Expect more arrests in the Meyiwa murder case: Cele

Expect more arrests in the Meyiwa murder case: Cele

2020-10-27 08:02:00 AM

Expect more arrests in the Meyiwa murder case: Cele

According to Police Minister, Bheki Cele, the arrests are just the beginning.

Police Minister Bheki Cele visited the Meyiwa family to brief them on developments in the Senzo Meyiwa murder case. Courtesy ofJOHANNESBURG- Police Minister, Bheki Cele says more arrests can be expected in the Senzo Meyiwa murder case.Five people have been arrested for the murder that took place six years ago in Vosloorus.

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According to Cele, the arrests are just the beginning."It is not the end, we will be picking other people," Cele said.Cele was speaking at the home of the late Orlando Pirates goalkeeper in Umlazi, Durban on Monday evening.He had gone to the home to brief the Meyiwa family on the case.

READ:Five arrested in Senzo Meyiwa murder caseAccording to the minister, the visit was a courtesy one to explain to the family why a media briefing was held before the police could speak to them."We were pushed hard by the leaks and we didn't want there to be any confusion," he said.

"We wanted to sit down with the family and tell them about the steps we've taken." Read more: eNCA »

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Siyazi ukuthi akusiyena uNdosi kodwa usesaba le Afriforum ......ihlazo leli ezweni sakhile They’ll actua arrest every know criminal in SA before they arrest the people who actually killed Senzo No thanks to the SAPS... THANK AFRIFORUM, those 'supposed' white, Afrikaner Racists who have been fighting this case for justice for a fellow South African since the first day and would not allow the killers to rest.

Chest-thumping. 6 years later. The right people to be arrested 😩justice to be served RIP Nxe! When are they going to happen? Sad. May his soul rest in peace. But y did they kill d breadwinner of d family? Nginethemba ukhona ukelly khumalo kulesosibalo Arrest everyone Ahhhhhh broken record 😴 Power to that. This is a welcome development. Hopefully, there'll be closure for the family and friends who have waited for justice for this long. It might have taken time, but justice will always prevail!

WATCH LIVE | Bheki Cele gives update on progress made in Senzo Meyiwa murder casePolice minister Bheki Cele and national commissioner Khehla Sitole will on Monday provide a much-anticipated progress report on developments in the murder case of slain soccer star Senzo Meyiwa.

Senzo Meyiwa murder: Bheki Cele says there's 'much more to come' | News24The latest developments in the murder case of renowned former Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa are only the beginning and much more is yet to come, Police Minister Bheki Cele said on Monday. | Sesona_Ngqaks Sesona_Ngqaks Our police got it very wrong and are in the hurry to put this matter to bed that's all. Sesona_Ngqaks Listen lets talk a bit . this is demons helping demons. The guy approved of sport gambling went against mission vison of Heaven allah etc then we have the police who are demonic because it i say arrest people gambling at Monte casino he wont he will arrest me for trying to stop. Sesona_Ngqaks So in simple terms they all demonic hence demons helping demons . all sports players must stop playing and demand sports gambling stop if people do it illegally better than to say the law approves of it and the people

Meyiwa's murder 'bigger than we previously understood': Bheki CeleThe motive behind the murder of Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa might be 'bigger than we previously understood'. I bet it's down to money.

'He's failing to deal with GBV': Mzansi reacts to Bheki Cele raiding Sandton clubPolice minister Bheki Cele led various law enforcement agencies on an operation to bust entertainment venues that were breaking lockdown regulations. Tell me again.....Why do we have such a major drug problem? Police chasing after lockdown violators is more important? Thank goodness for masks So farm murders are little priority then? When you have no food don't complain Breaking lockdown regulations is priority crime in SA?

SA Lockdown: Police make arrests, Cele pleasedPolice Minister, Bheki Cele, says he's pleased with the arrests and the police's attempts to reduce crime. Make useless arrests while Nigerians continue to flourish in Human trafficking and selling Drugs They can’t make serious arrests but harsh on unarmed citizens who are clubbing ko Back door mxim Bastard must focus on real crime like human trafficking, heists, armed robbery etc.

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