Eff, Juliusmalema, Eff

Eff, Juliusmalema

EFF vows to go after rogue unit | IOL News

EFF leader, Julius Malema, said rejected the NDPP's decision to drop charges against those implicated in the Sars 'rogue unit'.


EFF leader JuliusMalema has accused the SA Revenue Service of placing him under surveillance 10 years ago when he asked its top officials about the existence of the so-called rogue unit.

EFF leader, Julius Malema, said rejected the NDPP's decision to drop charges against those implicated in the Sars 'rogue unit'.

This was revealed by Malema as he reiterated his rejection of the decision by National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) Shamila Batohi to drop charges against the officials who were implicated in setting up and running the unit.Malema was addressing the Press Club of SA in Cape Town on Friday where he also deliberated on the State of the Nation Address.

“I was the first person to report the rogue unit in this country in 2010. I went to the Sars offices and I met (former Sars deputy commissioner Ivan) Pillay and (former Sars commissioner) Oupa Magushule and gave them a document which was dropped in my office about the rogue unit.

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So this is the real reason he hates Pravin Yes the rogue unit must go forward The year of action against the Racist financial sector lead us cde CIC Shame your time is near thug Yes,it's very important that we should make follow up on that so called the 'ROGUE UNIT.' BatohiShamila must also be asked why she wanted to close the case which has so many evidences that surely, the ROGUE UNIT exists or existed.That case is very important,and needs ATTENTION

Make it rain on them Go for it EFFSouthAfrica let's get this rogue unit into court... and into jail... everybody else has tried.. and failed.. Why give coverage to this corrupt rascist thug? 😂😂😂 Criminals will always try to destabilize and question the legitimacy of institutions. UNLESS IT IS IN THEIR FAVOUR

🤣just put this dude in jail already. SA will be a better place

EFF was correct in demanding De Klerk's removal from SONA | IOL NewsOPINION: Parliament committed a grave error in inviting De Klerk to the SONA address, and the Economic Freedom Front was correct in demanding his removal, writes Jovial Rantao.

Have nothing to offer.... BlackCulture_HM He is not accusing them.... he did state that as a fact please don't mislead.... SAns are of the truth than propaganda machinery.... Royal_Leisure 'Don't jail Jacob Zuma', pleads EFF leader JuliusMalema Only the guilty will worry 😄 10 years ago he was Zuma's bitch

AndiswaMadikazi I got to hand it to you, just when I thought you can't stoop any lower you publish this load of 💩 at 9pm. Baseless, stale tweets that lack substance, an utter waste of 356 words and to add to that you say it was written by a staffer!? Lad is slowly giving out clues about his recently found obsession with Jamnandas and SARS (rogue unit). Brace yourselves...🍿🍿🍿🍿

U bedile manje.......lie.....lie....lie.... u desperate....neeeeh. Malema is lying once again! There must be special thing rogue unit did to this guy

Latest on the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in China and beyond | IOL NewsHere are the latest developments around the Coronavirus outbreak which has killed 1 380 people to date:

Slowly the real reason why he fears Pravin will emerge.... Hilton black😍😍😍😍 We don't like Jamnadas,CR,speaker,but we like The EFFSouthAfrica to stop Protecting the Public Protector,Zuptas,SOE's & Protect the Poor,Protect the VBS Gogos,The Vrede Dairy Black farmers,Esidimeni patients & free our people from the Drugs killing our families FloydShivambu

this is a lie.

How state institutions were looted and how we can prevent it happening again | IOL NewsOPINION: The corrupt networks in South Africa were systematic and had, at their core, the strategic placement of corrupt individuals to counter the ethics framework, writes Fazela Mahomed.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng rubberstamps Judge Hlophe's decision | IOL NewsUnder fire Western Cape Judge-President John Hlophe has officially confirmed his high court now also sits in the township of Thembalethu in George. Nice one...... RacistMuch

President Cyril Ramaphosa's salary set to top R3m, government pay hikes expected | IOL NewsCyril Ramaphosa looks set to be the first president of South Africa to earn more than R3 million a year following the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers’ recommendations. I dont think I want such a job, everyone blames you for everything then you get questioned for earning a salary from it. I know it's way above minimum wage but the responsibilities are way above that. SOE's are being dismantled and bailed out using taxpayers money, 3000 SAA workers are fighting for their jobs in court and the president has just got an increase? This has never happened in the past9 yrs! MYANC Mashimani Bt minimum wage z R20 for poor

Eskom implements stage 3 load shedding until Monday morning | IOL NewsStage 3 load shedding will be implemented from 9am on Saturday until 5am on Monday, embattled state-owned power utility Eskom said. PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE ANC ESKOM SOUTHAFRICA

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