Duduzane Challenge: Taking walking to a new level

Duduzane Challenge: Taking walking to a new level

2020-12-05 04:08:00 PM

Duduzane Challenge: Taking walking to a new level

With a few fist pumps and stride that oozes nothing but confidence, Duduzane Zuma has girls on Twitter quoting Jay-Z: 'He's fine and his walk is mean.'

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Last month, drivers brought deliveries in Gauteng to a standstill for two days.

JOHANNESBURG - While walking might be a normal thing to do for many.It surprisingly does not seem so mundane when Duduzane Zuma does it. The son of former president, Jacob Zuma has brought sexy back to the 'art of walking'.READ:WATCH: Zondo makes statement before recusal application

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With a few fist pumps and stride that oozes nothing but confidence, Duduzane has girls on Twitter quoting Jay-Z: 'He's fine and his walk is mean.'Guys, on the other hand, don't seem to get all the fuss. To prove that it is not such a big deal, they started the Duduzane Challenge.

READ:And while you think you can walk, can you pull it off like Duduzane?For more, watch the video above. Read more: eNCA »

Nice background music South Africa has a lot of problems and yet we have people who are so ignorant, there is an agenda pushed on this mogoe Black people do not be fooled by media for the Land nd fight for what is rightful ours singabe sisayidedela sodlala belungu✊🏿 Admin needs a Sabbatical leave! Period!

Why do you give this thief any airtime🤔🤔 they most UNIMPORTANT headline this year! My fav walk tbh it's just for fun the moolah walk yeah 🤩 Please reconsider publishing this type of nonsense This is how low enca can go, now walking is newsworthy! Enough with the Zuma's can we change our focus nd look and other matters

If South Africa is the victim then the Zuma lot are the perpetrators. are abusing SA. Come on man, really!? Thats what journalist are good at,wasting our time reporting kak! We have serious social,economic,education,people who really need to be reported because they need help. But the only thing you report is useless staff.

Walk and see more...steal and get more... e NCA now pushing the corruption beneficiaries to the forefront? We don't give a fuck how he walks or what he's doing he's just a liability to the country I like him though he was involved with the Guptas and yes he can walk well yes yes...but eNCA know important content you can publish ...disappointing really...

Whats qualifies this dude for coverage? The fact that his dad is a forner president? Give me a break... Stop giving this guy airtime. 'trending' you giving this boy the platform he is looking for. Let's get serious about how your news agency has the ability to elevate and sensationalise these clowns. Stop it please. We need leaders that will give to the people, not take

I only watch ANN no eNCA for me No news here Made my day 😂 Are you really promoting the man who killed innocent people with his Porsche? And this bullshit is news? eNCA scraping the bottom of the barrel Propaganda level: EXPERT.... Fotsek this must be left to social media.. Report worthy news That's the Gupta walk. 👣🚶

Idolizing corrupt people Indicates that people condone the fact that stealing from the poor is acceptable This is a new low for eNCA. Your channel is rubbish. Is it newsworthy? Admin you might receive yr retrechment letter today Soon you will be reporting about zombies just like Daily-Sun. That’s the direction you are taking 🤞🏽

has turned into You magazine tv. He needs to walk out of here Why is this turd getting airtime? The new level How is this news? There’s a lot happening in our country. They should have revoked his driving privileges after clipping that taxi on a bender. This is something that u must tweet about not duduzane challenge. They are smuggling cars every day and on top they hijacked these cars and kill the owners of the car.

Trending indeed BigZulu_Imali The Boy makes the Song 'Fun' ukumali eningi'trending as well Hasn't it been days since this trend happened? Who is the admin here? You people keep disappointing honestly. 🙄🙄 He's enjoying nee, yes i believe money talks. You don’t have any news to lie about EFF🤦🏾‍♂️ now you headlining the walk woow... South African media 🤯🤯

Vodacom network has been off since last night,why are you not reporting that? After everything that is happening in our country you decide to tweet about duduzane challenges again. Admin take your job seriously. Ladies say he's the most handsome man in mzansi 😂😂😂, iss bcoz they haven't seen prince charming called me.

It seems eNCA has been “captured” Stick to proper news not interested in this idiots walking why isn’t he in jail anyway! This is news? Hayi maaan. Stick to the news please He can walk around the jail cell Isn't he in jail? Well myself gonna wait 4 this 1😁 It’s like he was watching the fifth element by Bruce Willis

F4ckDuduzane po3s Bathong lona? 😂😅 Seriously eNCA🙈... Why the fuck are you news agencies making a sensation out of this rogue. ...you did exactly the same with Julius Malema, and look where we are now. You enjoy the power of being king-makers, but accept NO responsibility for what follows... Stop glorifying him...

Siyajwayelwa Lana mos Fok hom en die anc! WTF this is not news! Who the fuck cares? LebakaRefiloe 😂 Nonsense why are u giving this boy attention and airtime Free advertising for umfana kaMsholozi Is that news worthy Yazi kodwa we are waiting for a serious news but you are still giving us useless updates why 🙄🙄

Slow day nee halena ditaba nee 😂 😂 Mxm Le serious? Any updates on this maybe? 🙄 So admin there was no news to write about? Nina nihlezi ni late 😒 Tsek Aii Only a sodomite could master that walk😂 Kak photo angle. and it deserves attention ngoba? aisuka Tsek eNCA ... BS ... journalism 🙈💩 How does this crap 💩 make news - 50% of SAa adults live in poverty ... but eNCA report on this !!! Shameful ... pity this youngster isn’t finding solutions to this problem 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

I am a journalist myself but I don't see the worthiness of this story.... For a tabloid it can work Is this news now? NONSENSE Out of all things... not this guys no ways! And this is a story? How does this develop a nation ,bloggers should be writing stuff like this smh 🤦‍♂️ Useless boy Enough now, Duck Fuduzane.. he's got away with enough, now u r tempting the illiterate millions of SA men and women put him in power

I dont expect anyone to complain that this is news. You guys entertained him with this this Duduzane challenge. Girls were just admiring him then guys did the challenge, kept him trending at the top plus remember this is an era where news break first on Twitter. So its expected Like really now, this can't be news.

Some things should be left to Twitter trolls. y’all are pathetic But what's news here 🤔🤔 Thumaminamediagroup was trending the other day and you said nothing 😂🤣 has ran out of news 🤣😂🤣 Guptas are still running SA news channels, its not surprising them giving this boy a platform. What absolute nonsense are you reporting on. Unfollowing this account now.

Niswele nento yokuposta.. When you have nothing offer .... A walk challenge can be one Are you guys being serious? The Guptas got the money but hey they left the little boy with a nice walk lol... Hevhannna are you bored 🤔 Have you guys lost the ability to determine whats news worthy? Are the standards you hold that low? This is trash and you are giving this criminal airtime when he deserves jail time. Man up and report properly.. unless you are funded by this imbecile

405 News Room Afrika challenge. ENCA since Xoli Mngambiand Cathy Mohlahlana left so boring now. Are those proper news 🇿🇦 is interested to hear. Never .... Go to the drawing board you gradually fading Lol nice walk if u got the moolah no biggie😆 Slow news day... or paid for propoganda. Why is this dumb IT technician being forced down our gullets. Are you hoping the SASSA folk will vote him into power. He should be formatting a harddrive somewhere walklikeaTHIEF

Bathong Lena Thanks for littering my TL with kak like this . Don't you have real news instead of inadvertently advertise an ethical criminal mind having stolen from the poor escaping justice till now? Don’t we have better stories to run than this walk story Don’t cry when the retrench you like at Sabc because your journalisms is too low

You really need to appoint real journalists not these mamgobozis... We expect this 💩 from real goboza... 🚮🚮🚮 They are making him something to talk about. 🖕 🤦‍♀️ Can you go and look for proper stories for us, not le nto South African journalists are pathetic 🙌 Are you guys serious right now ?🥴 What are the news here?

Is this journalism? really? enca never cease to amaze. With so much happening in the country and the world. 🤡 🤣🤣🤣... Glorified Gupta errand boy! 😂😂😂That's it, I nothing to see here!!! Are you really out of news worthy articles? U don't deserve to even appear in my timeline! Like really,you have run out of stories

Wonder how the woman walked who died because of his reckless driving The media will be the first to cry when this guy gets into politics and carries on this father's legacy of corruption. Stop giving him a platform. Yooh Kore la bhoreya ko mmerekong neh😑 What do they teach y'all in journalism school, grand sharp?