Freedom Under Law calls for Hlophe exclusion from judge selection

Freedom Under Law calls for Hlophe exclusion from judge selection

2021-04-21 12:20:00 PM

Freedom Under Law calls for Hlophe exclusion from judge selection

In 2008, two Constitutional Court judges said Hlophe tried to influence a case involving then-President Jacob Zuma and French arms dealer Thales, formerly Thint.

Hlophe guilty of gross misconductFreedom Under Law's Nicole Fritz said: "We are saying in light of the response from 2016, their own expressly stated views on how this matter is to be handled, that when there is a guilty verdict from the tribunal there is then a bar to the participation of that judge."

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"They [the Judicial Service Commission] must act in accordance with that view and judge president Hlophe should not sit."That is really to protect the proceedings so that there is no possible or tainting of the legitimacy of those proceedings so that those who get appointed get to enjoy their position and that they know that those appointed proceedings are not possible subjected to challenge."

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Hlophe will fight tooth & nail to fend off any attempt to exclude him from judge selection and, like those he supports in the ANC's RET faction, he will drag out his appeals as long as possible: It already took well over 10 years (!) to bring his original case to a conclusion! I am always wondering whether this Freedom Under Law thing is based on old apartheid mentality which suggests that black people are always suspicious. I have never seen them coming out strongly on some shenanigans that emanate from 'white' loyalist individuals or parties.

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