxm... When the demand for racism outweighs the supply, this is what happens... The word racism has truly become void of all meaning...

I am still waiting for someone to show me what exactly he said that was racist. Don't we have bigger problems in SAfrica? But we're moving backwards as a Nation if one can't openly express their views. Others can say whatever they like and it's OK because of what entlek?

Mampara of the week: Gareth CliffA repeat offender of peri-peri proportions. Sunday Times well ahead of him in the public vote. Closely followed by NanDOOS. people from the DA should have given him tips , first you secure the R15 mill in the bank ,then you can put up whatever poster you want , nothing will happen the money is in the bank Gareth Cliff is just a White Jacob Zuma, he's too old for the silly games he's playing!

🤣🤣 Racism what flippen racism ... he said nothing racist at all i watched the full clip and some parts more than once but there was never any racist remarks.... you are digging but to be honest you would not know what racism is when it hits you in your face What about the things Julius Malema has said?

I doubt that he was racist, maybe rude or dismissive yes! 😁good luck with that, manufactured outrage and charges. But let it go the full distance, the woke brigade will come out with a bloody nose. This SAHRC? 🤨 Wow look here ,look here a rude white boy ... Meanwhile the ANC government delivers more services neh

SAHRC Time wasting institution of Note Pity people can't have the same oomf to report and get rid of that man at Eskom, the useless CEO He'll be fine, nothing will come of it. At least he didn't say, 'we're not calling for the slaughtering of whites, at least not for now'.

Nando’s takes Gareth Cliff off menu over ‘highly disappointing’ conductNando's has announced that it has terminated its sponsorship of Gareth Cliff's show The Burning Platform on Cliff Central. And the radio station is embracing him😢😢why is he still not fired? Victim culture... Vtsek

This so stupid. The GC incident illustrated all things that make us a loser nation: - Greedy corporate - Race obsessed black elites - Economic illiteracy - Double standards - Misplaced national priorities - Lack of quality education - Mob bullying/ mentality Arrest him even. In my view a waste of time,he shared his views pertaining to that discussion and had no racism to it,seems like it is required to drag the situation into that specific narrative to try and achieve an outcome for racism🤦‍♂️

Amazing... But the eff and anc and sing kill the boer... Double foking standards SAHRCommission eNCA etvNewsSA eNCA CyrilRamaphosa PublicProtector Our_DA How about a million rand settlement coming your way? 🤣🤣 The SAHRC cannot do anything to Gareth. It is just fear mongering tactics on the part of the SAHRC.

Hey SAHRC, when is Juju gonna be reported over racist incidentS? This is becoming seriously ridiculous. He did not say anything racist. SAHRC, we see you. So talking over a fingerwaggingracegrifter is considered racist?

Nando’s takes Gareth Cliff off menu over ‘highly disappointing’ conductNando's has announced that it has terminated its sponsorship of Gareth Cliff's show The Burning Platform on Cliff Central. Last night we slept hungry again and my daughter was crying because of hunger. Please assist us with a 2kg mealie meal and tinned fish 🙏🏻. Just so my little girl can eat😔💔. I've been struggling to get a job and in my struggle, my child is suffering💔 As'bonge And allot of people have taken Nandos off their menu.

SAHRC will only have any credibility when it takes action against comments made from both sides of the racial spectrum If this was a 'racist incident' this I simply watering down real racist incidents and soon people will pay no attention or not take it seriously. Crying Wolf.. Comes to mind. Hahahahaha. Shame. Foeitog. Fokoff.

SAHRCommission only deal with people who explicitly use words like monkey, baboon, kaffir. That's what equates to racism in their eyes. Why? Because he is telling the truth or because he is white? VoetsekANC & most black people can't handle the truth. That simple. VoetsekANC can't govern they don't have the ability & most black people are blind to it because they are brainwashed

To be fair though...the bigger crime was 'the Smirk'..everyone knows this. That's ridiculous! South Africa has heavy double standards 😂 With this risk, I wonder who will be brave enough to invite that woman on their show ever again? The most useless commission on earth. Lol hahaha 😆🤣I'll just laugh.

Lol, as if SAHRC ever cared for black bodies before! They are highly ineffective. Gareth Cliff Just needs to be dropped in the streets of Attregvile or Alex the masses shall take it from there. GarethCliff Waste of time, the clown will be cleared as there's no hate speech. Deal with the feeder, make sure the sponsors don't come forth, if they do make sure they catch fire like Nando's. We have that power, we are the biggest consumers, only the 702's will be our downfall.

Good! What a waste of resources. Uyangidina mina noCliff Cliff wenu futhi ufuna udumo nje mxm Now they are scraping the barrel. Who's reporting him? What about Julius Malema? Fucking clown world. so what now.... He can't have his views of being fed up of excuses... What a waste, there’s nothing hate speech regarding what he said🤦🏾‍♂️..

Dear BLACKCAPS in south africa we are living in a reversed apartheid system where whites are classed as second class citizens with the racial BEE laws,plz help us to pressure the nationalists ANC government to reverse their business killing policies!&Farm Killings! SJNHearings Why nizomosha skhathi ngalo smunu ngoba kanendaba kade funa kusho beqondile lapho kazisoli

He needs EFF visit not this SAHRC is USELESS!! Ridiculous!! legend_bogosi Useless commission. Really ? Please come back and tell us the outcome . He'll get smallanyana fine or suspended sentence...ei plus racists are now flexing knowing they've got their boy as a president. We can't be having racism gardens like Orania and expect racists to repent. Black man respect yourself and Vote EFF. ANC are bodyguards of racists!

SAHRC did nothing about the Brackenfell incident,Till today we waiting on their investigation and findings,I really have no confidence in them,this is Gareth Cliffs second offence,Why didn't SAHRC deal with him the first time. After that......

Phakama Adv Dali Mpofu. Ixesha lefikile. We all know he will he cleared Don't be SURPRISED when the SAHRCommission doesn't find wrong and doesn't prosecute. Mnxm. ntsikimazwai I won’t be surprised if that other Senior Counsel will represent him yet again as though he is not amongst the victims of ubuhlanga kwayena🤦🏿‍♂️

ntsikimazwai We can't be wasting our energy on Gareth f Cliff (Via Skhumba's voice), we have serious problems to deal with as a nation 🙄 I think NandosSA dropping GarethCliff was enough to ensure he doesn't repeat his same subtle racism in the future. If he goes to the SAHRCommission then surely that openly racist Julius_S_Malema must go there as well.

The sahrc is the anc Let it be who cares F❤cking ridiculous.

Yet nothing ever happens to Malema ... Shame, wonder why? May be whatever he said meant no harm, it was just an oversight, and Gareth consider himself as black person. Please give him a fair chance to explain, it might be taken out of context. Nandos was too quick to react, give him a fair chance. Yawnnnnn

His public profile would be shattered if he was a POC (Person of colour) but his white privilege will save him again. He has a history. Subtle racism is still racism!! 😂 whatever The mob tasted blood and want more now Now this is going too far. Really? 😂