Diepkloof electricity saga: 'Eskom lied to us' – Residents fear for their safety

Diepkloof electricity saga: ‘Eskom lied to us’ – Residents fear for their safety

2021-12-08 07:45:00 AM

Diepkloof electricity saga: ‘Eskom lied to us’ – Residents fear for their safety

Diepkloof residents say the electricity issue has a huge impact on the community as it gives an advantage to thieves – with a massive increase in cable theft, hijackings, kidnappings and house break-ins.


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Diepkloof protest: N1 obstructed as frustrated residents lash out at EskomThe protests are likely related to Eskom disconnecting electricity to more than 700 homes in the region. N1S Traffic is being diverted to N17 offramp N1N Before Soweto Highway Offramp

Not paying for electricity is theft, says new Joburg mayor Mpho PhalatseThe power utility said electricity supply to Diepkloof Zone 3 was disconnected due to high energy losses as a result of illegal connections, meter bypassing and customers buying electricity from ghost vendors. I hope EFF is happy that Neoliberalism is haunting our poor people under this illogical colonial clerk who needs to go back to Chris Baragwana hospital to vaccinate people with Pfizer shots. Clearly she's just lost Politics is not anatomy! Nakuyaaaa ... kwasuka loko. Nanithembeni webantu baseGoli?... AYIKHALE 'Nothing is free though to you it be, someone somewhere is paying for it'

Diepkloof protesters cause chaos on Soweto HighwayResidents of Diepkloof Zone 3 in Soweto have barricade the Soweto Highway near the N1 with large rocks and burning tyres as protests over power cuts intensify in the area.

Diepkloof power cut threatens 86-year-old woman's lifeAn 86-year-old woman from Diepkloof Zone 3, Soweto, has to ask residents in nearby Zone 4 to refrigerate her medication amid the two-week power cuts in her area. A whole country is threatened by nonpaying communities 🤷🏻‍♂️

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