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2022-01-27 08:00:00 AM

Dismissal of employee who refused to get vaccinated was fair, rules CCMA

Dismissal of employee who refused to get vaccinated was fair, rules CCMA

The CCMA has ruled that the dismissal of an employee for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 was fair.

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration has ruled that the dismissal of an employee who refused to be vaccinated was fair. Photo: iStockThe commission ruled that she could be dismissed because she had “refused to participate in the creation of a safe working environment”.

Goldrush Group business and training officer Theresa Mulderij, was appealing against her dismissal for “incapacity”. She wanted to be either reinstated or fully compensated.They said consultations had been held with unions and employees over a three-month period. Staff had been given an overview of the benefits of vaccination. Specialists, including a doctor, traditional healer, virologist and a human rights commissioner had been made available to answer questions.

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CCMA has been captured Those people at CCMA overruled the constitutional Right and Human Rights of the People CCMA is captured my man The constitutional court will overturn this decision Supposing Covid-19 ends in the first half of this year..as some are apt to suppose, will the CCMA reverseits decision and get the worker reemployed?

👀 The Ccma is not your friend. How do these clowns get appointed anyway That thing called ccma is useless Engathi bangashoda abasebenzi

I really disagree with this dismissal.... The employer if he/she not happy about employee who does not want to do viccine, he must adge her at east to go to test to make sure that she's clean instead of firing her. its unfare dismissal, vaccine is a not a must its a choice. Our Justice System is a complete fuck up for ordinary citizens, those who do not have the MONEY power to influence the judges! From reading this article, I picked up that the Constitutional Right of the employee was ignored, overlooked! Govment has NOT said vaccines are mandatory

Yeah it's fair if someone doesn't want to be vaccinated he/she better go and stay home. When you're in Rome you must do as the Roman do finish The whole system........... 🚮 I don’t know whether CCMA followed science or the mainstream media, perhaps it’s money🤷🏿‍♂️. Mandates are being dropped in many countries. The company has to prove that an unvaccinated person puts a vaccinated person at risk. Which is clearly not the case. The vaccinated are protected by the vaccine, so who is at risk? If anything, she is. And she accepts the risk.

Erosion of human rights, this is what the world is testing for the coming era That's proves to you that ccma is dead long time ago This is exactly what Minister Lindiwe Sisulu was talking about, blatant erosion of human rights with the captured judiciary. This country deserves better leadership.

So it is okay when infected by the vaccinated rather than unvaccinated. What is the different because also the vaccinated could still spread the virus. Need clarification. Smh