EFF backs Mkhwebane on W Cape High Court ruling

EFF backs Mkhwebane on W Cape High Court ruling

2021-07-29 09:47:00 PM

EFF backs Mkhwebane on W Cape High Court ruling

EFF wants Parliament to halt her impeachment after the Western Cape High Court found fault with two of the rules for the process.

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Backed by who? No she lost. You know eff doesn't win anything as far as the courts in this country are concerned. They just push time with People of this country. Them get fat cheques at the end if the month. Toothless Dogs. One min eff what her out now u backing her again. Guys come one make up your minds man ull been playing this game for two long

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Sort of to be expected... Birds of a feather....

EFF and Mkhwebane welcome high court judgment slamming some of parliament’s impeachment rules - The Mail & GuardianThe public protector has called for the impeachment process against her to be halted with immediate effect That's the right thing to do - isn't it?

EFF councillor in court over racist 'Tracy Zille' tweetsAnthony Matumba 'was generating an income from making disparaging and inflammatory comments online', says SAHRC. SAHRCommission has said that this RACIST is just 'harassing based on gender and race' - if this racist was white, he would be jailed for racism! What is wrong with these EFF agents running the SAHRC? Oh thats right, EFF agents!!! goolammv it's an eff thing Indeed EFFSouthAfrica is given white media sleepless night. Yoh the will paint with any paint to suite their narrative

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WATCH: EFF protest at Huis Herfsblaar retirement home demanding fair treatment of black staffLeader Phillip Makwala alleged that menial jobs were reserved for black employees only. Typical eff.... Cowards... Going for soft targets.. Clicks... Schools and oldage homes VoetsekEFF This is bullshit. We cannot be controlled by workless useless looters who destroy whatever they touch. They excellent in burning a tyre and looting and destroying. Cowards like their leaders . Bush boys and girls. I see there is some real young men who is strong and coward less Weren’t they told not to interfere with labour matters recently?

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