Deputy health minister says the unvaccinated should not be allowed to expose vaccinated groups to Covid-19

Dhlomo said while individuals can choose not to get vaccinated, they may not be allowed to expose a majority of vaccinated people to Covid-19.

2021-12-03 07:04:00 AM

Dhlomo said while individuals can choose not to get vaccinated, they may not be allowed to expose a majority of vaccinated people to Covid-19.

Dhlomo said while individuals can choose not to get vaccinated, they may not be allowed to expose a majority of vaccinated people to Covid-19.

02 December 2021 - 14:00Deputy minister of health Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo says the rights of the collective will trump those of individuals when it comes to mandatory vaccinations. File Photo.Image:Freddy MavundaDeputy health minister Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo says the rights of individuals not to get vaccinated for Covid-19 will be trumped by the rights of a collective who choose vaccination. 

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Dhlomo was responding to questions from MPs during a media briefing about the Omicron variant on Wednesday.This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa's national address on Sunday in which he said the government was engaging stakeholders on introducing mandatory vaccinations for access to workplaces and public events. 

Dhlomo said while individuals can choose not to get vaccinated, they should not be allowed to expose a majority of vaccinated people to Covid-19. “A collective right becomes superior to an individual right. We will not deny you to stay at home if you so wish but you can't force yourself into a taxi of 10 other people who are vaccinated if you refuse to vaccinate but you want to travel with them to work.

“You may find a space for yourself somewhere alone because while you insist on your individual right not to vaccinate, you must also be ready to protect the collective rights of many other people,” he said.Last month, the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)

Phaahla: Decision on mandatory jabs expected before end of January

found that mandatory Covid-19 vaccination would not necessarily be a human rights infringement.The commission said a general law compelling South Africans to get vaccinated would be constitutionally sound under the right circumstances. However, it called on the government to explore all options to encourage voluntary vaccination first.

“The constitution protects several individual rights. These include the right to health, life, freedom of religion, a healthy environment and freedom and security of person. The right of security in and control over one’s body and the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experiments without one’s informed consent are included.

“Limitation is reasonable.However, the constitution does provide for the Bill of Rights to be subject to limitations: Therefore, the rights of individuals, save for non-derogable rights (such as the rights to life and human dignity) can be limited in terms of section 36 of the constitution, firstly, when the limitation of these rights is done in terms of a law of general application, that is, if the state passes a law that articulates a general compulsory Covid-19 vaccination regime. Secondly, to the extent that the limitation itself is reasonable and justifiable in an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom.

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“This means it would be ‘constitutionally permissible’ to require people to vaccinate provided that this is done in accordance with the processes stipulated in the constitution,” it said.

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Kanti what is the job of this vaccine if those who are vaccinated are still 'exposed' What does that nonsense even mean So what you are saying that the jabbed are scared they will get the cov from unjabbed? So the jab doesnt work? So by this logic they would be safer if they hadn’t vaccinated? That makes no sense. They have antibodies don’t they? What is the vaccine for?

He is a mampara of the year🚮 So the vaccinated must be allowed to expose the unvacvinated to covid-19 because they are also spreaders of the virus, we elected public representatives and they all turned into Pfizer salemen Is this reasoning the result of the side effects of the vaccine? Stupidity?

HIV activist vaccinates after Covid-19 scareLooking back at the hesitancy and conspiracy theories she was drawn into, Thaba compared it to the same paranoia that overtook communities during the HIV/Aids crisis of the early 2000s. WorldAIDSDay2021

Including your ministers esasithi bagomile Kanti bazifanela Nami if they are vaccinated they do not need protection now do they.... why do i have to get vaccinated when I'm gonna need more protection other than the vaccine itself 👏🏾😂 It seems he is saying unvaccinated people are all infected. And the careless ones are the vaccinated. If the vaccine works why the vaccinated are worried more than the unvaccinated.

Fusek 'Stupid is as stupid does' So basically the unvaccinated people are naturally covid positive by default? I thought the vaccinated were protected. How do we pose a risk? Vaccinated people brought the virus to SA In the meantime people are struggling for basic health care at Edenvale Hospital and clinics in Gauteng

Of 20,000 Amazon employees who caught Covid-19, did just 27 really get it at work?The available information ‘is screaming for an investigation’, Eric Frumin, the Strategic Organizing Center’s health director, says

How is the disease spreading? Only vaxed are allowed to travel internationally. Is the curve softening? Are the waves stopping? Are you immune if you can catch and spread a disease? With the flu vaccine you won't get the flu,with the cv19 vaccine you can catch and spread it? This is a joke 😂😂😂😂😂 The IGNORANCE runs DEEP with this one, because it has been PROVEN that fully vaccinated people will STILL SPREAD THE VIRUS TO OTHERS

That's so wrong we all have rights and what's the use if people are still dying and number still rising people will be vaccinated on their will not because of some theory The problem is that even if we vaccinate our borders are open for unvaccinated. Close the borders first please Maybe yimi engingasazi isilungu... what is majority?

Majority of people are not vaccinated. What majority are you talking about? Good. Vaccinated people must just keep to themselves and keep infections amongst themselves. This should once and for all proof the ineffectiveness or effectiveness of the vaccine So, the vaccinated are now a protected class. 🤣

How do 1 cause danger to a protected person mara,who is dumb here

ELTON DORKIN: Covid-19 is not only about you, it’s about every human being — get vaccinatedThe choice is inherently communal: my individual health choice either reduces or increases the burden on the country’s health system; it either drives transmission or reduces it Are all your writers today going to promote mandatory vaccines? Exciting 😩

Mos we live with them in our homes and community. These bookworms Drs are a problem because they don't use logic, sense & critical thinking they just accept whatever that university dropout who's controlling WHO say they must do. They don't even consider the dissident views. How does this work kanti... Why people are vaccinated 🙆🏽‍♂️

Umgodoyi! Uthi abangavikelekanga bavikele abavikelekile umsangano lo Yeboooo The lord must help us the ANC to lose elections b4 this guy becomes full minister. Who said the vaccinated can’t carry the disease to the unvaccinated? I won't be able to vaccinate with an empty stomach. Tell sassa to aprove my R350 grant and stop it's monkey tricks of irp5 and identified alternative source of income

Operation isolate the unvaxxed who are just chilled and the Vaxxed are busy creating variants. Die mense is darem grond dom!!! Shame dit is seker baie seer

International respiratory forum calls on governments to strengthen response to HIV, Covid-19The Forum of International Respiratory Societies says the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the focus from HIV testing and restricted access to Covid-19 vaccines for people living with HIV.

Yes!!!! Keep those rabid, toxic, hostile, poisoned angry vaxxed people away from us. We are happy to be left alone with our unvaxxed peeps. Also, cyril will change this on sunday night anyway. Whoever came with this vaccine circus.oa Loya.kore o loya ledi intellects....Its like they smoked something.....

Wa gafa..please tell him that..our Doctors chose to do corruption and be greedy over their people..our so called leaders and specialists.. But they're vaccinated.. Does that mean the vaccine does not work? The jabbed are the minority. What kind of madness is this, so people vaccinate for what if they they still gona be afraid of the unvaccinated? This shows clearly that their vaccine is not working, so why do you still encourage people to take useless vaccine like this

The same minister who collapsed KZN health when he was MEC 70% of South Africans are unvaccinated, how does the minority vaccinated dictate to majority? 💉💉💉 Fat people should not be allowed to expose me to diabetes. What I fail to understand is how the hell do these idiots not yet understand the vax is useless with regard to getting infcted. Jesus weeps ...

International respiratory forum calls on governments to strengthen response to HIV, Covid-19The Forum of International Respiratory Societies says the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the focus from HIV testing and restricted access to Covid-19 vaccines for people living with HIV.

Why the vaxx must get passports yet they csn stil transmit this virus? Where prefer them over others? Did Omicron not just prove that Vaccinated people carry and transmit Covid na? Why are those who are not vaccinated still made to be the escape goats of spreading Covid? I’m here for the unvaxed only. My favourite people.

Oh wow so it's ok for a vaccinated individual to infect unvaccinated people. Do you even know that vaccinated infect vaccinated you are assuming that they got infected by an unvaccinated person 🤣🤣 stop playing games the vaccinated should not get sick nor be able to infect fact The vaccine either works or not.. Do you walk around asking ppl if their other vaccines are up to date.?

Ukhuluma amasende lo minister Did this mampara consulted the EU stats? There is no way that someone who is not vaccinated can infect someone who vaccinated with virus unless the vaccine is not infective to the virus in other words the vaccines is fake 🤣🤣😂😂😂It’s not my work to protect the vaccinated! It’s the vaccine’s work

But being vaccinated protects the vaccinated against the virus from unvaccinated?

Of 20,000 Amazon employees who caught Covid-19, did just 27 really get it at work?The available information ‘is screaming for an investigation’, Eric Frumin, the Strategic Organizing Center’s health director, says

Majority of what? 🤣🤣🤣 But vaccine must do its job..finish It's clear that Dlomo and the gang are tired of ruling. When you vaccinated you not supposed to get 'exposed' or infected cause you vaxxed right?...kanti what's the point of getting vaxxed kahle kahle if you still gone catch this covid shit?lol ai umsangano lo bafethu

There is going to be a war in this country. This is not Germany or west countries. They forget thina asithathi i nonsense. As tax payers, anyone dare deprive us of health care or Gov services we will bring this country to its knees. We will cut that big nose and feed multitudes 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡 What unvaccinated people getting covid from vaccinated people?

Covid science 🤭 These ANC people are not very bright We, the unvaxxed, are going to beat the hell out of anyone trying to get on our way. Try us ans see

Byale ka bona gore botlatla a bo alafege, ge go bua Ngaka e felletse, New variant detected on vaccinated, go padile Mzazi. Doctors and scientists have become stupid... I'm joking they haven't, they know that what they saying doesn't make sense, they just don't have a choice.. Its either that or you loose ur job..

🤣🤣🤣😅 jokes they dont write themselves 🤣🤣🤣 Banxilile aba This fool destroyed the dept of health in KZN but today he is here talking nonsense This thing of deputy ministers Malema was right..... This thing is useless This is exactly why I will never vaccinate. Le story sale vaccine asihlangani. Why should you be worried about the unvaccinated if you are vaccinated and protected? If you contract covid, you will have mild symptoms and will not end up in hospital right? So why worry?

Kanti what the use of vaccinating if vax are scared now

Ziyakhala manje..... the anti-vaxxers... nigrand na? Seems things are heating up manje.... Kusobalite THESE R THE CONSEQUENCES OF LETTING 80 YR ELDERS DO THE THINKING THOSE PEOPLES BRAINS A ROTTING ALREADY What?, they are vaccinated and protected from the Beta and Delta with less mutations, Those old vaccines are not for the new variant Omicron with 30 mutations, they can't even protect them, the same vaccinated test positive for new variant daily Stop blaming the unvaccinated.

What absolute utter nonsense. How can a person that is vaxxed get sick from a unvaxxed. Soos my oupa gesê het,' Sak Sarel'. At this point y'all just thinking outta your ass now. Vaxxed people can infect unvaxxed, also you just gonna assume every unvaxxed person is positive? If so why worry cos y'all vaxxed?

Saying that the unvaccinated may not be allowed to expose the the majority of vaccinated to covid-19, simply means that you're doubtful about the effectiveness of the vaccine in the vaccinated. With your own words you've discouraged the unvaccinated to go for their jab.🙄🧐🤔 DON'T let SA go the same way as Germany... those vaccinazi's are locking DOWN the un vaccinated.. SA won't stand for it. Remember the KZN unrests, this time with smoke emanating from gvt buildings.

I still don’t understand how vaccinated people are at risk even after vaccination. What’s the purpose of the vaccines then? Aren't vaccinated immune to covid19! So what's the use to get vaccinate if I'm not protected by the vaccine? I regret the day i took this shit now the fly attack me left and right, i curse the day my employer forced us to vaccinate! I'm not a flu person but recently we r friends


the vaccines are only great for a special group of people !!!! AND why not 'allow' to use ivermectine freely ?.. they really want us all to die from the side effects of that vaccine ?.. stillborn babies, heart defects, sudden 'unexplainable' deaths ?.. I see it all around me. Immune deficiency (aids).... caused by that poison

Yaz sometimes we are lead by empty heads, they really do not follow the scientific principles. How can an unvaccinated person be a threat to a vaccinated person? Logically nje!! One thing which they fail to communicate is how the vaccine doesn't stop transmission Maybe they've all forgoten THIS ?.. they can try, but the people won't go for it.. and 0.15% of the population died of covid over the past TWO years, that is 0.07% !!! per year..

Vaccinated are NOT the majority You can see through his eyes that the devil is blood thirsty. But tell me why has this new virus mostly been found in vaccinated people? He's talking rubbish, Bill gates devils Such 'highly qualified' officials, displaying a remarkably terminal level of ignorance while proposing irrational and unscientific strategies clarifies the reason for apathy and hesitancy. Vaccination & repeat boosters reduce symptoms IN THE RECIPIENT and nothing else. Capische?

So What’s the vaccine’s job if vaccinated people can still get Covid Please Make me understand? ' they may not be allowed to expose a majority of vaccinated people to Covid' ...... kanjani ? Point taken. I agree with the Deputy Minister Vaccination is not a cure. Please don’t be dom here. Vaccinated people can still carry the virus and infect other vaccinated people.

People found with the Omicron strain were vaccinated what did he say about it? Apartheid is now under new management! So if u hv vaccinated covid will attack u less but u can still get infected. And if m not vaccinated covid will attack me morethan the vaccinated one? So so!! Grand grand who is endangering who bcoz all of us are still able to get the disease. This is is a dubious drama str8

I would like to see a taxi driver who will not pick up a passenger due to not having a vaccination dompas. Waiting with baited breath. Everyone I entitled to be stupid but Dlomo is abusing the privilege What about those who identify themselves as transvaccinnated,are they also going to be banned? Kahlekahle i covid itholakala kongajovanga kphela bese eyidlulisela kojovile? Ake nicacise lapha.

Madness Maube he attended multiracial where they taught him to lie to black people Send him this Then why are people getting the vax? Is it not to protect themselves According to the stats they gave us... also if your vaccines are effective why worry? 1st time in history that an ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who haven't taken it.

I wonder who is going to run the public hospitals and clinics seeming the government still hasn't provided posts for the comserve doctors. CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA HealthZA GovernmentZA judus DoctorsInLimbo the vaxxed are the biggest threat because they are the ones travelling all over The vaccine is to help prevent serious conditions for a person....not prevent the spread. Anybody can spread. U get the jab for yourself, not for others.

How do you expose the spreaders to something they are already spreading? 🤣🤣🤣 We are leaderless A Wiseman once said, the apartheid of a black man towards his fellow black brother will be worse than there one introduce by the National Party back in 1948. Gone are the days when grey hair stood for wisdom 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


Like I said, vaccinated people are also not allowed to expose majority unvaccinated people to Covid 19.. Nonsense We will never vaccinate..We will never do such a thing.,You all want us dead.If it works for you it's good for you.,Let me die with my natural cause.GOD created me the way I look today..And please leave us alone and stop talking about us that we don't want to vaccinate. Please.

Listen to what he is saying. 'Exposing the vaccinated to covid ', that's fuckin ridiculous. So what he is saos that the almighty vax is a dud. It doesn't work. This vaccine doesn't work at all. It acts like bullet vest it does not cover face and buttocks. Prize of undermining African herbs is leading to death where it's not due.

I don’t care how you frame it, just do it! So what's the purpose of vaccine that doesn't work. Why take a vaccine when it's useless...oh I know cause the elitist are getting rich and countries that follow WEF get billions for free! Dez guy is crazy or myb am high on wrong stuff. I thought our country have more people who r not vaxed wch makes their RIGHTS A COLLECTIVE RIGHTS THAT BECOME SUPERIOR TO INDIVIDUALS(LESS PPL VAXED). Y they dnt recognise the rights of majority(unvaxed)in these instance.

The vaccinated in SA are by far in the minority. Variant is mainly caused by vaccinated people. Stop lying mokgalabje ke wena. I took my 7th Covid19 test on Wednesday and still came back negative.

😆🤣 Nonsense This is dumb. Covid can be spread by vaccinated mafakaz as well. Why has the world gone to shit so fast The notion being unvaccinated people are 'covid carriers' right? Isn't it funny, that the current strain of covid was detected on vaccinated individuals 🤔. Nijwayela abantu udodi nina, indeed vaccination has become neo-apartheid.

But ANC leaders u are useless we need to vote out,why u violating ur Wright u are not sure u speech sometimes,make up u herd He's drunk, even when you're vaccinated you can still contact virus and infect others . If the vaccination are working, those who are vaccinated have nothing to worry about, common sense prevail, so to believe and trust in the Lord.

Some of those vaccinated people are my friends and family, so how are we going to deal with that 🤷🏽‍♂️? Strange how people get vaccinated plus they get boosters and suddenly the vaccinated is vulnerable It's not the unvacxxed fault mara. Are we having the covid racism?

This just doesn’t make any damn sense. Vaccinated or not you can still get the infection and spread it🤷🏽‍♂️. These people have totally lost their minds! Tell him to proof it is working Didn't the HealthZA say the variants can also be transmitted amongst the vaccinated, which briefings do you go to? Wabonakala ngalento owayenza e Newcastle & Madadeni Provincial hospital ukuthi awsile wena.

This is nonsense. 1. Only about 5% of population has tested positive for Covid, meaning 95% of people never had covid. 2. Of the 5% (about 3 million), 97% have recovered and have Natural immunity, which research suggests is at least 13 times more protective than 2 Pfizer doses. Dhlomo should take note 👇wilfulignorance is no excuse.

He must Voetsek we fought hard with blood and soul for our Freedom many of my comrades died for the cause many were sold out by Askaris like him and imprisoned we will fight to defend our hard earned freedom from Vaccine Terrorist who sold out the struggle. Tell him I say so. What...the vaccinated are also transmitting this to everyone

Common sense is not so common So this means every unvaccinated person in the country has covid19? These officials are smoking nyaope

Then what's the use of them getting vaccinated if they are still in danger of catching Covid even after getting vaccinated🤷‍♂️.ngumlabalaba lento ye vaccine Stupid. How can you expose people who took a jab. Go back to sleep Does the unvaccinated have covid?