Employers within their rights to fire staff who won't vaccinate - SAHRC

Employers within their rights to fire staff who won’t vaccinate – SAHRC

2021-10-27 03:56:00 PM

Employers within their rights to fire staff who won’t vaccinate – SAHRC

The inherent right to live and human dignity trumps the right to bodily integrity in exceptional circumstances.

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Nice try but you are wrong Me Reed. Over-simplification of a more complex than that situation. If the vaccine would prevent people from either getting COVID or dying then this argument could have substance. But for now I disagree. This will surely get the antivaxxers fuming 😡… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 How many people will get fired?

This Bullying needs to stop ASAP...in 1938 the FASCIST Nazi leader did the same NoToFascism The Moment there is Solid PROOF that this so called vaccine DOES NOT transmit the virus I will agree! So far, Absolutely ZERO Proof

National government should take over waste water treatment plants in Tshwane – SAHRCThe SA Human Rights Commission has recommended that the running of waste water treatment plants in the City of Tshwane be taken over by national government to stop pollution sources in the capital.

Race against time to vaccinate SA before fourth wave, Actuarial Society warnsIf SA’s vaccination drive speeds up to reach levels seen in the UK, it could dramatically cut the death rate in the next wave

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Can I write my matric final exams if I am not vaccinated?The department of basic education has assured pupils that they don't need to be vaccinated to write their final exams. Perhaps not now But what about next year? Keep It Up! You Will Make It!

EDITORIAL: If a great ‘vaccine divide’ ensues, mandate-hesitant SA must blame itselfThe government is grappling with flagging demand and it looks increasingly unlikely SA will achieve its target of vaccinating 70% of adults by December

Wits professor prefers Covid-19 booster jabs for teenagers than vaccinationGovernment should put more effort in providing booster jabs to vulnerable groups than vaccinating teenagers who are not at high risk of getting severely ill and being hospitalized. JULIE_FX_TRADER you are a trader with so much ambitious goals towards your clients, a woman with love for others. You're honest when it comes to investment, Thanks for changing my life financially. i will be greedy if I don’t share this. Contact👇 JULIE_FX_TRADER