Delta overwhelming other COVID variants of concern: WHO

Delta overwhelming other COVID variants of concern: WHO

2021-09-25 09:05:00 PM

Delta overwhelming other COVID variants of concern: WHO

All viruses mutate over time, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19 disease.

The UN health agency decided to name the variants after the letters of the Greek alphabet, to avoid the countries that first detected them being stigmatised.Besides the four variants of concern, there are also five variants of interest, but Van Kerkhove said three of them -- Eta, Iota and Kappa -- were now being downgraded to variants under monitoring.

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"This is really due to changes in circulation and that the variants of interest are just out-competed by the variants of concern.They're just not taking hold," she said. Read more: eNCA »

The Da Vinci Institute to confer a laureate on 9-year-old Professor Soborno Bari

Soborno Bari is a professor who specialises in maths and science. He is an Asian-American author and the world's youngest professor.

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More than 48,000 commented on this campaign about mandatory Covid-19 vaccines, here's what they saidMore than 48,000 South Africans have weighed in on the issue of vaccinations in the workplace, in schools and vaccine passports in an online platform launched by a civil organisation, Dear SA.

US biotech billionaire to make Covid, cancer vaccines in SAThe California-based physician Soon-Shiong said this is 'a historic moment in my life, it's been a life dream to look at technologies we can bring back home'.

Covid-19 update: SA records 2,783 new cases and 155 deathsBased on latest reports, the countries with the most new deaths were the United States with 2,714, followed by Brazil with 876 and Russia with 820. Why then, are we being singled out by both the USA and UK as a danger to THEM from a travel perspective? I can't stop thanking you for making me accomplish my dreams after I thought it was over for me. I give this a last shot and got my profit as promised MR_MICHAEL30

SA Covid-19 cases decreasing across all nine provincesSA's national seven-day moving average of daily Covid-19 case numbers, positivity rate and testing rate continue to decrease, with sustained decreases seen in all provinces. Cooked/fabricated stats Your a good liar 🤣🤣

Covid-19 has killed at least 4.7 million people worldwideThe United States is the worst-affected country with 681,185 deaths from 42,543,365 cases. Bet news The hospitals are killing the People shoving them on ventilators and giving them drugs like Midazolam and Remdesivir… look up the side effects of these drugs ☝️☝️

Far too soon to declare victory over Covid-19, say expertsLess than two percent of the world's poorest populations have received even a first dose of vaccine, noted Flahault, director of the University of Geneva's Institute of Global Health.