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EFF leader Julius Malema has vowed to defend his party’s Pan-Africanist stance on a borderless Africa should he be hauled before Parliament’s ethics committee.

2021-01-24 11:20:00 AM

“We will fight for one united Africa that is borderless. Unlike the self-hating blacks led by the drum majorettes of ‘put South Africa first’, we are Africans.” ~ EFF spokesperson Vuyani Pambo

EFF leader Julius Malema has vowed to defend his party’s Pan-Africanist stance on a borderless Africa should he be hauled before Parliament’s ethics committee.

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Tosser with a big mouth nothing between the ears Muammar Gaddaffi also had such great dreams, he wanted to be the president of United States of Africa, maybe this little dictator wannabe has similar aspirations?! The only foreigners who support the idea are those who want to be here in SA , but they wouldn’t want SAN’s to be in their countries doing what they are doing in this country

He can go to the Sudan and be borderless there. VoetsekMalema EFFSouthAfrica A party that does not recognize the sovereignty of SA as a State,irrespective of the history, cannot continue to participate in its Parliament and its MPs been paid by the SA Taxpayers. This hypocrisy needs to be exposed.AFRICAN UNITY CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED THRU AU.

They have not presented a good argument on how will they control the impact of that decision. Secondly they need to win elections more convincingly before making such calls. So far no one is voting for them. Take a look at by Elections any by Election RIPEFF Repeating same $¿t Forth time today 🤣 this Settlers media is a joke... You even use CIC picture to gain relevancy

Juju is a self serving flip flopped There's something trending about certain useless premier without a mask, I think you already reported about this. No illegal aliens shall walk freely in South Africa 🤞🤞 So EFF shifted allegiance from SA to (other) African countries? Interesting. Julius Malema got himself into a web of Funding by Nigerians now he has a problem even when foreigners arw doing wrong things in SA he cant be against that, he is prepared to lose his constituency in Soshanguve and Tembisa because of Nigerian thugs

He must unite marete a gage Does he realise how many enemies he has created in the townships Who is we? You,Shivambu,Dali and Ndlozi? Your ground forces don’t want it! PutSouthAfricansFirst VoetsekEFF clowns RIP eff,2021 such a bad year😭😭 Julius_S_Malema sadly, u are very stupid. If u open the borders & people rush in, where will we get the money for infrastructure, water & electricity, housing, health services, education & jobs. We already have 10 million unemployed. Tax collections are down. U are not thinking.

😂😂😂😂😂😂 THE END!!! I officially revoke my support for EFF tsek Africa is a colossal landmass. With uncountable political, economical and national divide. Share with us your details of either political or economical or multinational unity you are dreaming of sir. Please Mr. Malema. Show me one country in the world that allows this nonsense!!Who will be the president of Africa?When local councillors are killing each other even tribes are killing each other.Will all dictators in Africa give up their positions and listen to a South African kindergarten country

Shut up and paybackVBSmoney you stole, enemy of the people. When you vote eff after your vote the leader tells you that if you are not ok about what he said go to the nearest cliff and throw yourself there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WeWantOurCountryBack PutSouthAfricanFirst VoetsekEFF Without borders you have no country. Its like saying to the entire village 'my house belongs to whomever claims'. Its just a stupid idea. Africa need to fix the small problems, like dictatorships and movement of goods and services.

Borderless Africa is an idea but at the current state is pipe dream. As long as the passport is different, as long as there is no economic integration and legal and constitutional differences and different standard on everything. Africa cannot even build its own headguarters Lets not even go to north Africa, focus on next door does EFF think Zimbabwe can allow nonsense borderless Africa? No mnagagwa wont allow that

My vote goes to EFF You want borderless Africa, then you make it easy for criminals who won't have to do passports ryt.... untraceable..... Lol.... Put South Africans First gives people sleepless nights 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You why do us SANS feel like we are better than other African countries. This the same way white people feel when we talk about equality. Yoh we have to much anger towards African people. Why do we blame our African people about our government failures, they ddn't take the land

We actually don't have any borders malema wants to make it official We will fight for our borders to be closed.. We will never listen to Eff yokunya... They will never ever defeat us as a nation Preach fighters preach! Sodibana kwi ballot box🤞 That will happen in his house this rubbish ProfMahlangu Oohhh........🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ if history knowledge dumbness was a person.

Elections are around the corner Pipedream The fact those embeciles are recognising the Put🇿🇦nsFirst movement clearly they live to regret their borderless 🇿🇦 those bustards are not helping the country with anything I agree it's a gd thing , however ds is lk a single mother who doesn't wrk no income plan having 10 kids forcing to adopt 10 kds frm neighbor...us indigenous pple of ds place we strugl 2 gt jbs colonial employers play us as dey like whl CCMA is pretending to do job,I c problems

Thats what EFF want Julius_S_Malema is this what you call one Africa?👇 Lol now the competence of the EFF is PutSouthAfricanFirst . We are not even the organization or political we are just citizens. Trying to rebuilt our country. Now it's clear that you are getting paid to destroy progress in our country, Zuma must go, FeesMustFall

Anybody interested in building this platform For this, bye EFF Pha emq**** ndu...aphonuzolwela amakwekza..ms**n The red barret's are out there fighting to create more problems for South Africans, whilst we have a thousand unattended issues that need to be tackled. Impossible dream maybe?How will this one united Africa going to work? 🤔

It will happen with or without Mazzoti minions and Xenophobic blacks, United Africa will be realized If u look at the leadership that African is having now, that idea is impossible, dictatorship, jealousy, tribalism, chiefdom, greedy, nepotism n corruption, only those who are closer to the leadership are benefiting the you are on your own.

Let's remind him who Commissar vuyanipambo really is. Lest they forgot. EFF is a scam! This Means PutSouthAfricansFirst is doing its Job! Malema and His clique are small boys,You can't Fight SAns in their Own land,Go to Zim and wage a Fight Back, here you behave or Jump, Simple! WeWantOurCountryBack closebeitbridgeborder RIPEFF

Start by ridding the continent of wars and military regimes abusing citizens.Start in those countries. Otherwise that is just a political scoring chorus Fight with who? We will see you in vote stations. It will never happen even in the lifetime of all eff crooks One Africa for All my Leader Why not fight for United Africa in Arab countries or other African countries

Muppet boarderless africa You can't even unite people from far north Limpopo (Venda, Tsonga and Pedi) but you are busy uttering nonsense. This is the part they never tell you Few people understand the damage done by being raised in a fatherless household. You’re father should have taught you about your people and your land. Those two are defended against all costs. PutSouthAficansFirst

Sesotho sere qala hae pele before trying to conquer the world. O kale manyala a heno a seke a bonwa ke ditjhaba. nalentwana isiyedelela nayo? Of course you must defend a 'borderless Africa'. You have taken money from people who need that nonsense peddled around.. Everyday eff is fighting with poor mzansi people who voted for them to be annoying useless political party they are today,eff is for fools indeed.PutSouthAfricanFirst is here to stay ur nothing vuyani together with this nonsense malema

If ur true leader with vision vuyani pambo you should have known that their problems is not in south Africa but in their countries isn't so?now u hold poor mzansi people who want to come first in their country instead of you going to fight for them in Zimbabwe.RIPEFF die eff Malema and his paper ideology to borderless continent is flawed and EFF must know the full structure of the continent before you talk about borderless Africa. We have Dictatorship leaders like Yuweri,Mnangagwa ,etc .don't take chances EFF

This political party was coming right what happened THIXO 👀🙄 As I try to understand, Africa should be in South Africa. All the other countries are useless and not part of Africa. They have no plans and vision for advancement and development. Have no actionplan and only SA has, hence their people have to come here to survive. That's insult

Thank you EFF for confirming that Put South Africans First is giving you sleepless nights. Many Patriotic SAns who care about the future of SA have a wide choice of political parties to vote for...South African First, ActionSA, ATM, Nationals of SA, Patriotic Alliance, etc. Yoh, you guys are misdirected. Please name one other African country that supports this? Just one?

Rather go and stay with your father in Zim, Zimbo! You guys are always fighting, no one has seen that twar, except for spewing insults on social media. We will fight that nonsense boarders Africa alone.Other African countries see him as a joke and a headless chicken. He forgets that he doesn't own South Africa. He.has been fooled. He has big dilutions of grandeur.

Useless organization The elections will be a referendum, wether the citizens will agree with the EFF Patriotic SAns... The EFF is showing their true colours. BELIEVE THEM! Vote EFF at your peril! They don't have your interests at all! They are promoting replacement of SAns with poor Africans. We see it in every sector. Voting for the EFF will be shooting yrselves in the foot!

We will never change that policy for votes, khohlwani, as we speak people are passing our borders freely 😂😂😂 Vuyani Pambo EFF spoke person but the picture it's for Julius Malema? There is no country without borders in the world. And so this insinuations to say a borderless Africa is a pipe dream driven by visionless people.

EFF izilima. It's not even worth it to debate with them this borderless Africa nonsense. They think Asia, South America, etc. keep their borders bcz they are foolish? I doubt they even understand the practical implications of this stupid 'BORDERLESS AFRICA' slogan🙄🙄 Utopian party 🤣🤣🤣 this guy is loosing it completely. Funds drying up?

Wake up from this nightmare you will find a SA where public servants didn't get a salary increase, SABC is retrenching over 300 staff, no vaccine to the Corona viruses, high crime rates and many more little brother. Wake from this nightmare and have a look at your backyard. vuyanipambo please sit down that will not happen.

Too many variables you will need to consider with a borderless Africa. It is not feasible. Rather concentrate on championing peace and economic growth within the individual countries. These are the people who claim they are our brothers. How many of hardworking peoples cars have been stole by foreigners and we should unite as one.

Why unite In mzansi? Today we defend and fight each other over that which was never for us or by us ... borders. We are a nation of slaves. EFFMustRise Not all South Africans u bloody fool can't wait for local elections so that patriotic SAns kick that illegal immigrant out of all spheres of governance in SA.Selo se ke moleko 2ee

M gonna keep my vote for another political party. Its a wet dream, EFF will never govern PutSouthAficansFirst movement is here to stay and shake political parties No one will vote for EFF to turn SA into a Shithole When u know your Shit has already cost damage en Votes' but you still want to keep a Strong/Straight face! En you Know the's No coming back! EFF find themselves in that position' Their ass is on Fire! But they wont admit cause of the Dictator' same as Museveni ' Mnangagwa ect.

I can't wait for the elections so we can put an end to this arrogance. 🤦🏿‍♂️ So Vuyani Pambo has no choice but become another political Zombie to appease the Chief Minion? Sad life for this boys. Next he will be convinced to accommodate them in his house as he is drawing salary from EFF. Other African countries won't even bother to entertain this nonsense

Leader ofFlip Flop Party 😂😂😂 Y is it only the EFF across Africa making noise about the opening of the African borders and now they even want to fight whereas our African brothers are quite, Nonsense, most African countries are putting their people first and they declare that publicly. We have seen Nigeria, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya etc amending legislation to put their people first. PutSouthAfricaFirst

We are voting EFF this year EFF is losing the plot, it's okay to champion lofty ideals, but find the right platform. The open border policy should be lobbied anddiscussed at AU level. Local and national elections should be about security, bread and butter issues affecting citizens. Bedwetter VoetsekEFF

Lol. Egypt will comply. Hebanna! Eish you guys must share some of that good stuff, Gaddafi tried it, the blacks chowed his money and left him whaa LamarSkaterfit chief what do u think about this ? Go to Uganda and preach that nonsense lead by example stop hating south Africans for being who their Malema you can't tell us what to do you dont own south africa who the hell you think you are? Ungasjwayeli kabe wena?

We will defend our country from hypocrites like EFF n greedy foreign Nationals 🚮🚮🚮🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦PutSouthAfricansFirst awaywithterrorists 🇿🇦🇿🇦 So does this mean that if or when EFF becomes our government, South Africa will be Africa?🧐 Lol.... How are you fighting for that just course? EFFSouthAfrica you think you own the republic neh? How does that better our citizens life?

That's when you lost my vote We are the voters we will deal with EFF that's it... People must remove the walls around their houses as experiment first, this countries must solve their issues first because SOUTH AFRICA will be their destination not us going to their countries because of their endless conflicts

Does he even realise there are muslims in Africa? Batho ba modimo Zimbabweans, Nigerians and so on must understand tht thy are foreigners in south africa, thy are not south Africans and thy wont be south Africans by birth, don't be fooled by Julius malema, we are going to humble eff after 2021 elections.

The EFF must stop trying to build one Africa by taking shortcuts through passages. There are lot of problems and differences that need to be addressed between African countries first before we even think of removing boader fences. South Africans has been brainwashed and trained to hate Africans by the whites unfortunately they’re stupid to be untrained

Mozambique strikes again. Niantic nina, you will forever sit at the opposition benches 🙄 The other guy said “Don’t Buy City Press don’t buy” he was right it’s just a useless media house Borderless can start with those who gained independence first. Zimbabwe n Mozambique n malawi can go first. We'll see you in election PutSouthAfricaFirst

We love ourselves and our immediate to an extend that we understand why border control is important That can only happen if those African countries agree to that proposition and we all know in every agreement, there are terms and conditions. That obviously will come with one currency, one president, one country and many African leaders are greedy and they want to lead

Most S Africans agree that with the exception of foreign qualified individuals needed by SA companies, all job and entrepreneurial opportunities in SA should be reserved for S Africans only. The EFF is (and has always been!) COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with what SA & its people need Drum majorettes are better than unpatriotic thieves stuck on futile panafricanism.

Remember Under the EFF Regime you will know your place or be dealt with decisively. Here in Africa you will be ruled the African way. If you don’t like it go to Europe you bloody agents,traitors, voetsek! The EFF has been taught well by the ZANU-PF. Expect lots of this All who say we must fight to be United Africa are foreigners not SouthAfrican Let them go to congo, Namibia, Ethiopia, Togo, Algeria Libya, kenya so many countries,Senegal,Malaw then can accept your presence. Leave SouthAfrican

DAMN they are shaken by a non political movement 😂😂. To PutSACitizensFirstNow 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 SegopotjeNkadi3 Gale nye mara? Heban so why using CIC picture wena satan🤔 A party of firestarters... Follow them at your own peril🙄 Can they forge ahead with their ambitions without calling others names Let it be changed at AU level and let all Africa countries be bound to it. Otherwise RSA will be a mess while other African countries will be keeping their borders.

There’s approximately 3 million tax payers in South Africa ... you want them to look after the whole continent 🤦🏽‍♂️ Tsek...you won't see our vote, PutSouthAficansFirst will remain will see those Traffic officers and Police officers will vote for your party since they have stinking shoes As for 'drum majorrets' 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Only great minds think like this That useless socialist idealists... Abo Museven bakuphi with your borderless africa Mxm😌😌😌😌 I watched these politician argue in varsity abt capitalism and socialism 🙃🙃🙃🙃😌😌😌be well advised to stay away from them One africa who are busy stealing from our country

Thelandthief We invite all EFFSouthAfrica supporters to join to fix our country first, in this transfer window before it closes, even a loan vote is welcomed, than when we finished fixing our country we can think about bringing skillful foreign not criminals Fighting for a borderless Africa by urging people to enter SA illegally is stupidity at its best. Such an idea needs a buy in from all African states. Can't just invite the whole of Africa into SA that's catastrophic

He will die fighting, we will not allow that. We took him to parliament and we are going to remove him from our parliament Eff is just a distraction to Politics,they here to waste time The same person who said Zimbabweans should go back to mashona land when he was anc youth leader, Meanwhile News are not selling now a days without EFF and its leaders 🤷🏾‍♂️.

You can't tell me you don't have a picture of Pambo We just here to fulfill what Julius_S_Malema and EFFSouthAfrica has started, you can't start something then jiki jiki you abandon it, we will volunteer to accomplish it for you PutSouthAficansFirst WeWantOurCountryBack VoetsekEFF The idea is brilliant and it will help us as Africans however I'm only concerned about not involving other nations in this idea, because if South Africa alone allows such. We might see South Africans being destitute and those whom we allowed in turning against us.

Go unite in Zimbabwe You can't even unite the people in South Africa. How are you gonna unite more than 3000 tribes in the rest of Africa? No illegal immigrants shall walk in South Africa freely. First of all ask yourself what is it that is in South Africa that they dont have in their countries..there are jobs that investors created here in SA..people are not killed like ants..we didnt chase away investors..they come here to take the little we have.

You quote Vuyani Pambo but put Malema on that. How stupid is that? The least was to put EFF flag. Assholes Fools Bring it on, we'll see who comes on top. PutSouthAfricansFirst But do the other African countries want this though? Uyanya, go unite elsewhere. I urge SAns to turn to ActionSA, ATM and SAn First who still want to see SA rise to the top and not become an failed African state.

This picture is not for vuyanipambo I love eff but it's wrong in this one But that's what you stand for mos, you know very well that Vuyani on the picture will not sell that newspaper The SAn media is trying to instil their narrative that EFF is a cult (in people's minds) by using Malema's picture when they are talking about Vuyani Lamborghini. Sadly, the unsuspecting victims of the media bias will buy into this.

If they don't want borderless Africa, let's see if the idiots will drink their minerals. Lesotho can close the tap if it wants. 🤔 Borderless Africa? O bua sebono hle EFF logo for your attention Myopic self hating blacks who will go to any length to prostate themselves to whites hate EFF... We know you clever middle class.. That car, house, clothes are loans by whites...

They can continue fighting for the United States of Africa and we will continue fighting for a prosperous South Africa. PutSouthAfricansFirst. We will see you at the polls Where's Vuyani's picture? Aaaai Pambo and his subpar rhetoric. Drum majorettes? 😝 Then kiss the 'Government in waiting goodbye'🤭 He is mad Julius, He is mad

The struggle continues..because we were only told half truth which interpreted to be a great lie👌 We remain resolute👊🏽 Asijiki! Africa is for Africans PutSouthAficansFirst is being recognised and acknowledged, something right is being done by this movement which has no branch, no funding and no ground forces. Just genuine concerns by ordinary people of SA💪🏻

PutSouthAfricansFirst lives rent free is these people's heads self hating blacks are those who collapsed VBS bank and spend our parents' money in cape town... ‘Call to open SA borders’ 😩 We cannot abandon this struggle ✊🏾 Uyahlanya lomalema nxn No foreigner will be allowed to vote in this country even if they open borders for their bread winners... I regreted a day I voted for Eff😪

Amandla to the EFF ✊ Thank you for recognising PutSouthAfricaFirst. This means we are shaking tables. He is trying to be nice in African Union. You will be in jail and your stockvel will be dead 💀 Can someone please explain to me how we get to a point of knowing everyone that is South African has been housed decently if many undocumented foreigners live in squatter camps? From photos it is impossible to tell.