Elections 2021: IEC wants voting day to be declared a public holiday

The local government elections are set to take place on 1 November.

2021-09-16 05:07:00 PM

The local government elections are set to take place on 1 November.

The local government elections are set to take place on 1 November.

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Toyota Fortuner Challenge: Our envoy is a hero that knows adversity

Meet Justin Maguire, IOL’s heroic contestant for this year’s Toyota Fortuner Challenge.

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Validity of IEC reopening candidate nominations now in ConCourt's handsThe ANC had failed to register candidates in more than 90 municipalities and wanted the IEC to intervene.

Matric final exam time table 2021 amendedThe matrics final exam timetable is out. The 2021 National Senior Certificate examinations are scheduled to start on November 1 and end on December 7. matric exam timetable NSCexams Education Classof2021 Isn't 1 November a public holiday? Do you know that you can earn up to R15000 in 7 days without sending money to anyone, All you have to do is to get a luno wallet and fund it with minimum of R1500 Message me for more info on WhatsApp +270676836285

Elections 2021: Like the ANC, EFF needs to drop 'anti-white rhetoric' - analystProfessor Lesiba Teffo says the Red Berets should re-examine their confrontational approach to politics.

Elections 2021: Security cluster vows to protect voters after Inanda political killingsNcami Shange, Beatrice Nzama and Philisiwe Jili were gunned down outside a primary school in Inanda.

Matric finals to start earlier due to local elections date clash1 November, the day of the local government elections, also happened to be the day of three prominent matric final exams. I kept believing in her, for a start i invested $550 in few weeks i got a return of $2400 your honesty can't be compromised.. You can keep doubting while others are getting paid... lethica001

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