Duduzane Zuma, Johannesburg, Crime, Courts

Duduzane Zuma, Johannesburg

Duduzane Zuma was not speeding - court hears

Duduzane Zuma was not speeding - court hears | @Sesona_Ngqaks


Duduzane Zuma was not speeding - court hears | Sesona_Ngqaks

Two witnesses in Duduzane Zuma 's culpable homicide case have corroborated his account that he was not speeding when his Porsche crashed into a minibus taxi in 2014, killing one passenger.

An eyewitness, Michael Jankelowitz, a self-described sports car fanatic, also testified.

"Certainly the speed was not excessive at all, in my opinion, as I was able to even see the number plate. I had time to actually see the number plate and see the car pass me.

Prosecution grills Duduzane Zuma about conflicting accounts of speed he was driving at time of fatal accident

He recalled seeing the taxi at a standstill on a yellow line with passengers disembarking.

"I think it was towards the end of 2017 where I read in the papers that Mr Gerrie Nel was going to be prosecuting this case and I knew Mr Nel was going to be going for blood and I just felt that whoever it was [Porsche driver] was not going to be getting a fair trial and I was prepared to come forward with my statement, because I was on the scene," he said.

had surfaced that AfriForum's private prosecuting unit would pursue the culpable homicide case against Zuma. Former prosecutor Gerrie Nel had joined the lobby group in 2017.

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Sesona_Ngqaks Strange how they take a whites word for it , when it counts ! Sesona_Ngqaks Surely the court can see that this witness has probably been paid to say this, but it is a zuma in court they get away with everything Sesona_Ngqaks Next thing we'll hear he was not in the car, but it was actually driven by a lookalike stunt double. 🙄

Sesona_Ngqaks Court hears from a surprise witness whose been unheard from for the last five years. A witness who didn't see the dead body although he passed by 10 seconds after. A witness who had no measuring equip. Credible? Sesona_Ngqaks Can we get a representative from Porsche AG headquarters in Stuttgart called in to explain how their performance sport vehicle with all it’s safety bells & whistles, aqueplanes on a world class high way at 80km/h.

Sesona_Ngqaks Hard to believe - but seems there are different levels of the truth. Hope the court knows the right one. Sesona_Ngqaks How to prove not speeding? Sesona_Ngqaks Yet again our police are incapable of proper investigation and building a case against a criminal. This is why SA is a criminals paradise

Sesona_Ngqaks Killing her softly with his Porsche Sesona_Ngqaks Speed was enough for the car to hydroplane. What was the limit on that road. I bet he accelerated his car Sesona_Ngqaks Guy with a Merc just passed me at 190km/h and I could see his Reg Number...... Probably because I was driving 185km/h.

Duduzane Zuma was driving slower than legal speed limit: defence expertIf Duduzane Zuma had been travelling at a higher speed than the taxi he collided with, he would have missed it altogether, an expert witness for the defence testified on Thursday. yet he failed to control it Seriaaaaaaasly?!😂😂😂

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Sesona_Ngqaks I think this case need to just be dropped because he is no way forward really it’s just a waste of time Sesona_Ngqaks he was not speeding indeed Sesona_Ngqaks See

LIVE BLOG: Duduzane Zuma back in courtZuma initially faced two charges of culpable homicide and a count of negligent driving relating to a car crash on the M1 highway on the 1st of February 2014.

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Duduzane Zuma culpable homicide case continues | News | National | M&G

Duduzane Zuma back in dock for culpable homicide trial | IOL NewsThe charge relates to a 2014 accident that resulted in the death of Phumzile Dube. Dube died after Duduzane Zuma ’s Porsche crashed into a minibus taxi on the M1 in Johannesburg . Entitled little S

Duduzane Zuma back in the dock for culpable homicideDuring his last appearance in March, one of his two culpable homicide charges were dropped.

Duduzane Zuma expected to take stand in culpable homicide trialThe former president's son was involved in a car crash in 2014 when his Porsche collided with a taxi in Sandton, killing passenger Phumzile Dube. BLF still leaking wounds of election battle, forgetting little Zuma court date 🤣

Duduzane Zuma to face grilling on Sandton crash details Duduzane Zuma will have to convince the Randburg Magistrates Court that he was not negligent when his Porsche collided with a minibus taxi in 2014.

'It does have an effect on me' - Duduzane Zuma testifies at his culpable homicide trial Duduzane Zuma , the son of former president Jacob Zuma, has taken to the witness stand in the Randburg Magistrate's Court to give his version of events on the day Phumzile Dube died. Sesona_Ngqaks So think how will affect the family of the victim! Sesona_Ngqaks He’s lying. He feels nothing and is playing with the Judges sympathy. Sesona_Ngqaks He killed someone. He should go to jail for murder. If it was someone else they would have been in jail already.

Duduzane Zuma trial postponedThe son of former president Jacob Zuma recounted how the fatal accident happened, detailing visibility and lighting on that day. Criminal families spends more times in and out of our courts, hahaha!!! LetsekuThabiso Because there is no case only angry Boere from afriforum is opening a non existing case to frustrate blacks in their mother land The wil postpone it until dockets gt stolen🤔🤔

Porsche's speed in question at Duduzane Zuma's homicide trial Duduzane Zuma was questioned on Thursday on why he gave contradictory figures regarding the speed at which he was traveling when his Porsche collided with a minibus taxi.

Duduzane Zuma owns up to fatal crash Duduzane Zuma has told the Randburg magistrate's court that he sympathises with the families of the two people who died when his Porsche collided with a minibus taxi in 2014.

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