Eskom announces Stage 2 load-shedding

Eskom announces Stage 2 load-shedding

2021-05-16 06:26:00 PM

Eskom announces Stage 2 load-shedding

Eskom has urged the public to reduce electricity consumption to help minimize load-shedding.

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Whenever CR goes abroad we have load shedding I smell a rat Responsible parties should be charged with high treason Eskom_SA Wondering which Coal Supplier Eskom Contracts is now due to be increased with a few billion normally load shedding is a sign that some corrupt Eskom deal is on the table Jerrrrrrr back to square 1 again

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Eskom can go fuck itself.

Define failure in 3 words: Eskom and ANC😭 Jisus Eskom Fok jou!! Abramjee Another failing state entity Why suspended Cyril suspending electricity now? When is this happening?