Eskom wins tariff battle against Nersa

Eskom wins tariff battle against Nersa


2021-12-06 04:39:00 PM

Eskom wins tariff battle against Nersa

It’s understood that Eskom had applied for a 20-percent increase in tariffs from April next year.

File: A general view of the headquarters of Eskom.AFP/Gianluigi GuerciaJOHANNESBURG - Eskom has won a tariff battle against energy regulator Nersa.The High Court has ordered Nersa to process and consider Eskom's revenue application which determines the tariff change in April next year.

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READ:It’s understood that Eskom had applied for a 20 percent increase in tariffs from April next year.Nersa wanted a new pricing methodology to be used and rejected the application.The court ruled in Eskom's favour, saying that the existing application should be considered until the new methodology is published.

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Noooooo FFS Must be the only organization that can charge nearly 4 times higher than inflation as an increase with no service delivery Action4SA OUTASA Another whammy coming our way! South Africans are bleeding at all levels. Look whats 🆙 in South Africa 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Petrol prices 🆙 Eskom increases on the way 🆙 Crime 🆙 Covid 🆙 Unemployment 🆙 When petrol and electricity go 🆙 so does food

Pravin wa tshabiwa tjerrr!!! Obviously they did. Yas dina leyo Eskom yeno, always increasing tarriffs while sitting in the dark here and they fo nothing , kante ephi i budget come from Finace Minister they stole it and make us to pay, hsi Energy department ya pallwa u know ksmo kr petrol R20.30 per liter.aikhona😭😭

There's a big difference between working with someone reliable and trustworthy. This is really amazing I just got another paid my trade profit with $4,000 within 7days. Thanks trade_with_sean Wins where? Because definitely it was not in court 🤌 Eskom never loose. soweto can't pay more ..

Nersa loses in court once again | CitypressOn Friday, the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) was rebuked in the Johannesburg High Court for the umpteenth time, following an application by Eskom regarding the way in which electricity tariffs are determined. But guys ANCrooks municipalities hv already increased more thn once frm 22.5/R50 to 18.00/R50 so what else? Ekurhuleni was worst under ANCrooks on electricity tarrifs Tshotsho!!! 🙈🤪

😭😭 Quite astonishing that Eskom has to increase tariffs year on year to pay back loans for which there is nothing to show and to pay salaries of a workforce they mostly don't need. So expect a 20% increase... And can't even keep lights on🤦‍♂️

Defeat for Nersa as court orders regulator to decide Eskom’s 2022/23 tariffNersa was ordered to adjudicate on Eskom’s electricity tariff application by February next year.

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Eskom hopes to keep the lights on this week despite 'vulnerable' system

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