Experts warn coronavirus lockdowns should stay until there is a vaccine

Experts warn coronavirus lockdowns should stay until there is a vaccine | @BISouthAfrica

2020-04-10 12:45:00 AM

Experts warn coronavirus lockdowns should stay until there is a vaccine | BISouthAfrica

According to a new study led by researchers at Hong Kong University, there is still a 'substantial risk' of a 'second wave' of infections.

since March 19."The first wave of Covid-19 outside of Hubei has abated because of aggressive non-pharmaceutical interventions," the study found.According to the research, China has been able to greatly reduce the virus' reproduction number - meaning, the number of people on average that one person can infect - from two or three to just under one.

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But the study warned there is still a"substantial risk" of new infections, particularly from travelers. It stressed that the virus spread needs to be closely monitored in order to prevent another outbreak, or"second wave" of the disease and achieve"an optimal balance between health and economic protection."

"Although control policies such as physical distancing and behavioural change are likely to be maintained for some time, proactively striking a balance between resuming economic activities and keeping the reproductive number below one is likely to be the best strategy until effective vaccines become widely available," said Joseph Wu, who leads the infectious disease modeling research at the Hong Kong University's School of Public Health and co-led the study.

The virus has infected over 1.5 million people worldwide and killed over 88,000. China, once the epicenter of the disease, has reported just over 82,000 cases and 3,337 deaths. Read more: News24 »

BISouthAfrica Can someone please assist me to pass the toll gates to Limpopo before another extension? My kids have been there since the abrupt school closure, and lockdown happened while I was at work. Can't get a permit and it's heartbreaking to hear them cry everyday. LockdownSA BISouthAfrica The US lab that is busy with their own said it will be ready by September but, here in SA not even a hint?

BISouthAfrica That is where they have been pushing to. Now lifting the lockdown is on condition that we are vaccinated. The plan to vaccinate Africans and was denied after News24 revealed it and later said it was a false report. BISouthAfrica They will later denies the vaccine story 😔🤭 BISouthAfrica

BISouthAfrica Fake news peddlers. BISouthAfrica Tell that to China BISouthAfrica This is becoming more like asking which way would you prefer to die HUNGER or SICKNESS? If you stay indoors you die of hunger and if you leave you die of Coronavirus. tebza_kale BISouthAfrica Ba anyela ... BhekzV BISouthAfrica This guy no lie

MbuyiseniNdlozi BISouthAfrica 😂😂😂😂 now u force throating us what bill gates has said n u call him nd expert africaupdates BISouthAfrica Not gonna happen. BISouthAfrica Oh my LORD, I don't understand it seems like the government was not using lockdown as a preventative measure while collecting information to assist in the management of the spread of Covid 19 whilst searching for the cure

BISouthAfrica Does it mean another 18 months or so? Interesting stuff News 24, did the experts tell you this as well? Do they even know that there is no proper flue vacation for normal flue till today and it isn't guaranteed that you won't get sick. Maybe we must just never go back to normal? BISouthAfrica Youli04 and the WHO gave S.A the green light to open shop 🙄

BISouthAfrica Lol. No. That's not going to happen. 4-11 weeks of lockdown? It's welcome. Up to 3 months of lockdown? O.K. Test and trace once initial outbreak is contained? Yeh sure. Mass 8 month plus lockdown because the dept. of health can't get their act together? Hell no. BISouthAfrica Agree the African continent is not geared to control this pandemic- remember HIV/AIDS!

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Wine industry cheers lifting of ban on exports during coronavirus lockdownWine industry cheers lifting of ban on exports during coronavirus lockdown 🔒

France to extend lockdown, coronavirus death toll close to 11 000 - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.France reported some positive coronavirus-linked data on Wednesday, with the increase of hospital death fatalities slowing again, but the presidential palace said nonetheless the national lockdown aimed at containing the disease would be extended. Ngiyafisa nami ngathi singalalela ikhwela likamongameli ngoba as South Africans ngathi asiyiboni ingozi yalokugula Ga bana choice.. 😷 🦠 SakinaKamwendo LeanneManas South Africa also need extension of 7 days,prevention is better than cure.