​Eskom will be fixed, service delivery improved, Ramaphosa promises at ANC 108


President Cyril Ramaphosa used the ANC’s January 8th Statement to allay fears of an Eskom collapse.

Last year, Ramaphosa reassured South Africans that there would be no planned load-shedding until at least January 15 2020.

Ramaphosa offered reasons for Eskom’s ongoing decline, assuring South Africans that work is being done to ensure a stable power supply.

“Cosatu since August has called for the entire board of Eskom to step down. We are saying to the rest of the board: do the honourable thing and follow suit,” said Cosatu president Zingiswa Losi during a message of support delivered at the former liberation movement’s anniversary celebrations.

“This has a negative impact on our economy and the lives of our people. Therefore, we are urging the [Eskom] management [to resolve issues at the utility]. We will support them and strengthen them to move with speed to restore and maintain those power stations.”

This past week ANC leaders have crisscrossed the Northern Cape, the largest province in terms of size, though the smallest in terms of population.

But that doesn’t mean the governing party is trusted, even among its own voters and supporters.

And, with the Northern Cape afflicted by an ongoing devastating drought, ANC leaders were peppered with complaints by residents.

This could be seen as the party’s first steps at placating voters ahead of the 2021 municipal elections.

“We must restore the integrity and the capability of the state, which has faced a number of challenges.Corruption at all levels of government will stop. And the stealing of public resources and the money that should go to serve the poor will be dealt with quite severely.”

But Ramaphosa also called on citizens to do their bit by paying their municipal bills for services rendered.

“[Communities] must pay for the services that are delivered by our government entities,” Ramaphosa urged.

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Phantsi ANC! Phantsi! Liar Maybe it best if the president can just keep quiet because promises without action will discredit him even more, but i tell ya if he can wield the axe maybe we'll see action Liar Boring... Same old answer.. But still we have load shedding Not until the government starts to arrest the people at eskom involved in corruption !

He used this party for everything and now after the party reality is kicking in, Eskom tariffs are increasing

Ramaphosa says ANC will speed up the process of transforming EskomPresident Cyril Ramaphosa says the ANC will speed up the process of transforming Eskom into an effective and reliable energy supplier that can “operate in an open, competitive energy sector”. Whatever the ANC touches turns to shit. What he means is 'break eskom even more'.... Don't you mean finishing off eskom, and the country for good, you useless sock.

No schism between Mabuza and me over Eskom – Ramaphosa'South Africans should be concerned, they should be worried about the status of Eskom,' Ramaphosa said. So you are saying you both haven't a clue what is going on? sounds like that to me. 👀 Your days are numbered You must step down

ANC January 8 statement so far overshadowed by EskomThe ANC's annual January 8 statement is the first big political event of the year for the governing party

Cosatu uses ANC January 8 rally to call for dissolution of Eskom board | IOL NewsCosatu's call for the dissolution of the Eskom board comes a day after Eskom board chairperson Jabu Mabuza quit after being ... Monnawamotho can cosatu give us the best candidate to be in the eskom board COSATU must learn to put measures to help solve the problem than firing the entire board _cosatu As if that will solve these rolling blackouts 🤔🚸

Eskom rift: The ANC remains united, says Paul Mashatile | IOL NewsDeputy President David Mabuza’s comments on Minister Pravin Gordhan and Eskom have nothing to do with factions in the party, says ANC. Like drowning men are united in their eventual destiny Which faction remains united🤦🏼‍♂️ Useless TG

No load-shedding expected on Saturday, says EskomHowever, it warned that there was a limited risk of loadshedding in the evening and on Sunday owing to the system remaining constrained and vulnerable.

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