Eskom board to be revamped: Ramaphosa

Eskom board to be revamped: Ramaphosa


Eskom board to be revamped: Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa says there will be a new-look board for the power utility.

“We also going to revamp the board and we will be repositioning Eskom as we also deal with the restructuring that we have spoken about in relation with Eskom,” he said.

The board chairperson, Jabu Mabuza, resigned Friday night.

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If Mabuza didn't resign was he gonna think this? Ai our president shem !!! Omg. When will they learn that the Board can’t fix Eskom. Especially if they are constrained by ANC policy and vote catching Then thina re direng coz le now I'm in dark ke hlapa la cold water mxm fuck what ever board re batla mohlakase

These boards, who have failed quite dismally, appear to be a cash cow to enrich some people, who it would seem are vastly under qualified for the positions they are appointed to. How about hiring some qualified people who can sort out the problems and pay them what they’re worth? Musical Chairs Certainly not the board that has to carry all the blame of eskom incompetance to sustain power supply,I bet the new board will be as useless as this board.Get pple with the skill to maintain the power stations

Get. Some. Bloody. Engineers. To keep reshuffling the board will not make a difference, it is time to look at the Management and political interference. Tough decisions need tough people Again By some other stupid and corrupt ANC Muppets ? PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa

ANC 108: President Ramaphosa insists everything at Eskom is under control | IOL NewsANC 108: President Ramaphosa insists everything at Eskom is under control President Cyril Ramaphosa insists his administration has Eskom’s persistent woes under control, despite the power utility's leadership struggles and operational instability. Ai this one is a special case strue 😫🙄😏

It would be interesting to find out who does the boiler maintenance at Eskom. No need Eskom must just present a realistic state of affairs. That is, with the current assets needing maintenance, we cannot avoid LoadShedding until they are all up to scratch. We will change the new board if we are not honest

I wonder how long the 'revamped board' will last before it is 'revamped again'. How about we get rid of Gordhan? Let's try that Maybe we should get rid of Eskom once and for all. What's new? Early last year he revamped it, this is a joke and waste of time. Wragtig! It has been vamped and revamped numerous times with Cadres. Never experts. Will this be different? Unlikely.

What does that even mean? CyrilRamaphosa is wasting our time and taking us for a ride really Gordhan messed up big time!

​Eskom will be fixed, service delivery improved, Ramaphosa promises at ANC 108He used this party for everything and now after the party reality is kicking in, Eskom tariffs are increasing Not until the government starts to arrest the people at eskom involved in corruption ! Boring... Same old answer.. But still we have load shedding

Dear Mr President, I no longer believe in or trust you. Your word is no longer your honor. So more non qualified staff. Maybe someone that knows what that rubber thing is? Eskom has a new board every year Revamped? It’s getting boring Don’t allow massive bonuses & payouts CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA

No schism between Mabuza and me over Eskom – Ramaphosa'South Africans should be concerned, they should be worried about the status of Eskom,' Ramaphosa said. So you are saying you both haven't a clue what is going on? sounds like that to me. 👀 Your days are numbered You must step down

Ramaphosa says ANC will speed up the process of transforming EskomPresident Cyril Ramaphosa says the ANC will speed up the process of transforming Eskom into an effective and reliable energy supplier that can “operate in an open, competitive energy sector”. Whatever the ANC touches turns to shit. What he means is 'break eskom even more'.... Don't you mean finishing off eskom, and the country for good, you useless sock.

'Heads must roll’: Cosatu calls for sacking of Gordhan and Eskom boardCosatu, which has long rang alarm bells about the future of Eskom under Pravin Gordhan’s leadership, is holding no bars and says the minister must go. This Indian guy is playing with all country and nobody arrest him But the anc won’t function without their president He must go

Eskom board chair Jabu Mabuza resigns over load-sheddingEskom board chairperson Jabu Mabuza has resigned from the board of the power utility a day after Deputy President David Mabuza said the board misled President Cyril Ramaphosa on load-shedding. Hail the cat!!!! so DD was correct... The real liar is Jamnadas, he is contracting another lie to tell Semakaleng!

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