EDITORIAL: DA needs to get its house in order — for SA’s sake

EDITORIAL: DA needs to get its house in order — for SA’s sake


EDITORIAL: DA needs to get its house in order — for SA’s sake

Herman Mashaba’s resignation is the latest sign of trouble in the opposition ranks

Mashaba forfeits the mayoral chain only three years after the DA wrested control of the city from the ANC, with the help of opposition parties disgusted by the governing party’s moral bankruptcy under former president Jacob Zuma.

Then the DA could set itself up as a genuine alternative that could potentially unseat the ANC in a national election.

As soon as the easy target that was the “broken man” Zuma was gone, Maimane has looked out of his depth, and his attempt at using the same strategy against Cyril Ramaphosa backfired. He even alienated some traditional DA supporters in the business community especially, who had no appetite to see the Zuma faction regaining control of the ANC.

The return of Helen Zille to the powerful position of federal council chair all but confirmed that his grip on the party is slipping and the question for many, inside and outside, is when his time to succumb to the inevitable will come.

It will be hard to argue against anyone who sees that as a sign that the leader endorses Mashaba’s views. And if the party has been taken over by “right-wing” elements on his watch, and in defiance of his stated vision, can Maimane really continue to lead it with a clear conscience, let alone credibility?

Only the most shortsighted ANC supporters will celebrate the demise of the DA. From Nkandla to the court challenges against the state paying Zuma’s legal fees, the DA has been a force for good for our democracy in some of its darkest hours.

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Oh bullshit. Mashaba joined the DA when Helen was still the leader. He knew her policies and what she stood for from day 1. Go through his Tweets at that time and you will see this. There might just be a snake in the grass at Joburg that he doesn’t want getting out!

Herman Mashaba to resign as Joburg mayor, DA insiders confirmJohannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba is expected to announce his resignation from the DA and his job as the head of the municipality on Monday Stop spreading lies This is bad news. This man is great. He should join the EFF. lets ask him to Join as guys!! but what about foreigners we love🤔🤔

DA Federal Council : Helen Zille to ‘stay in my lane’ after winning new DA positionHelen Zille is back. The former DA leader was elected DA federal council chairperson on Sunday. The DA agreed to hold an early elective congress, and if the weekend’s meeting is anything to go by, party leader Mmusi Maimane’s position is in doubt. MmusiMaimane is looking unhappy does that means he's going to be removed as President?😂😂😂 'a leopard never change its spots'.

Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba set to quit after DA elects Helen Zille as FedCo chair | IOL NewsMayor Herman Mashaba will hold a press briefing following the election of former DA leader Helen Zille as federal council chairperson. HermanMashaba goes full mzwandileMasina on helenzille. When arrogantly prejudging a democratic process and reading the room wrong blows up in your face. Does he have the humility to place Our_DA and people of SA first. Let's hope so. HM needs to find a little humility here. Really now? Did he say so?

Malema denies ‘arrangement’ between the EFF and the DAThe cooperation the parties have enjoyed in Joburg may be short-lived, as Herman Mashaba is set to resign in protest over Helen Zille's election as federal chair. That one is a fool The only word he loves - denies!!!!!

Mashaba confirms resignation from DAHerman Mashaba briefed the media on Monday following the outcome of the Democratic Alliance's Federal Council meeting. Nice move R.E.S.P.E.C.T Leadership at its best hope you are not going to join any of these other parties rather start your own

DA to investigate Schweizer Reneke, Zille’s tweets and other issues used ‘to exploit racial divisions’The investigation will likely see DA youth leader Luyolo Mphiti under scrutiny, and there's a possibility MP Phumzile van Damme will be too. Who cares about DA I know the out come allready .

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