Eskom apologises to South Africa for rolling blackouts

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Eskom Chief Operating Officer Jan Oberholzer emphasized that blackouts are the last resort.

AFP/Gianluigi Guercia JOHANNESBURG - Eskom’s annual ‘State of the System’ briefing has started with an apology to the nation.South Africa was again plunged into rolling blackouts late on Saturday and it’s set to continue on Monday and beyond.


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South Africans should take a lesson from the Citizen Energy cooperatives in Germany. What are we waiting for. See:

I’d prefer a refund for the wasted money on dodgy MYANC cadre tenders and contracts.

Stuff the silly apology

Can they also apologize for wasting the tax payers money....askingforafriend

Where is all the bailout millions to fix eskom, between 2016 and 2017 R49 mill was bailout to Eskom and they broken 🤦‍♂️

When days are dark, friends are few!!

since 2008 🤔

🖕them all vote ANC and stay in the dark!

I am sorry but your apologies Eskom mean nothing anymore when one apologises after the first instance one can begin to forgive, but how many times now since 2008? This is now becoming serial like. There is only so much we can take. Right now there is NO Forgiveness Only a FuckU

Raak ontslae van die klomp ongeletterde mense, kry mense wat weet wat aangaan. Weg met swartbemagtiging.

We r tired of eskom' s apologies

F you Eskom

Mxm the only apology we accept is lights everyday and no loadshedding.

Abolish eskom already. Private companies are the way to go and eskom keeps on showing that time and time again they are not up to the task

If you tell someone something long enough often enough they will believe it. When time comes for money needed to be spent to upgrade or build a new power station the public will be well prepared and so gatvol they will agree to anything just to have normality back.

Let Ramaphosa and his allies privatize Eskom because at the end it ll happen. The truth is, we have no voice in South Africa and the judicial will never rule against Ramaphosa.

Take your apology and stick it up your

They sound like the anc government “ South Africa, we have looted and mismanaged resources in this country for 27 years. Sorry, vote for us”

Blackouts or loadshedding? Then again the media makes up their own definitions!?


Our country, our economy, our livelihoods all depend on Eskom’s ability to provide power and keep the grid stable. Apologies aside, Eskom_SA do your job… we are all relying on you.

For wat now tsek , time to play.


Voetsek 🤬🤬🤬🧨🧨🧨🧨

Eskom is like an abusive boyfriend, very apologetic but zeroes change of morality

Apologies rejected, apologies doesn't keep the lights on. Eskom_SA should consider labeling themselves as a partial power utility, cause they clearly can't carry on masquerading themselves as a full day power provider. What eskom is doing is criminal. Take them down. 🙄

Since 2008 always apologizing yaks 🤮🤮 apology denied

Like MYANC they mess up for 4 years and come back on the 5th year to apologize 👶

What happens to home electronics getting damaged from interruption by this power cuts, my Fibre converter got damaged and I had to replace it.

Okay that's fine! Blackouts should cease

No need

Last night we slept hungry again and my daughter was crying because of hunger. Please assist us with a 2kg mealie meal and tinned fish 🙏🏻. Just so my little girl can eat😔💔. I've been struggling to get a job and in my struggle, my child is suffering💔



Guys, they're sorry. Feel better now.

Ag vtsek along with the anc and eff


Seriously!! An apology for something that we pay dearly for not only per unit but also included is the service fee charged monthly As a real sign that u mean what u say why don’t u forgo on the service fee for every month that u institute LoadShedding

This current corrupt leadership in our country as too much power and they abusing it its time we as the citizens start taking back our voice,our power and our rights. This has been going on for than 10 years. It's time we stand up

This CEO cannot be incompetent, ngumlungu lo. Only those before him can.

How we should interpret this apology: “ANC, please don’t fire our CEO, André de Ruiter, for allowing blackouts in the middle of election season.”

Jok€ & Pok£ !!

Starting the week with some wisecracks again

Ef Eskom amd their apologies

imagine a whole country like South Africa has no electricity

Are you kidding me?

Apology will not be accepted until all those implicated in corruptions are jailed.

You cannot apologize for something that you will continue doing Eskom_SA

Voetsek wena satan

Apologize for having that man sitting up there

Been apologizing for the last 12yrs get the hell out of here

We are u used to the blackouts 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Don't just apologise. Decrease rates. Can't expect increases due to your incompetence.

dont better

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South Africa Latest News, South Africa Headlines

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