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Doctors who failed surgeons exams to rewrite it in multiple-choice format | The Star

A row erupted after candidates from Wits, UCT, Tukkies, Walter Sisulu University and UFS failed the exam.

2019-10-09 10:04:00 AM

An examination spectacularly failed by all would-be professional surgeons from five universities two weeks ago will now be written in a multiple-choice format. TheStar_news

A row erupted after candidates from Wits, UCT, Tukkies, Walter Sisulu University and UFS failed the exam.

A row erupted last week after it emerged that all candidates from Wits University, University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria, Walter Sisulu University and University of the Free State had failed the exam.Some university officials questioned why only candidates from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University and Stellenbosch University managed to pass.

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TheStar_news Dumbing down Education! Making our qualifications laughing joke internationally! 🤷‍♂️ TheStar_news What I need to know is: Was there a quota to pass. TheStar_news This is scary!!!!!!!!! TheStar_news Just glad these sangomas will never work in my country... what a joke... TheStar_news Question 1: The main artery to the heart is called the? a) a-orta b) b-orta c) c-orta d) Frikkie

TheStar_news They will fail again even with multiple choice🤣🤣 TheStar_news Then I can also have a go and become a Surgeon TheStar_news Much more negligence claims coming from the glamorous new NHI....standards dropping fast TheStar_news It is things luke this that makes me long for the old days TheStar_news Oh well thats good news. They were unable to pass properly so let's dumb down our standards. Par for the course SA. Must I lie awake to hold the scalpel during my own surgery or are they going to cut a section of places until they find the correct one? Oh my word.

TheStar_news No doubt they can also Google !!!? Please put my name down ... I am sure Google and I can pass ...then I can be a surgeon too !!!? 💰💰💰 TheStar_news Unacceptable. More will qualify without a clue. TheStar_news We’re these not the students at wits who toi-toi a few years ago for syllabus to be simplified as too difficult? Or are these their lecturers? No matter, they all have guaranteed employment under NHI...

TheStar_news When operating on you they will apply multiple choice too...inky pinky pinky, which one is the artery! TheStar_news 30% and quota system had left the real intelligent potential doctors out of the system. We not even 3rd world anymore. TheStar_news Guys...😳 TheStar_news TheStar_news “Dr I have migraine “ are the most commenting on issues of Drs training,examinations and obviously how they work” I’m suffering from hernia”Please don’t forget, we all came from the same pool-premedical school, only the now aspiring surgeons were selected

TheStar_news what the actual fuck?! i dont want these failure surgeons operating on me!!! TheStar_news 😂😂😂 TheStar_news WTH.... 🙈🙈🙈 TheStar_news GautengHealth HealtheNews HealthZA HigherEduGovZA ButiManamela TheStar_news OMG!!! TheStar_news MULTIPLE GUESS you mean. What bullshit is this - something spectacularly wrong with the first assessment and then more idiocy as they make the replacement an MCQ

TheStar_news Multiple choice exams and tests are exponentially harder then written exams. TheStar_news What the fridge?guess game with people 's lives? TheStar_news Oh my word does this mean when performing surgery that will be multiple choice as well. What a joke. TheStar_news Hmmm multiple choice qualified surgeons. Yusses. We are scraping the barrel now.

TheStar_news Madness. How the f..... do they do this ? It is a guessing game they now playing. TheStar_news Eh 🤣🤣🤣 TheStar_news At least the NHI will guarantee a diagnosis. Or a choice of them. And when in doubt you will have condition C. TheStar_news Omw what a joke!!! TheStar_news Yoh 30% plus gr9 exit now this 😂😂😂😂 neh man 🖕

TheStar_news So the exams revert now 2pick &choose multiple choice examination jbecoz aspiring students are unable 2cope with time proven examination methodology Rnow discarded clearly becoz the prospective surgeon cannot cope with the rigorous examination methods really FEEFREEeducation TheStar_news MEDUNSA and UKZN caused an upset🤣 Shems

TheStar_news Great news. We can now look forward to Doctors giving us multiple diagnoses and remedies. TheStar_news Unbelievable!

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