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Apartheid State, Arsenal

FW’s ‘truth’ a sickening read - The Mail & Guardian

De Klerk has apologised now, but my week was ruined when I had to delve into his past


De Klerk has apologised now, but my week was ruined when I had to delve into his past

De Klerk has apologised now, but my week was ruined when I had to delve into his past

My plan for the week is pretty cool. A deep look at former Durban mayor Zandile Gumede’s bid to become ANC eThekwini chairperson (again); a look at the pressure that’s building on the residents of Ingonyama Trust land who have taken the body to court and a day or so getting up to speed on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plan for commercial cannabis cultivation.

It’s the lahnee. The office has plans for me and my plans. Mama, as Gumede is known to the faithful, will have to wait. So will the cannabis cultivators and maybe even the Ingonyama Trust.I start with De Klerk’s submissions. They’re heavy going, lengthy, legalistic exercises in justifying the unjustifiable and avoiding responsibility. They also provide immediate answers as to why De Klerk continues to defend apartheid, 25 years after losing power, despite having been treated with kid gloves under the new order.

They’re actually pretty kind. De Klerk already knew about the Khotso House bombing when he denied knowledge at about it in his 1996 testimony. There was also little likelihood that De Klerk and other Cabinet members who sat on the State Security Council, which authorised assassinations and other illegal operations against anti-apartheid activists, did not know their instructions to “terminate” and “remove” people would end up in them being killed.

They’ve issued a statement withdrawing De Klerk’s latest defence of apartheid. De Klerk “apologises for the confusion, anger and hurt that it has caused”, and then goes on a trip about how kind he was to dismantle apartheid.

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Stop complaining...... you brought it upon yourself....... just guess what your week woulf have been if you did not go and dig in shit I took M&G seriously once. Die ou wat hierdie kak kwytraak se naam is Paddy. Go figure.

Comment on apartheid tantamount to treason, says RamaphosaThe president’s response to a comment about apartheid by FW de Klerk was swift and unequivocal And what Zuma has done? And a cohort of others? Yeah. But Loot till SA on her knees and that's not treasonous. Poor white old men

Ramaphosa: To deny apartheid is treasonousPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed his disdain for a contentious comment made by former president FW de Klerk that apartheid was not a crime against humanity. SONAreply I'd say calling it treason was a tad more than that. And a lie to boot. if had stopped his lapdogs from squeaking last week on Thursday he wouldn't be standing in parliament and apologizing on their behalf. He was Presidential and can’t remember name dropping. Please correct the heading of your article.

Ramaphosa makes peace with Malema over gender-based violence comments - The Mail & GuardianIn his Sona response, the President Cyril Ramaphosa apologised for the weaponising of gender-based violence, saying the attack on the red beret leader was ‘uncalled for’. Doesn’t have balls this one You can write kak akere!! It takes a real leader to apologize but domkop followers to be arrogant

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