Eskom says City of Tshwane owes it R635m

Eskom says City of Tshwane owes it R635m

2022-01-27 11:44:00 AM

Eskom says City of Tshwane owes it R635m

Currently, Eskom is more than R43.8 million in debt itself.


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Eskom debt is a buy, says CitigroupEskom Holdings SOC Ltd bonds are enticing Citigroup Inc analysts despite the long-running debt troubles of South Africa’s state-owned utility.

Eskom debt is a buy because of ‘scarcity value,’ Citigroup saysEskom bonds are enticing Citigroup Inc. analysts despite the long-running debt troubles of South Africa’s state-owned utility. Moneyweb PowerUtility Money can be made buying debt.

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