Duarte hopes paroled Zuma will 'shaik' the urge to play golf

Zuma was granted medical parole just 58 days after being incarcerated.

2021-09-08 11:59:00 AM

Zuma was granted medical parole just 58 days after being incarcerated.

'We cannot assume that comrade Zuma is not ill and will behave like Schabir Shaik,' says the ANC deputy secretary-general.

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eNCA's Rofhiwa Madzena speaks to Tshepiso Sibisi founder of Mwari Pizza House.

Must be the fastest contraction of a serious illness in history.... I bet the miracle recovery will be just as fast..... The problem in this country is ANC,they break the law they're not arrested,if they're arrested they don't stay in jail,the solution is to remove ANC from power,starting with these municipal elections,there's no change we will see in this country,until ANC removed from power.

What a joke... The hiena and his family is laughing at south africa. voetsekzuma Please translate in Zulu admin because Zulus don't know what's that and they'll continue to loot

What you said: Zuma has learnt a lesson from Schabir ShaikZuma will complete the remainder of his 15-month prison sentence in a “system of community corrections”. Jack selebi died three weeks after medical parole,if Zuma dies soon you will change the headlines I don’t think so. No he must just rest...no need for dy kak Well honestly, this doesn’t change my life or employment status ...

ANC to blame for failure to register candidates, says DuarteThe ANC says it was its own mistakes that caused the party not to register proportional representation (PR) candidates in 93 municipalities across the country during the initial deadline for municipal elections last month. SiviweFeketha SiviweFeketha Any other opposition party would have been read the riot act as the door was slammed. Who knows how far this IECSouthAfrica is prepared to go just to make this broken horse win elections. Its a farce SiviweFeketha Not sure extended candidate reg solves MYANC's problems. The warring factions will still be at each other's throats regardless. errolbsk SiviweFeketha It just shows the level of incompetence in the party and government. Time to take out the trash. ANCisTRASH VoetsekANC

ANC was late for candidate registration, says DuarteDeputy secretary-general admits party did not meet deadline Hayi yifilm Mr ponomereko121 i really appreciate your all your efforts with the little startup of R4000 with all joy over me after withdrawing R17,850 you can check my media for testimony i told you i will recommend everyone in South Africa to trade with your team you're the best thank you Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you shantelll_142 .....,investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of R60,000 within five days of investment shantelll_142

‘If ANC wins elections, it will deploy right people’, says DuarteParty aims to win all the metros, including Democratic Alliance-controlled Cape Town. In ur dreams wena Does this mean that she admitting that currently the right people are not employed? Eish🙈🙈🙈

‘Don’t write us off just because we don’t have money’: ANC’s Jessie DuarteIn the run-up to municipal elections, the ANC says it is already campaigning door to door, despite problems We writing you off because you have a lot of blood on your hands She makes a valid point Great news everyone! You'll soon be able to tell MYANC to voetsek from the comfort of your own home. VoetsekANC

Jessie Duarte denies the ANC influenced the IEC decision to reopen candidate registrationsANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte on Tuesday rejected claims that the ruling party received preferential treatment from the Electoral Commission (IEC). It did Yup. The ANC never stops breaking the rules. They are obviously above the law. Gangster state