EFF threatens to enforce Covid-19 shutdown of businesses, including SAB

EFF threatens to enforce Covid-19 shutdown of businesses, including of SAB

2020-03-26 02:13:00 PM

EFF threatens to enforce Covid-19 shutdown of businesses, including of SAB

The EFF has said it intends to pay 'nice special visits' to businesses not observing regulations for shutting down most of the country's activities.

The party has in the past been known for its protests at various businesses and made headlines in 2018 for trashing and looting H&M stores for an advert that caused outrage.In a tweet on Wednesday, EFF leader Julius Malema said it was “greedy nonsense” that SAB was apparently making people work through the shutdown. He agreed with the view that alcohol should not be an “essential good” – even though it is the chief ingredient in hand sanitiser. The alcohol industry has agreed to produce pure alcohol for hand sanitiser, with SAB reportedly among those involved.

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Alcohol producers havepledged to donate large amounts of pure alcohol(at 96%) to make hand sanitisers.Distell, one of the continent’s biggest alcoholic beverage producers, announced on Thursday that it would begin making hand sanitisers and other hygienic products at its production facilities as part of its efforts to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The company committed to producing at least 100,000 litres of alcohol, which would be used to produce sanitisers and other sanitary products. Sanitisers would then be distributed for free to vulnerable communities across South Africa as “a way to encourage good hygiene practices”, said CEO Richard Rushton.

“The company will work closely with government to identify these communities, and support the roll-out of the sanitisers as there was an acute shortage of pure alcohol to produce hand and surface sanitisers, which have been desperately needed in hospitals and households,” added Rushton.

“We fully understand that our position as a leading player in the alcoholic beverages industry comes with a societal obligation. We want communities to benefit from our presence and we are determined to rise to the challenge,” he said.In government’s published state of disaster guidelines, f

ood, beverages and essential products manufacturing and processing facilities have been included among the industries that can (and probably must) continue during the shutdown.Government has made it clear, though, that alcoholic beverages cannot be sold during the lockdown, and no one will be allowed to travel with any alcoholic beverage either, nor will any deliveries be allowed.

On Monday, Ramaphosa announced that the nationwide lockdown was intended to save lives, even though it would come at a heavy cost to the economy.“Our fundamental task is to curb the rapid spread of the disease. We must do everything to delay the spread of the infection.”

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People will be allowed to go out only in particular circumstances, including for medical care and to do essential shopping.He said the SA National Defence Force would be deployed to support the police.The focus would be on high-density and high-risk areas.

Last week, Malema lent his support to Ramaphosa in Cape Town while calling on businesses not to try to maximise profits during the crisis.He said the only way hospitals would avoid being “nationalised” during the crisis was if they fully cooperated with the health minister and give beds for sick people when needed.

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Riding on the back of a pandemic? Maybe some one in government should reaffirm that president is in control and not this 10% er . Huh? mnxm osomathuba ngoku they try by almeans ukuthi makube ngathi ngabo abanoxanduva lokumisa umthetho kuleLockdown i wonder iyakuze yamkele nini iEFF ukuba ayilawuli ? It's not a threat its a promise hleeee

so the effen idiots will break the lockdown to be bullies, what a joke they are? It has been medically tested that the a red overall scares the virus away... that's why EFF can roam freely during lockdown and enforce the law... what good samaritans 😂 30%passrate EFF should be charged. They have no right to police this country. I expect the government to do something about these hooligans.

Mara, what about stay at home and also 'we won't take this nonsense'. The morning talks and the evening talks are not the same. Eish. Why is sab operating when taverns are closed? Or are they brewing alcohol for sanitizers NOW? Anything to prevent the Italy sad situation from happening in SA. And being a large group says a lot about how they are adhering to the rules.......

🖕 What these guys forcing suburbs dogs loose their walks These fools do not learn. The purpose of the lockdown is to keep them safe and what to they do? How exactly if they are at home? Is the circus opening again 💩💩💩 EFF should just stay hidden in the background ..crowds are going to die That means that they themselves are violating the lock down... ergo they again show that they are hipocrites

S A currency already poor ,America Liquor stores open Who the hell the eff thinks they are. They must stay indoors abd keep their mouths shut SANDF and SAPS should enforce Covid-19 shutdown on EFF instead if they come across them on the streets tomorrow. Who the hell do EFFSouthAfrica think they are to be enforcing shutdown on others while themselves would be defeating same purpose if they are to be on the streets?

I would love to see eff marching during this 21 day period 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY EXACTLY ? Ok...these assholes are beholden to REAL ground forces now. They are not an army. So the little soldiers are going to be out on the streets breathing in the covid 19 virus while thinking they are the law and have the right to actually enforce any law and tell the public what to do. We are truly blessed with incompetent uneducated idiots..

Enforce shutdown by going out onto the streets. This is the stupidest thing I have read this year. I hope you all get locked up EFFSouthAfrica Yay, let's hope they get thrown in prison for being out during a lockdown.

EFF calls on banks and service providers to be lenient during Covid-19 crisisThe EFF has proposed economic measures to combat the impact of Covid-19 calling on banks to suspend customers' loan repayments and service providers to suspend debit orders and service fees for four months. Really...it's already been done. The cult really have nothing to add to this country...nothing at all... Be lenient, but not to EFF supporters! It is the MTNs and other Data providers they need to speak to, because contract users a still getting a raw deal. They want us to buy more data instead of giving us more contract data.

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