DEVELOPING | Bheki Cele: Youngest Eastern Cape tavern victim was only 13 years old | News24

2022/06/26 19:09:00

LIVE | Bheki Cele: Youngest Eastern Cape tavern victim was only 13 years old

LIVE | Bheki Cele: Youngest Eastern Cape tavern victim was only 13 years old

Police confirmed that at least 20 people have died after tragedy struck the Enyobeni Tavern in East London, with two people in serious condition in hospital.

4h ago Cele deploys top forensic team to investigate cause of death in EC tavern tragedy Police minister Bheki Cele has deployed a top forensic and pathology team from Pretoria to investigate what led to the death of 20 people at Enyobeni Tavern in the Eastern Cape.Competitions LOAD SHEDDING ","category_class":"child-of-news","time_ago":"3 mins ago","premium":false,"gallery":false,"excerpt":"In short, Eskom doesn\u0027t have enough personnel on duty and said load shedding is required to \u0027prevent plants from damage\ said he had since learnt that the tavern was frequented by many minors.

Addressing an angry crowd at Scenery Park, Cele said they also needed to find out from the owner why the venue only had one exit and entrance.“At first, we were told that this was a stampede, but by the looks of things, there was no stampede that took place,” Cele said.citizen.“I do not want to speculate on the cause of death; that’s why we brought the top forensic team so that if the cause of death was some poison, they will let us know.” - Cebelihle Mthethwa 4h ago 4h ago EFF members, including some of its councillors from Buffalo City, arrived at the scene and demanded to go in and demolish the\/news\/news-world\/3127478\/ramaphosa-g7-summit-june-2022\/","image_src":"https:\/\/media.Police prevented them from doing so and told them that nobody is allowed inside the crime scene.Another three died in hospital while two were still in hospital in a critical condition.

They pointed at Buffalo City Metro Deputy Mayor Princess Faku who was at the scene, and those who are councillors argued that if she could be allowed in, they also deserved to be allowed in… but police stuck to their Johnnie Isaac 4h ago Enyobeni Tavern tragedy: No obvious signs of injury to victims, locals say Eastern Cape police are trying to piece together exactly what transpired during the early morning hours on Sunday that led to multiple deaths at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park, East London.The bodies of patrons were discovered in the tavern, but locals say the victims had no obvious signs of injuries.jpeg","image_src_hero":"https:\/\/media.According to police, 17 people died at the scene, and three later died in hospital.Members of the public alerted police to the incident in the early hours of Sunday morning after a number of bodies were found strewn inside the however, pointed out some faults they found at the tavern, including the fact that it had only one entry and exit point, was in a residential area and was seemingly open to underage children.

The owner of the establishment arrived on the scene on Sunday morning and is locked in discussions with police.Residents, who wanted to remain anonymous, speculated whether it was poison, gas, or a stampede that caused the mass deaths.jpeg","image_src_narrow":"https:\/\/media."It was definitely not a stampede, some bodies were still in their chairs while others were found lying on the floor," another local said."We don’t know what has happened, but there was no obvious signs of" - Johnnie Isaac 4h ago This tragedy is made even more grave by its occurrence during Youth Month – a time during which we celebrate young people, advocate and advance opportunities for improved socio-economic conditions for the youth of our nation.“We need to check if they adhere to the laws but that is on us as police to ensure this happens.

— Cyril Ramaphosa ???? (@CyrilRamaphosa) 4h ago We 'cannot fathom' what happened: 20 people dead, 2 hospitalised after Eastern Cape tavern tragedy At least 20 people have been confirmed dead, while two more are in a critical condition in hospital, in the wake of a tragedy at Enyobeni Tavern in East London.jpeg","image_src_square":"https:\/\/media.According to Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane, 17 people died at the tavern in Scenery Park.Three more later died in total of 35 people have been reported missing, according to a community list.4h ago Families asked to identify East London tavern victims at Woodbrook mortuary The MEC for Community Safety in the Eastern Cape, Weziwe Tikana Gxothiwe, has asked Scenery Park families to go to Woodbrook mortuary to help identify their loved ones.jpeg","category":".

The families have been denied entry into Enyobeni Tavern, where 17 people were found dead.The tavern is still being combed by police investigators.- Cebelihle Mthethwa 4h ago Dead bodies found at East London tavern taken to state mortuaries The 17 bodies discovered at Enyobeni Tavern in East London have been taken to various state mortuaries, the Eastern Cape Department of Health has said.Department spokesperson Siyanda Manana told News24 that the Forensics Pathology Teams and EMS Teams are at the scene in Scenery Park."We are going to conduct autopsies as soon as possible to establish the probable cause of death.

The deceased have been taken to state mortuaries," Manana added.Police spokesperson Brigadier Thembinkosi Kinana said investigations into the cause of death were ongoing.- Cebelihle Mthethwa 4h ago UPDATE | At least 17 people found dead at East London tavern Authorities are investigating an incident where at least 17 people were found dead at Enyobeni Tavern in East London on Sunday morning.Earlier reports stated police were investigating the deaths of at least 22 people.It is still unclear what led to the multiple deaths.

According to Eastern Cape Community Safety spokesperson Unathi Binqosi, who is at the scene, they are still trying to determine the exact number of people who died."It is no less than 18 people who have died in this incident," Binqose told News24, but the death toll was revised to 17 after receiving confirmation from police spokesperson, Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana.According to the venue's Facebook page, on Saturday they had an all-black themed party celebrating two people's birthdays.Police and emergency services are currently still at the scene.Kinana told Reuters that police were alerted by members of the public to the incident at Scenery Park, about 3km from the East London city centre.

"The circumstances under which they died are under investigation," Kinana told Reuters, adding it was too early to determine the cause of death of the young adults aged between 18-20.- Cebelihle Mthethwa 4h ago 22 people died in an East London tavern, ENYOBENI, after a stampede.Cause investigated.Numerous injured.Emergency services and the police are still working on the scene.

Forensic investigation underway..

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What happens to these kids parents that did not look after there kids as they should have been at home These things start at home now it is other problems aswell Police Department; The Owners if the place; tge parents all to be held accountable That place was indeed a death trap What is government doing about it

Black people keep on embarrassing us The culture of alcohol as a means of 'ENJOYMENT' is the biggest pandemic being passed down to our kids by we the parents Its the doing of the PHALA PHALA BRIGADE Painful and shocking,what happened exactly? Parents of those kids must b happy because thy allowed kids to go drink beers,,

Its a sad situation. U find 3 to 4 taverns in 1 street.Playing loud music 24hrs. Nobody is held to account bcz the whole neighborhood will be consuming there as well.May the young souls departed find everlasting peace 💔 Devastating indeed, can e Government please give the Parents their powers back to Discipline e kids in a way they think is ryt please, kids of nowadays are over protected by e law nd they abuse it and the freedom too

ENYOBENI TAVERN LIVE UPDATES: Bheki Cele breaks down in tears | The CitizenThe cause of the deaths is unknown at this stage You guys need clicks that bad? Is he crying over how inept his police force is? Do not make a political circus from these poor souls :( Being the head of the home isn't easy, you are expected to provide for the home, I lost my job during the pandemic and relied on the little money I had,things were hard until I met AdrianBecker0 and started Bitcoin trading, I earned R800,000 in 3 weeks thanks AdrianBecker0 PhalaPhalaGate

The bible says if you love your kids repremand them, the government says we are not allowed to. Now look what is happening to our kids, besides dying they are abusing teachers and parents, bullying, drinking, drugging. I used to get hidings and now i have respect Isn't a licensed tarven? How about law, How can a 13yr old pupil , can be allowed? There's alot more hidden here

Please explain what children are doing at a tavern? Where were the adults and why did they allow their children to go there in the first place? WHAT HAPPENED THERE? WHAT HAPPENED THERE? THEY WERE ALL YOUNG SOUTH AFRICAN,S God have mercy😭😭😭 Shutdown shebeens Bheki Cele appears mostly wen clubs or taverns are involved. Serious crime his quiet like a mouse

We the community have failed our children, we knew that the tavern, and many others, served our children and we stood by and watched. We have turned our communities into alcohol consumption and groove places, then we want to blame government. Parents not parenting, government not governing. The parents should take responsibility. What are children of that age doing at a nightclub However we are a nation who like to shift the blame and refuse to be accountable.

WATCH: Bheki Cele burts into tears over East London tavern deathsWATCH: Bheki Cele burts into tears over East London tavern deaths Minister Bheki Cele was outside a mortuary in East London, where the bodies of at least 20 young people who died in a tavern are being kept

Please explain why underaged children are in taverns? The legal age for selling alcohol to is 18 years. And why are children of 13 years to 17 years at a tavern in the morning hours. it is unfortunate that a young boy that could have been a role model for the generation after him; die in the tavern. raise the children in the ways of the Lord that when they grow they may not depart from it. parental guidance is a necessity

Community and leadership around the area to be blamed, we're supposed to deal with this earlier, surely everyone around knew what's happening there, so this are the results of negligence n ignorance, sad for the loss Why was a 13-year old at a licensed venue? There is 13 year old inside of a tavern due to lack of police visibility, lack of police in general, lack of police vehicles, especially at night in SA. Pretty simple. See the common factor Cele?

Welcome to the country of nyaopes , drunkards and load shedding What is a 13 year old doing in a tavern Parents should be held accountable . The owner is in serious trouble. Jail is calling Ooh my God so young

Parents must also take accountability, says Cele after tavern deaths of 20 youngsters in East LondonPolice minister, Bheki Cele on Sunday did not hold back when he lashed out at community members of Scenery Park in East London where 20 young people died at the Enyobeni tavern in the early hours of the morning. This one is another pandemic That's true, it start with us the parents. We need a better parental skills

If cele acted on this illegal shebeen he could have been told to deal with real criminals 🙄🙄🙄 What were kids doing at a tavern When is Bheki Cele visiting PhalaPhalaFarmGate biggest crime scene ever! Why did the parents allow a 13 yrs child to go out at night ,(parents fault) A Spirit was summoned to attract clients n money..what do you think it will want as payback..? Something has give ofcourse... This is more than what meets the eye

Did u see the vid. It was like a major street party. Not just tavern. Too many people and no masks. Yes i know its not a must, but covid is not gone, and with so many individuals compacted in small spaces. Its too dangerous. Black youth in S.A are lost... Yoh imagine thinking you have a well behaved child kante after hours ubusy Ema tavern . That time uthe usayolanda itextbook

EnyobeniTavern incident is a proof there is lawlessness in South Africa When GovernmentZA and Organizations preach and teach about Women's and Children's Rights but no responsibilities,things like will continue to happen. Until you call all members of the society in all genders and find safety solutions not just ask one side and criticize the other.

Parents must also take accountability, says Cele after tavern deaths of 20 youngsters in East LondonPolice minister, Bheki Cele on Sunday did not hold back when he lashed out at community members of Scenery Park in East London where 20 young people died at the Enyobeni tavern in the early hours of the morning. Surely not the time for that. At least hes not chasing surfers sinolwetu I'm glad the stampede cover-up angle was thrown out quickly

Wgat was a thirteen year okd doing in a tavern? What sick things happen in the Eastern Cape? How do you let a 13 year old to go out drinking? Just terrible man... Argh 😢 Why are taverns allowing under age children into their premises? Take away their operating license What is a 13 year old doing I. A tavern?

But you will go to the suburbs to inforce underage drinking!! Happens when corrupt police patrol townships. Nkosi yam' bona lizwe lakho Thixo 😭🙏 still nobody knows what a condom is in SA! Look at your God I hope after Bheki Cele is done crying he'll have the tavern owner arrested for allowing under age drinking at his premises...focus people

DEVELOPING | Cele deploys top forensic team to investigate cause of death in EC tavern tragedy | News24Police confirmed that at least 20 people have died after tragedy struck the Enyobeni Tavern in East London, with two people in serious condition in hospital. He can first find out how did an illegal foreigner get a liquor licence? Because the owner is an illegal foreigner Are they led by Sgt Mosia “My Lord”? Should all forensic teams be top vele

To the parents of these kids you accountable in the eyes of God you will be judged one day. May there souls rest in peace. We can't reprimand our children due to the so called rights they have, they answer back and rebell knowing well you will succumb to thier wrong doings, let's not blame ourselves as parents, it's time some rules are changed. If only our kids could listen to us.

Prosecute the parents I remember finding a young boy of around 12years old drinking alcohol some years back. I was mad at him, took the alcohol from him and asked him to sit down, while I asked his friends to go tell his mum that I am not gonna let him unless she shows up. What was a 13 year old doing in a tavern. Saw earlier post that said they were all young teens. Where were the parents?

I blame the government,doesn't support youth programmes,they cancelled sports in poor schools,old sporting infrastructure is ruined.. how do you expect kids to live?poor kids without swimming pools,dstv,tennis courts in their back yards What was a 13 year old doing there? And what was the ages of the majority of those kids to be at a tavern ? And where’s the parents accountability for letting 13 year olds be at the groove ?

New dawn or new doom! Parents long abdicated their responsibilities for looking after and bringing up their kids.. Discipline no longer exists.. Its all real time gratification Doomed nation.

UPDATE | Youngest victim in Eastern Cape tavern tragedy was 13 years oldCele confirmed that all those who had died in the Eyobeni tavern in Scenery Park, East London, were minors — aged between 13 and 17. Wtf🙆🏾‍♂️

I suspect alcohol poisoning, The owner probably bought the beer from Afghanistans And till in the morning hours with a bouncer present no this is rouch This is the results of giving children too much rights now we have a soceity that is wayward. A 13 year old should be looking forward to a fieldtrip or something not desiring to have fun at a tavern. Moral decay, responsibility must go to the government.

No 13 year can escape under my watch, l mean ANY. 26 June is now the second youth day because of irresponsible parents and the owner of the Tavern, we really do have to blame them for this mess, rest in peace our youths😭😭😭, soo sad in youth month😡😡😡 Thanks cele... what the fuck was a 13 year old and others doing there... where were your police service... fast asleep on the job as usual ... now you want to cry.. you and your so called saps should have done your jobs...

This is on you, you can't stop this yet you are appointed to do so.... This is SA ....13 years old and already in a tavern 🍺. Hopefully tavern owner is arrested, liquor seized and his license revoked, if it was a license liquor outlet... : what da hell 13 year old in tavern He or she belongs at home for Christ sake oh no arest been made yet to yes here in South Africa thy can do anything and go free mos

What happened to tarvens not allowing people under the age of 21 to get inside. what happens to our country as Africans the saying it takes a village Hayi maan it’s time we go back to undalashe obviously this western or Morden parenting it doesn’t work

What were they drinking? Alcohol doesn't just kill over 20 people on consumption... If this isn't poison or spiked drinks or some unknown drugs then I don't know🤦‍♂️ And yet Oscar says the Tavern can remain open to operate even though there were underage people inside 🤦‍♂️ What was a 13yr old doing in a shebeen

Young children from the age of 18 years must be burned in taverns to 29 years Umlando. It’s hard to control a 13 year old! They they think they know it all. You blink and they’re gone! Yena aya kwi,lets not play blame game Well the tavern owner must be arrested for hosting underage children. Secondly the parents must be arrested for allowing their children to attend a party in a tavern. Both parties are to be blamed.

I hope and pray this will be a lesson to other young people that you don't need alcohol to have a good time and certainly don't need to go to a tavern to enjoy yourself. Our generation needs to do better. Imagine dying at a tavern at such a young age it's a disgrace phela. Like Cele really gives a flying f**k.

Where were 13yr olds parents? Why let them go to a tavern late at night Wtf This country has alot of problems. Ruling party has failed in all directions When a 13 yo is found in a tavern... You know the world has gone to sh*t... Tavern license should be revoked permanently!!! Owner has to answer alot of questions!

Why do people have children if they cannot take care of them? No one is forcing people to have children. If you working you must know that someone must watch your child. If you can't afford to give your child a proper upbringing please go for family planning pills. This isnt a new thing. Our society is based on Cure and not Prevention anymore. It's sad to say but if it wasn't this tavern it would've been another tavern on another day. At some point SA needs to wake TF up. Trying to keep a ship from sinking by using a teaspoon

Many people have children just for the child support grant. They don't care about where their children are. I see it everyday. The children are alone on the street and no one is watching them. The parents don't care. They think leaving their little alone on the street is normal. Tavern? Looks like someone's backyard.

I'm gatvol with these stubborn kids! Owner needs to to be locked up... And the parents of this kids Savages

Drugs are the biggest problem in SA my condolences to the family's this is a very sad day in SA So.? We want to know the cause of death Condolences to the family Mr.Cele i pray that this does not get pushed under the carpet. The police need to revoke all liquor licenses issued to businesses that are in close proximity of residence areas.......Starting with the East London one........ The owner must be charged with all counts of murder. The fire department must condemn the tavern.

So what do youngsters at shebeen? Do not tell me it is about depression, joblessness, alcohol is escape from life reality. I see undiscipline youngsters what knows fuck all. This is an indictment to all of us as black people wherein a child of 13yrs goes to the shebeen and both the patrons & the owner don't see anything wrong. Let us take a hard look the mirror and see what has become of us.

13!! How does a mother allow a 13 year old to be at a Tavern, and at that time The parents should be charged!!! Parents will act clean, they should also be held liable for negligence. How do you sleep when a 13yr old is not in the house til late? Get out, o yo mo nyaka. Why was a 13yr old drinking in a tavern? Where were the parents?

Too much freedom. So what was a 13year old doing in a tavern at that time of night, sorry morning ? What was a 13 year old doing in the tavern? Owner must be arrested South Africans obsession with drinking is highly concerning Haibo ntsikimazwai Tho this country is cursed Who is the owner of this Tarven? Who is the owner of that Tavern?

What’s a 13 year old doing at a tavern!

dofiEve When did you guys started to groove We all know that we started at the young age to looom tge tarvens What the hell are 13 years olds doing in a tavern. These parents must be investigated for negligence & child neglect. So sad Parent = Parenting Children no one word like childrening. Government responsible for governance was not supposed to interfere in parenting. Rights must accompany responsibility

Blame the government on everything that's happening in mzanzi 💔💔💔 The owner must face some jail time. Whatever Cele is saying is out of line they gave rights to our children where you can't say anything to our kids , they give R350 to the same youth . They introduce bashes , everything back on you government

Who the hell let's children have a birthday party in a tavern? This owner has a lot explain why he would allowed that to happen and I suspect he will be ultimately responsible for it.

Where were you ? And where are your people at the substations? What’s a f*cken thirteen year old doing in a tavern? Ke gana nnang kgang e teng moo madi ka madi moo bana baroona okarw ba ka utlwa ba bona ba ikgaole mo menateng ya bojalwa lefatshe le phela mo tirong tsa lefifi bosatane bo bontsi re bofa dikgwebo tsa roona bangwe e nne ditlhabelo

Alcohol abuse is on the rise in teenagers in this country. This is heartbreaking, may her parents heal from this trauma 😭😭😭😭 Where are the parents or guardians? Foreigners selling drugs as SAns say, what of this local tarven. Parents let's teach our children that abuse of alcohol and drugs is no good for them. No blame game as parents.

Eish...😔 Bekumele ibanjwe kodwa iOwner, 13yrs? Nooo How can they allow a 13 years old in a tavern. The owner and manager must be punished.

This is a lesson about under-age drinking, otherwise I don't feel any pity. 13YRS OLD AT THE TAVERN😩😩😩😩EISH RIP TO HIM OR HEE BUT THE PARENTS SHOULD BE JAILED