EDITORIAL: Decision to stop Zimbabwean visa scheme is indefensible

EDITORIAL: Decision to stop Zimbabwean visa scheme is indefensible

2021-12-05 01:23:00 PM

EDITORIAL: Decision to stop Zimbabwean visa scheme is indefensible

The country missed an opportunity to show moral leadership and ubuntu

Minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDAThe decision not to renew special visas for Zimbabweans, which granted many nationals of the neighbouring nation the right to do business, work or study in SA, is worrying and does not paint us in a good light.

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As our columnist Nicole Fritz pointed out, it comes at a time when SA has found itself in the hands of disgraceful treatment from the UK and other countries who have locked us out of travel due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19. President Cyril Ramaphosa has rightly taken umbrage at other African countries who joined the ban, saying they show a lack of solidarity.

But what about solidarity with the close to 200,000Zimbabweans who had qualified for the special visas — teachers, farm labourers, spaza shopkeepers and e-hailing taxi drivers — and who have since made SA their home, rebuilt their lives here and started families? headtopics.com

The visas were first introduced in 2009 to allow Zimbabweans working illegally in SA to gain legal status. Many had fled as the Robert Mugabe regime wreaked havoc, leading to political turmoil and economic collapse. The move by the SA government to grant the visas for an initial five-year period, which was extended twice to provide a lifeline to Zimbabweans, was largely seen as a gesture of goodwill and many expected their right to stay would be indefinite.

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But without much warning, the government has now told them to go home at a time when Zimbabwe’s economy under Emmerson Mnangagwa has completely collapsed and the political tension and civil unrest persist.Admittedly, it is not SA’s responsibility to carry Zimbabwe’s burdens. However, as the region’s most influential state, SA is required to show moral leadership. Having extended the Zimbabwean special permits twice before, the SA government was clearly cognisant of the reality that its northern neighbour was not out of the woods. So what has changed now?

It is sad that the decision, weeks after the ruling ANC suffered losses in local government elections, gives the impression the government has succumbed to anti-immigrant sentiment, which has often led to violence. This hostility comes despite no evidence that foreigners are to blame for crime or a lack of jobs.

In fact, studies, including by the World Bank, have shown that immigration can accelerate job creation. The reason the SA economy has stagnated or contracted in the past decade is not because of the presence of immigrants.Minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele said while the visas will expire on December 31, holders are to be given a 12-month grace period to apply for other permits they may qualify for, which means they have until the end of 2022 to sort out their paperwork. headtopics.com

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He obviously has not gone to a home affairs office recently, otherwise he would be well aware of their dismal “service” levels — those affected will have virtually no chance of their situation getting resolved. It is further evidence of how out of touch our politicians are. An additional problem is that many of those affected

probably do not qualify for any other permit.  After its dismal showing in the November local government elections, the ANC government seems to be looking for easy political points instead of focusing on bigger issues such as economic growth and political stability across the continent, which is necessary to create a stable and prosperous region.

The decision is a missed opportunity for SA to show moral leadership and ubuntu, a philosophy that calls for compassion. But more importantly, SA had more to gain than lose by renewing the permits. It could then have used its increased moral authority to push for broader political reforms in troubled countries in the region, not least Zimbabwe and Eswatini. 

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As long foreigners are working and eating in SA, millions of South Africans must go to hell Imbeciles in government ran out of ideas long ago,young blood with fresh brains needed in an urgent and progressive generational mix Howu🤔 mxm😏 Heban this is an editorial, Wow. Now you gonna miss the moon whilst busy chasing the stars

Biggest beneficiaries of cheap labour are WMC. Zimbabwe provides that cheap labour. Yazi ngangazi ukuthi ayikho lento ababeyisho You are in a boat meant for 10. Do you stop and pick up 5 more people because... well, 'moral leadership', and likely end up sinking the boat, or do you only save those already on board, and hopefully, survive to face other challenges?

Were those permits lawful to begin with? Mismanagement of Zimbabwe's economy by ZanuPF thugs should not be shifted on poor black South Africans...to hell with this nonsense!!

Renowned Zimbabwean human rights activist Dewa Mavhinga has diedMavhinga documented human rights violations during the turbulent and violent final years of the Robert Mugabe government. RIP South African needs to get rid of the people in power like Zimbabwe

Zimbo's forcefully staying in SA in indefensible, court order or kasi style you'll are going back home. It's only a matter of choosing which way you want to leave SA. For sure this was written in Zimbabwe and then was given to a journalist in South Africa. The blackmailing has begun. Let them get their papers in order and they can stay. That is what the directive says.

What nonsense is this. The editor has no clue what they are talking about. Please take this person to hilbrow, Kensington, kempton park and randburg then go to all the restaurants in sandton then come back and write that story. So much lack of knowledge and ignorance ..pull the rug from under people .. Why not consider writing about 'who will provide & offer rug to rap SAfricans who are in desperate need? Itjoo the lack of Ubuntu for SAfricans is blatant beyond the realm of this world. Who will write in favour of putting a rug under SAfrican?

We don't want to be painted in a good light by neglecting our very own youth employment while outsourcing the employment opportunities to neighbors PutSouthAficansFirst u cannot have that work permit if u u hv permitted crime those were not criminals we will see the end mistakes of the gvt We are being made fools

Business only cares about cheap labour, ha ho makatse trying to throw words like Ubuntu blah blah blah. Half of the adult population is unemployed & clearly that does not concern them. Go back home

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What about the 3m that are using fake identity documents with the assistance of the Dept of Home Affairs? Seems like people are focused on a measly 200k. That's a drop in the ocean. This is just a kak story. The idiot that wrote this article is someone smoking their socks , are you not ashamed to says Zimbabweans ran from Mugabe’s regime and now they can’t go back because of the current leadership?Take a look at SA unemployment compare it to Zimbabwe🤬🤬They must ho back build Zim

Only some white SAns supports Zimbos because they too are illegal… Illegals supporting illegals. Whites want to increase the numbers so they can have support when we take our land back. In any event, whites can always go back to Europe. Their voice is illegitimate!! This is funny when poor people revolt against foreigners it will be the same media blaming government for granting permits for low skilled jobs.

Brown envelope journalism . Pathetic Ubuntu se Gat. These journalists have no idea what they talking about it’s time we find proper news companies I’m starting to believe the flooding of immigrants in this country is funded in Stellenbosch to intentionally to further impoverish black South Africans. The author of this article speaks from a position of privileged.

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People need to formalise and regularise themselves. If you’ve been in the country for 10 years this should be an easy process. These were temporary and never meant to be permanent. This editorial was written by either a foreign national, or a capitalist who enjoys enslaving black laborers. To hell with Ubuntu,everyone is taking advantage and zimbabweans are not our responsibility, they must go and build their country

Bullshit They are not mentioning the name of a person that wrote this piece! I think we all know why! Rubbish.. lol apparently we should be ok having +200k foreign ' teachers, farm labourers, spaza shopkeepers and e-hailing taxi drivers'... yerr white people are more of a pandemic in this country than these zimbabwean scums. you can all shove down ubuntu up your anuses.

What a nonsensical ignorant opinion piece. The decision was, is, and will always be, a commendable decision to soberminded South Africans, and to any reasonable persons outside South Africa. Robert Mugabe is dead, they must go home. We should not forget that the likes of Business Day are part of White Monopoly Capital which enjoy seeing exploitatio. Their editorial is anti Black South Africans. You will hardly see them exposing the atrocities committed against South Afticans by foreigners.

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You people want to turn this country into chaos. Nationalism is the way to go and all economically viable countries have adopted the policy of putting their residents first and providing support and security to their people. Countries with strict immigration policies thrive! Business Day editorial is absolutely nonsense. South Africans must suffer while Zimbabwe has laws reserving jobs for its nationals?.Cabinet decision was long overdue and it was a correct one. Government must oppose any plans which they have already taken to take them to court.

These entitled strong armpit gang are annoying We are no safe heaven. WE HAVE HUGE PROBLEMS TOO..Our government is falling apart. Skyrocketing youth unemployment. SOEs collapsing. Police teachers and nurses salaries frozen. Rubbish. Out cry over less than 200k people to create employment for the 12 mil. Of those 200k less than half of them are employed.

In fact, studies, including by the World Bank, have shown that immigration can accelerate job creation. The reason the SA economy has stagnated or contracted in the past decade is not because of the presence of immigrants. Come 2024 we need to put a party that will clearly put South Africans interest first unfortunately ANC is not one of them

Whoever wrote this rubbish needs to be fired. 😂😂😂

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The writer of this article is DRUNK OR HIGH writing blindly without research.. there were CLEAR conditions on those permits. Zimbos knew their PERMITS were ending. THEY are playing victim games, BLACKMAILING SA. If SA changes its mind..they are setting a shamble of precedence. This has nothing to do with the interests of Zimbabweans. It is WMC fighting to keep their cheap labour at the expense of SA poor masses. If ANC listens to WMC, it wont be around in 2025 to help fix the rest of Africa PutSouthAficansFirst

All years MaxduPreez SpecialAssign and other journalists risking their lives uncovering HomeAffairsSA GovernmentZA kleptocracy and poor border control of above 3 Million Illegal Zmbabweans is overlooked by your editorial? Tsek! WeWantOurCountryBack PutSouthAfricansFirst 🇿🇦 ANC has exactly 30 months to deal decisively with legal and illegal immigrants. 2024 we will go with a political party that will prioritize natives of this country

We have our own problems that we must deal with, Zimbabwe is not the 10th province of South Africa, roundup all those 200000 Zimbos and keep them in your own house. Politicians do not care about masses of voters only want their vote then done. Politicians are financial ok with their families and close associates for next years to come. People must take their power back from Politicians.

You are farting. Refugees don't go home in Easter and Christmas holidays and come back after holidays. There is no war in Zimbabwe. NONSENSE!! There is no war in Zim. SA media is owned by foreigners and this is not surprising Those permits were illegal in the first place, and their terms and conditions were very clear that no one using them will get permanent residency and they would not be renewed. The state broke the law in 2014 when they renewed them. Lawlessness won't be tolerated anymore.

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You pipping from the balcony. You are out of touch with SAn reality. We are experiencing, human trafficking, high unemployment, high crime, load shedding. Ae hambofa baba This article doesn't make sense at all. It seeks to blackmail the RSA government to play a high moral role in a space where the other countries inc Zimbabwe do not care. Last year the delegation from SA government was told categorically that there was no crisis in Zimbabwe

Whoever wrote this... Udakiwe wena What a nonsensical editorial. It is bereft of facts facing ordinary South Africans except in evoking morality as if it isn't the moral responsibility of government to look after its own citizens. Zimbabweans cheap labour has actually enriched big business rather than SA.

Tsek Total bullshit. The're no compelling reason tht warrants the renewal of those permits. SA is facing the very same social issues facing Zim, not surprised though. This editorial is probably written by someone in his study from a leafy suburb mostly worried about his maid & gardner What about the 12 million unemployed SAns, nobody sasy anything about them

I don't think education ever played the interest of the cANCer since94 maybe the schools in past wasn't so educated as the scholarship the cANCer received 🤔 . what fucx shid is this manje? My blood is boiling, I couldn't finish reading this crap. First, we legalised illegal foreigners and secondly any permit has end date. Didn't they read that it was ending this year. Why should we warn them that it is ending. The permit stated it will not be renewed and they signd

Zimbabweans cannot get special treatment. They must follow the immigration regime that all other foreign nationals have been subjected to. The special permits have been around for more than 10 years. Which was and is generous. Unadulterated unwashed tripe from . An insult to any South African who is directly impacted by these 1 bring 3 ZEP holders! Shame on you for not having empathy for South Africans who could have been employed in even 1 of these jobs held by the ZEP holders!

Nonsense Kanti were they not aware of the conditions of permit?Did they not know what's expected of them at expiry of the permits? Lets see the picture of the writer of this bs article JeffDumisani Shut up Demon...you will feel the Squeeze You Messengers of Satan😒💥🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 More guilt tripping BS journalism showing the mid finger, saying F*U to South African unemployed people

I am surprised Zimbabweans are the shots for all foreigners(Nigerians, Mozambicans, etc)unless my mind can’t comprehend WT?

Pathetic leadership from GungubeleMondli and PresidencyZA ... The article is a disgrace,the ANC bigwigs went to ZIm to address this crisis with ZANUPF leaders but they were treated shabbily and were forced to discard the word “CRISIS” where Zim is long are we gonna shield African dictators?Zim must REFORM.

It’s nothing short of appalling, I hope this is challenged in court. It’s human rights abuse. Oh by the way Zimbabwe was not messed up by Mugabe it was messed up by the failure to meet the Lancaster agreement by England and the Zimbabwe economy continues to suffer because of sanctions, sometimes you write like you are writing a company newsletter.

It is hard to care about the integrity of a thing, like a country, when you don't have integrity yourself. Here is another example of mainstream media being part of the problem. SA is not only carrying Zimbabweans but the whole of a Africa, Pakistan and part of China, this project to make SA a third world failed state is smart but not invisible one. It xenophobia to Blacks only.Pls.

What type of evidence are you looking for? There's countless evidence of affects if migrants on occupation of locals. Damn wtf Madness SA should show Ubuntu by neglecting Unemployment of SAns in SA ? Uber, teaching and petrol attendants are not scarce skill they must go use those skills to rebuild Zimbabwe

That's nonsense must south African suffer bcas of other countries problems u must be smoking something very stronger than Nyaope go to hel

Sadly though. The article says nothing about the plight of unemployed South Africans. The writer of this article must come to our townships or rural areas. They must go and use the skills acquired in SA to rebuild their economy, Zimbabwe can be an investment destination again. Deeply saddening situation.