FORCED TO BEG: Tanzania's Trafficked Kids - BBC Africa Eye documentary

2022-06-27 10:13:00 AM

Impoverished families in Tanzania are being tricked into giving up their disabled children by human traffickers. Promised a better life, the children are ins...

🇹🇿 FORCED TO BEG 🇰🇪: BBCAfricaEye goes undercover to expose a human trafficking network that's smuggling disabled children from Tanzania to Kenya. Full film ➡️

Impoverished families in Tanzania are being tricked into giving up their disabled children by human traffickers. Promised a better life, the children are ins...

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Very sad indeed Thank you Ms Mwangi, and BBC Africa!! Asante sana 😢 😞 Kenyans have been saying this for years, TZ government cannot pretend to be unaware of this Keep up the good work. Glad that in this particular documentary you actually brought some of the culprits to book and now a whole government showing accountability

BBC is on an agenda to paint a certain narrative about africa Please do another one on Karomoja people on the streets of Kampala How did they get here makupa_ Sad This is so sad Do something Thanks for the rescue. So sad how human being can exploit other humans weaknesses.

Hii sio sawa Serikali ichukue hatua ishirikiane na mamlaka za kenya. Watanzania hawa warejeshwe nyumbani. SuluhuSamia Sheria_Katiba ikulumawasliano UhamiajiTz Tunao wajibu huo This is an issue immigration and ustawi wa jamii should dig deep into it what exactly happened Tanzanians to reach this level with all the resources the country has to help these people.

Crazy Sad ReubenKigame Its always interesting that in Kenya if not Africa it always takes an expose, to reveal troubling things that happen in the country where it has employed govt officials who walk around every day and just ignore plights of people for an easy buck bonifacemwangi we hate ourselves

African we have suffered Inhumanity at it's best Unyama umewatoka hayawani na kuwaingia wanyama. When I look at Africa! Many things runs to mind 🥲🥲 Sometimes you want to help a disabled person in the streets, but then you remember the money you give him/her is going to someone else living lavishly then I walk on.

This just totally broke my heart... How long before the traffickers are back supercharged? Tanzania needs to take it's Polio immunisation very seriously.Its always heart wrenching to see some of these kids being exploited on the streets in Kenya. Nothing new here just revealed what we all know but don’t talk about.

This is soo sad 😔 Tanzania is always ap sensenles country The fact that his mom gave him away in his 13 years for the sake of better life through begging, i'm curious to even know did she even look for him after 5 years or 2 just to check if he was doing fine or not🤷🤷, the mother should Get punish as well.

Thanks Njeri Mwangi.. Please follow up with Fara after this exposure his life is in danger because this group is big. The guy arrested is the junior in this syndicate wadosi wake are still roaming around. bonifacemwangi Thanks a lot njerikan for highlighting this known but ignored crime. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of disabled children that are trafficked into cities. It was good to see the police take action and for Fara to find a safe place

The first 2 kids nimepatana nao pale archives mara mingi sana. africaupdates Yerr Horrific So sad Filled with emotions, this is pure hateful act to human. Our society is broken and we all have part to play in rebuilding. BBCAfricaEye Ni nini wakenya hawajafanya? Am too emotional,i wont last with this for five mnts

Dreymwangi Nairobi ata disabled person anaeza tendea fellow disabled man madhambi, Bora pesa. Well done FerdyOmondi This Kenya, let me not say much, God for us all

May God bless your work wonder where Humanity is some people are just selfish 😭😭😭 a lot of things like this happening in Nigeria 🇳🇬 people trafficking some disables from north to west Nigeria 🇳🇬 for just begging 🥺 This story broke my heart I am speechless. This evil at its highest. This Zengo is a devil incarnate. Wicked people get pleasure in exploitation of other human beings.

Very terrible. I hope traffickers face the penalty. Imagine the Truman the captives are going through. Kenya and Tanzania should cooperate and end this human trafficking issue DownloaderBot Wtf😳 Many are taken from their parents with the promise of a better life. But instead they are enslaved and exploited - forced to beg on the streets across Kenya, often for years, while their captors take all the profits.