‘Dodgy’ firm allegedly paid Zizi Kodwa R180 000 | Citypress

‘Dodgy’ firm allegedly paid Zizi Kodwa R180 000 This week, Kodwa confirmed receiving the money from Blackhead Consulting, but said it was a matter between “friends”.

2020-09-27 08:00:00 AM

‘Dodgy’ firm allegedly paid Zizi Kodwa R180 000 This week, Kodwa confirmed receiving the money from Blackhead Consulting, but said it was a matter between “friends”.

A company implicated in an alleged asbestos looting scheme in the Free State and Gauteng paid Deputy State Security Minister Zizi Kodwa a total of R180 000 in several tranches between 2015 and 2017.

Enter recipient email addressKodwa confirmed receiving the money from Blackhead Consulting, but said it was a matter between “friends”. Picture: Leon SadikiThis week, Kodwa confirmed receiving the money from Blackhead Consulting, but said it was a matter between “friends”.

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Grandtrek Uncharted

Ace Magashule must be the first the man is rotten They must take more it's their time 'Everybody in the gogolos has smallanyana skeleton' Corrupt scum VoetsekANCVoetsek Spinner for life! Bathong! the face of R180000 aka Zizi already exonerating himself and shifting the goalposts Damn corruption Everyone is corrupt in the party 🙄😏

He must step aside CoruscaKhaya I wish I have friends who can deposit R180 000 into my account Bo Zizi ba belegwe straight.😳😳 That's why I know that MYANC is irreparably damaged. It will NEVER be able to reinvent itself due to rot infested beyond just your zizikodwa . It's up to branch level due to snr members having no moral authority due to them being implicated themselves. Being dishonest=MYANC

The rot runs deep... Abramjee The de klerk cabal thabang350 People have money... Siakthola 9 9. So Mr Mabe is a friend to a legal person, company? Yech the name 'blackhead' does not conjure up an image of a professional business, more like it is to be squeezed by Dr Pimple Popper. From head to judiciary ministry premier counsil corrupted to the President has no power cnt you see🙄🙄🙄🤔money rule anc.shame but peoples are tired is anc everyday .we still waiting for R350 .we phone u cnt get 1

Corruption is a living organisms that lives within the ANC New headline DODGY FIRM PAYS R500 000 TO CYRIL RAMAPHOSA. THE SAME FIRM PAID OTHERS FUNDS AND THE PRACTICE WAS SEEN AS CORRUPTION BUT IN CYRIL'S CASE IT WAS A DONATION! Chinese laws are required as a matter of ASAP DeKlerk is going nowhere. EvatonForum Where is my RET faction? Go after him and show his hypocrisy.

Nobody is clean Wow all those 80s mafia cases should be over turned mos because the la costa nostra were more than friends lol Abramjee They should arrest this de Klerk apologist. And Cyril should remove him from his cabinet. They all got Skeletons in the cupboards. How does one get these caring friends?

100 000 friendship? Abramjee Not shocked his a politician from the corrupt ruling party. They don't stop We always asked that who's not corrupt in anc gov anc gov lost focus in 26yrs in government 3 months salary dock is under consideration. Ofcoz Sometimes you can just see someone is guilty just by looking at them...

So why Zuma was wrong to recieve money from his friend Shabir? I need new friends Some friends hey I don't have a family member that would loan me such $$$ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Conflicts of interest in They have been De klerk kisses outside parliament, what do this about such pathetic people, but he won't be summoned to that Zondo circuses because he is a darling of the president 😉

Oh Zizi! Not u too Kanti kunento ekuthiwa yi-'Friendly'😂😂😂 Running private enterprises on the expanse of the poor using puplic letter head to earn favors like a corrupt Banana Republic cop, Fucken a Friend of Julius Malema, A Gucci Battallion ANCWL president once said we are all cANCerous. Zuma once pronounced that I know those who loot. ANC has zero credibility.

Uyambona nje ukuthi ngu tsotsi odiniwe the ability to retrieve people's bank statements is actually par FBI thabomoetji Blackhead Consulting. Owned by Zits Incorporated? Who owns Blackhead Consulting? 🤔 Abramjee Money laundering shit XoliswaZondo akuwena lo? 😩 MYANC CyrilRamaphosa the integrity commission should be talk to the media by know about how wrong it is for public officials to receive money when they are in the seat of influence or in possession of confidential information.

He s safe in the correct faction in power. He has the media, Batohi the Zondo Commission and Judiciary to protect him I have yet to see a kickback deal between enemies. Duh. StateCaptureCom Bo Mr clean... Thuma mina in action! Corruption corruption corruption. ✊🏿 CoruscaKhaya Corruption for cadres. Cadres for corruption.

astrolab0123 Oh. That's ok. As long as they're friends. 🤣🤭🙃 Abramjee Dodgy, the one receiving is the dodgy one! The one who pays, is usually being coerced or extorted or promised a benefit or promised no harm. Abramjee Bring the criminals to justice A matter between 'dodgy friends' ne Buya Msholozi PresJGZuma

So sarstax will you be checking whether this 'private' gift was declared, income or otherwise, and treat everyone equally? And was this the only one? Effgroundforces De klerk products Abramjee 🤣😂😂😂 no free lunches 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 caught red handed 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 Zizikodwa De klerk's spoke person You use our tax money and call it its a matter between friends, doti!

mckaytracey So 'ZK' referred to in 'Gangster State' was this crook. Akunzima🤔🤔🤔 Jooooooo, nantso ke...... Yoh. These people are all thugs. Wow🤦🏾‍♂️😤 what a friendship 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 'Friends with benefits', ANC style. CoruscaKhaya Your pockets are full ,yet your still taking bribes. Mnxim. Lair, thief!! WakeUpRamaphosa RemoveANCfromPower VoteThemOut VoetsekANC

He also has learned the trade FW De Klerk's most trusted friend. Will zizikodwa be asked to step aside by MYANC or should his conscience guide him. Or does this stepping aside & reprimands only apply to KhuselaS and female ministers? Is dodgy firm owned by Dr Klerk? Since he agrees let's see if he can declare it before parliament. For those who are making noise about Guptas bribing so and so, can you see how easy for our systems to pickup any large sums deposited into people's acounts.

VoetsekANC Nomvula got R2m from friends, Zuma got Nkandla, Ramaphosa got donation, wow........ Maybe we are stupids, maybe we are blind, maybe we are illiterates..... ANC so called leaders CoruscaKhaya Hhayi ke Let zizikodwa receive money for favours its his turn, MamaAction_RSA GwedeMantashe1 Magashule_Ace KhuselaS and everybody in the MYANC is doing it as the public we are not fazed at all

CoruscaKhaya Sounds like Jackie Selebi Is....nobody going to laugh at the name blackhead consulting? If you're implicated, step aside with full pay mxm🤔 MYANC Mr “de Klerk is going nowhere” himself. Kumatima etulu. It's time...... The MYANC are all fucking crooks.. If not implicated, they know somebody that is! And they say fokkol! corruption VoetsekANC ANCMustFall

zizikodwa -you lying like a bitch? You say others lie to deflect attention from themselves but you doing exactly the same thing. How can you accept money from a tenderpreneur when you are in government? It matters not if you can influence tenders - you took money! VoetsekANC kabelodick Of course, nothing at all to see (except a pink flying elephant) move on. . . Tra la la

MissBoitumeloM The face of R180000👇 One day!!!🤞🤞❤️❤️🙌🙌🙏🙏 Ask yourself this?are you liking the fact that reality is starting to prevail and the back stabbing of corruption is filtering through and the mud slinging is becoming an enjoyment for the public of SA because of past corruption activities that benefitted the corrupt only?😏

ronnie_88kobe De klerk defender NYC to have 'FRIENDS ' neh What did Ace Magashule say? What did Bathabile Dlamimi say? Derek_Hanekom NoncebaMhlauli All those given “Bribed or Corrupt” must step aside. Zizi de Klerk must step aside from his government position until he clears his name Was the money declared in the Parliament's gifts registry.

A smart business person knows that it is important to always keep your 'influential' friends happy all the time. Zizi de klerk.... Spokesperson of FW De klerk foundation... Why are we surprised... Possible corruption by an ANC cadre? Wow. What a surprise. 🙄 Thyini yekani icomrades ziphane imali. As long a s there is no corruption.

There is no STEPPING ASIDE NONSENSE. THE ROGUE MUST BE FIRED ON THE DOUBLE!!! Will this kind of things ever stop in this no, my guess is no as long as we are been ruled by whoever rule us VBS Deputy minister of state security..... a company has been paying money into his account. It cannot be a matter between friends guys. We are exposed, politicians have zero delivery when it comes to their mandate, but have the time to run transactions to line their pockets!

Donations tax? That every taxpayer is liable for, except it seems these thieves sarstax are you on this? In the famous words of Mme Bathabile Dlamini, 'we all have smaller nyana skeletons '. They're coming out one by one... Matter between friends, comrades can't wait to disappoint. Amaqabane ka Tambo.

I hope you're just creating a story, BUT if true, then STOP demonising Ace Magashule, JZ or any other so-called RET brigade! Ace had said 'is there any ANC member or Parliamentarian who has not done business with government'? You gave him names... Why was Zizi bribed? Former ANC spokesmen. Join ANC, make money and step aside

Exactly like the MYANC “committing to reimburse” the state for flying SAAF. All is automatically forgiven! The anc are a corrupt & useless bunch! There is nothing to be done but to destroy it. Effgroundforces He had started receiving money from CR17 with Mbalula they are use to get those monies. Doggy 😣😣 Lord Walk With Me

same blackhead consulting owned by edwin sodi; man linked to tender corruption allegations in the free state? okay. lol. zizikodwa You corrupt cnt! If ANC intelligence minister is directly involved in corruption,how citizens can guarantee that we are safety,ANC ministers can sell information and the country easily to foreigner forces,horrible news if Ramaphosa was a decisive President he would have suspended Zanzi Kodwa with

Obvious. Enemies do not donate monies I wonder if Zizi declared the gift. Another one .... bust Bribe Yet another corrupt ANC cadre. Its doesnt end the smalanyana skeletons keep coming out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They are ALL CORRUPT..... all of them !!! Do we really wonder? zizikodwa was never perceived in public as somebody to be trusted...

Yet another corrupt comrade. zizikodwa MYANC Ace_Magashule pulemabe CyrilRamaphosa Please educate me, in my understanding the so-called doggy payment to comrade Zizi, can it forms part of corruption that my ANC is fighting against, if so can comrade Zizi also steps aside, please don't ignore me. He thinks admitting same absolve him. He us as corrupt as all of them and he benefitted from a company that is corrupt =him enjoying proceeds of corruption

Derek_Hanekom Thoughts please Kodwa is corrupt and he protected De Klerk... he deserves a forensic investigation Kickback!!! That time his deputy minister of Stare Security...its good that we don't have nuclear no more. These ones would have long given away the codes. Deputy De Klerk must go Unathi_Kwaza All corrupt. voetsekanc

CyrilRamaphosa take action against him If you take money from a known crook and call him your friend you are a crook yourself. zizikodwa TheMatebele Yoh. The cat is out of the bag. Ran Zizi ran. aLOOTER continua All MYANC Cdrs must be presumed guilty of corruption until they proove themselves. otherwise. Guptaz were ANC 'Friends' & today we hv State Capture commission bcoz of that friendship. 'Friends' donated to CR 17 kity & today CR is fighting to keep CR17 Documents sealed in court.

There is literally not a single uncorrupt person in the ANC. Okay ... Ah guys it was smallanyana 180k from a friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣 no big deal zizikodwa New Dawn things... Corruption period! Friends in corruption Blackhead Consulting has a lot of friends they're paying. They also paid Jimmy Tau 3 million for 'consulting'.

Jacob Zuma received loans from Schabir Shaik. Vincent Smith received a loan from Angelo Agrizzi. Now it's Zizi Kodwa's turn to receive a loan. zizikodwa just another corrupt MYANC politician What qualifies the firm as 'dodgy' ? If you're implicated, step aside. The ANC will be destroyed by this PR stunt. Not well thought through. Cyril's obsession with being perceived as saint, will kill ANC. At the end everyone will be implicated in one way, form or shape, who'll remain? He should step aside himself

He thought that you guys would lay off him for kissing De Klerk ass😂😂😂😂 zizikodwa mara what is wrong with you people?! R180 000 PA one can be paid R15 000 PM... That's the character of a Cadre needed for deployment in this cartel called ANC.. We are screwed One wonders how much also De Klerk Foundation paid him,he must be stinking rich. No wonder he defended De Klerk during SONA. Zizi Kodwa d defender of De Klerk give him bells!!!

South African ministers are well paid with lots of benefit and on the side receive thousands of rands from friends. no wonder the Intelligence is fucked up Zizi had known this guy for just two years and they were already exchanging that amount of money!!🤔🤔🤔 Is there anyone in the ANC who is fit and proper?

It never ends😭 As an aside, who the hell came up with a name like Blackhead Eeww Why cant i have these kind of friends? Why don’t some of us have such friends He is just too stupid. He is, like Zwane and the rest of them. They don't understand what corruption is He is safe, in the right faction. A lifestyle forensic audit?

'Matter between friends' 😂 If friends can offer politicians such huge sums for no work done I ask 🙄 myself a whole lot of questions as a person who has been working for more than 2 decades. I have never received even a mere R2k for sweet nje from a friend 😢. This cannot be just be friendship. As we keep peeling off the onion... the reek gets thicker and making Kodwa cry.🤔😉

SBWL to have friends like these ThembiMrototo I need a friend like these one angekhe Kodwa Zizi, did you receive the payment zizikodwa ? Smallanyana skeletons go very deep in the ANC. Even Zizi Kodwa is no exception. Unathi_Kwaza ' it was a matter between “friends'!?🤣🤣😆 It is called bribe/kickback. Someone please educate this innocent baby.

Are there any clean ANC cadres (PS - rhetorical question) zizikodwa So if he confirmed receiving the money so why still use 'allegedly' Zizi Kodwa is the Deputy Minister of State Security of the Republic of South Africa from 30 May 2019. He is a member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress, and served as the spokesperson of the African National Congress from 2014 to 2017.

Can I also get someone who can pay me R180 forget all the other zeros Unathi_Kwaza Politicians r havin de tym of their life in SA.wen wil dis end.we r starvin while pple eat lik derz no tomorrw. SA is in trouble fo real Unathi_Kwaza I do not read Kodwa as a surname. JohnMphatsoe le thomile I need friends like this

Nkanyiso_ngqulu Chelete yona! A new terminology to describe stealing / looting state funds / benefiting. I need a friend like this anyone intrested Old habits die hard 👏 And the curry in Saxonworld was a matter between friends mos..... lol 🤣

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