EXCLUSIVE: Bara Hospital patient's 'horror'

EXCLUSIVE: Bara Hospital patient's 'horror'

2021-04-12 05:16:00 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Bara Hospital patient's 'horror'

An exclusive look at a 39-year-old woman's desperate plea for care inside Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital.

JOHANNESBURG - State hospitals can be a nightmare and this story raises crucial questions about public healthcare.A 39-year-old mother, whom we’ll call 'Thandi', spent just over three weeks at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in January this year.

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READ:She recorded several videos documenting conditions at the hospital, revealing a desperate struggle for quality care.eNCA's Michael Appel has this exclusive report in the video above. Read more: eNCA »

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barrybateman NHI is still coming Bara nurses are very cruel Just watched that, tjoooo I am speech less. barrybateman That hospital is hell. Pity people don't even sue for negligence, hence such cases continue year in, year out. You're better off home treating than being at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital.

barrybateman This is so heart breaking. I don’t even know how to express my feelings right now I also have two stories about BaraHospital - In short - 1. I lost my father due to them last year and 2. This year my mother was admitted without covid19 and came out positive. BaraHospitalOfHell

DrZweliMkhize AdvoBarryRoux Monumentally proving that black lives DO NOT MATTER especially to black people. MrHandsome_ZA CyrilRamaphosa just watched this chilling video on ENCA. Is this what liberation is all about That hospital is the worse u get treated like nothing there and yet its been said the best Dr's in the country are working there.

TheMikeAppel Just watched this. Horrifying. Why would you go to hospital to contract COVID-19, lie in unhygienic conditions and go septic, be denied pain medication. She would have probably had a better outcome staying at home. Imagine - more dangerous going to hospital for treatment! Public health system will only come right the day ama government officials are forced to use government officials. It doesnt make sense ukuthi they want us to have faith in public health system that themselves are running away from?

This is Africa where does black majority rule in this tragedy fit in. Don't be petty. Another story that will remain unanswered. This is so sad. Government must answer to the people of this country how it can be that someone dies from a non fatal injury. Hospitals are now a death trap for those who cant afford medical aid😔

Just another black majority rule success story!