'Avengers: Infinity War', Coronavirus, Covıd-19, Coronavirus İn South Africa, National Lockdown

'Avengers: Infinity War', Coronavirus

GALLERY: Hillbrow residents, police clash on day one of lockdown

GALLERY: Hillbrow residents, police clash on day one of lockdown

2020-03-28 06:25:00 PM

GALLERY: Hillbrow residents, police clash on day one of lockdown

SAPS dispersed a crowd at one of the local shops in Hillbrow as resident were queuing; with more than 100 people in line.

Law enforcement officers had their hands full trying to control residents across the country as South Africans began the 21-day lockdown as declared by President Cyril Ramaphosa, in a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in South Africa. Read more: Eyewitness News »

Hillbrow needs state of emergency that's the only solution for it as long as it is a hub of foreigners who doesn't respect the laws of our country Don't worry, the virus will get them. EWN playing a xenophobia card again. They had to pick hilbrow for a reason. when they go to hillbrow they should have sjambok to use

Deploy the SANDF ko Hillbrow to 'skop, skiet and donner' thus restoring order in that once trendy suburb...drugs cleanup needed and of course cleaning grime too Joanne00307605 Is Rand Clinic still open? Correction, those at old images. Please ewn stop spreading fake news Imbeciles who think the situation is a joke

Can somebody balance me here, why does it look like South Africans misunderstood this lockdown to a state of war given the running battles we see with law enforcement agencies 🙉 Idiots Gauteng will be more like Italy in 21 days if they don't change their behavior...

'It's a tourists' sickness,' scoff Langa residents as they defy lockdownResidents of Langa, Cape Town, taunted police on the streets and dismissed Covid-19 as a “tourists’ sickness” as authorities started enforcing the nationwide lockdown on its first day. Sigh. This is like Mbeki and his HIV denialism all over again. The world is going to be a very different place in 3 weeks time. This is where natural selection will run its course.... Even if it was, the tourists can still cough on us ! We need to be taking this thing seriously.

Northern Cape cops bust duo with drugs on first day of lockdownTwo men were bust with drugs by Northern Cape police on the first day of the nationwide lockdown, police said. ~ are you talking about Nigerians? - Police arrested only six - there are 10k of them in ZA !

Police threaten Hillbrow's homeless with sjamboks to enforce national lockdownA shopper screamed back at an officer who had broken his table which he used to sell a few groceries. Why are they breaking people’s possessions, are they after possessions or people? Leave the police alone okay asomblief leave them alone you are Tabloid newspaper where are bikini girls Irresponsible journalism

WATCH | Durban police lock up lockdown offender in CBDDurban police were out in full force on Friday to ensure the city's residents were complying with the national lockdown restrictions. Like really serious we are going to suffer in south Africa Lock up lockdown 😂

SA Lockdown: Public reactions on day oneSouth Africans woke up to day one of what will be the norm for the next 21 days as the country is in lockdown

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 now at 1,170, but only one death confirmedCabinet is briefing the nation on how the first day of the 21-day lockdown has gone. Get your facts right before going public.