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EFF ‘circus’ becomes contagion as MPs heckle Malema - The Mail & Guardian

ANC MPs test the EFF’s disruptive tactics on the leader of the Red Berets in Sona reply


ANC MPs seemed to take a leaf from the EFF caucus in continually interrupting Julius Malema during his speech, at one point accusing the red beret leader of abusing his wife, Mantwa Matlala. lesterkk reports.

ANC MPs test the EFF ’s disruptive tactics on the leader of the Red Berets in Sona reply

“There is nothing that De Klerk does in terms of nation-building. Many of you are scared to confront this question because De Klerk has your force numbers. You were spies and you are scared when you take De Klerk head-on; your files of being spies will be released,” Malema said.

Throughout proceedings, MPs took potshots at each other while trying to nitpick the president’s policy announcements. The interim DA leader said South Africans want tangible answers to the country’s woes, and not grand plans and fantasies. The most raucous reception was left for Malema, who returned to the National Assembly chamber after leading a walkout of his MPs during Sona.

Following the EFF’s outbursts, MPs from most political parties called for the 44-member caucus to be censured for the disruptions. MPs enter into another day of debate on Wednesday before the president responds to the critiques on Thursday.

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lesterkk What goes around comes around! lesterkk But is thier house.they are ruling party.they played in his hands...he even say I got you in your scrotum.... lesterkk lesterkk lesterkk just read your article and you are reporting a false narrative. It shows your baised journalism. You are not fair and impartial in your reporting. Julius_S_Malema did respond to the question and said NO. What a disgrace you bringing to ur profession. enca product

lesterkk Julius_S_Malema MbuyiseniNdlozi FloydShivambu My leaders this MG is captured right...🤔🤔🤔 MG don't you have no shame why mislead our people no maan shame on yoll mxm lesterkk Your article is false, you say Malema did not respond to the abuse of his wife question when infact he responded and said he has never raised a finger against her or his ex

lesterkk Acting like 4yearolds is a habit and culture of these spoof politicians. No brains. No intelligence. Sad. lesterkk Mantwa Malema not Matlala

EFF MPs leave Sona debate after gender violence accusationsSpeaker Amos Masondo asked Malema to leave parliament after he refused to withdraw his statements made against the president. Their leader was asked to leave. Stop lying and say it like it is, you losing credibility every day, nonsense Good riddance!

EFF rejects De Klerk apology that ‘lacks sincerity’, says he must face the lawThe EFF 's position is that De Klerk be subjected to a forensic inquiry on his role during apartheid, among others. Who are they fooling Because they are forced to retract their statement Lay charges against him, if you think he broke the law. Stop threatening or asking someone else to do your dirty work Shifting focus away from VBS looting...

LETTER: EFF disruption was expectedNo precautionary measures were in place to stop the EFF from bringing parliament to a standstill

EFF KZN leader says he is going nowhere despite attempts to oust himVusumuzi Khoza, the EFF ’s chairperson in KwaZulu-Natal, has addressed rumours that were circulating about him being forced out of the party. He says that while he is aware of the attempts to oust him, he has no intention of leaving the party Julius_S_Malema FloydShivambu veronica_mente effsgo OmphileMaotwe vuyanipambo EFFSouthAfrica

How to tame tyranny of EFF minority question facing MzansiPRINCE MASHELE | Who knows - maybe the EFF clowns would not behave the same way if they were forced to wear a tie? Maybe red overalls breed madness EFF represents all of us who voted for it, uGatsha siyamhlonipha but this here is gonna send him beyond retirement very fast if we address him accordingly. We haven't forgotten what he did in KZN helping DeKlerk with his ZP killing squad. You can dress up a donkey but it will still be a donkey.... Prince mashele had a attention deficit disorders

EFF rejects 'publicity stunt' apology from 'unrepentant' De KlerkFWDeKlerkFoundation 'He must be ostracised from the project of a new and equal South Africa and have all privileges afforded to him as a former leader of the state stripped. The state De Klerk led was collapsed and so must all respect he is afforded.' EFF love it when they find a whitie to bash on. On it like flies on crap. And MYANC needed all this noise to be reminded that they are sleeping with who led the dark government 🤔🤔🤔 SAA, Eskom, Telkom, State hospitals, everything government owned & runned is collapsing yet politicians focus on this. Last month, a mother gave birth to a headless baby due to state hospital doctor not scanning her tummy to see the umbilical cord around baby neck.Nothing is done

SA’s 5G spectrum is now wide open to help fight Covid-19 – but only until November

Television personality Vinolia Mashego dies

Western Cape mass screening, testing in full swing

COVID-19: British PM Johnson in ICU

Khoisan group defies lockdown to camp at Union Buildings

WHO warns masks are no 'silver bullet' for ending pandemic

‘We won’t be stopped by anyone,’ says Bushiri as he explains what the money is for

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