'Delays on switch to digital will cost the country's economy' - Ntshavheni

2022/06/25 11:57:00

'Delays on switch to digital will cost the country's economy' - Ntshavheni

'Delays on switch to digital will cost the country's economy' - Ntshavheni

Ntshavheni said only the Constitutional Court stands in the way of the switch to analogue.

CAPE TOWN - Communications Minister, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni said any further delays to the switch from analogue to digital will cost the country's economy.22 June 2022 - 17:22 Presidency reporter SD190222 Raymond Zondo Chief justice Raymond Zondo faced 'certain challenges' which meant he missed the June 15 deadline for delivering his final state capture report to President Cyril Ramaphosa but there were more delays in the handing over of the report on Wednesday.JOHANNESBURG - After a day of delays, the ANC's Gauteng elective conference seems set to be getting underway with the first batch of delegates arriving in Benoni on Friday.Friday 24 June 2022 - 6:30pm After some delays, the ANC’s Gauteng Elective Conference is finally underway.

The minister says court action by free-to-air channel e.tv has the potential of delaying the switch from analogue to digital, which is set for next Thursday.While Ramaphosa had been expected to receive the report from chief justice and commission chairperson Raymond Zondo at the Union Buildings at 4pm, proceedings were yet to get under way after 5pm.Ntshavheni briefed the media on Friday about the anticipated release of the broadcasting spectrum and the analogue switch-off.But on the inside, the atmosphere is filled with song and dance as the first batch of delegates set the stage for a fierce leadership contest.She said only the Constitutional Court now stands in the way of the switch.It was not immediately clear when proceedings would start.Free-to-air channel e.Meanwhile, outgoing provincial chair, David Makhura, said the ANC in Gauteng will emerge united.

tv has appealed to the Constitutional Court saying the analogue switch-off is “unlawful” as it will cut off millions of households who don’t have the required set-top boxes.The court granted him an extension to last week but, again, his office gave the presidency reasons as to why it could not deliver.First batch of delegates start arriving at the Lakes Hotel, in Boksburg, ahead of the ANCs conference with a clear mandate, Lesufi over Maile.Ntshavheni said unless the planned analogue switch happens, the economic hubs of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal will continue to struggle with poor connectivity.“Unfortunately until the analogue switch is concluded, the country’s economic hubs of Gauteng and KZN will remain with poor connectivity with negative impact to the economy of the country and also to the general citizens of the country.." Ntshavheni said five out of the nine provinces have already made the switch with the rest awaiting the Constitutional Court appeal by channel e.com/Q8wHKFiqCr EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) June 24, 2022.tv.#DStv403 All eyes are on the Gauteng ANC Provincial Executive, on Friday afternoon.


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People in the rural communities? more than YOUR incompetence already has? What is the need to switch to digital ? Is there anything that this government does that doesn’t cost the country’s economy? We already know that, Khumbudzo. The question is what the hell are you guys doing about it!

More delays prevent handover of the final state capture reportThere were further delays in the handing over of the final state capture report on Wednesday.

ANC Gauteng elective conference gets into swing after some delaysLaw enforcement is not taking any chances with a rigorous security check on the way into the venue, making for a tense atmosphere on the periphery.

ANC Gauteng elective conference underway after delaysAfter some delays, the ANC’s Gauteng conference is going ahead. Both candidates vying for the position of chairperson have promised to put the party first. This ain't a Conference but a vacation for many just to add numbers and no deliberation on critical policies and many the issues affecting our country. Imigodoyi. Poe$ Zodwa

LIVESTREAM | Communications Minister provides digital migration updateMinister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni provides updates on the progress of the Broadcasting Digital Migration (BDM). None of what she is saying in relation to the DTI, Imports and Distribution of Analog TV has been agreed, finalized or published? Where is she getting this from? 15 years after the ITU deadline. Way to go ANC. Let's say south wait for another 15 years before analogue switch off. What does etv stand to gain out of that prolonged delay?

South Africa’s analogue TV switch-off on track for 30 JuneCommunications minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni said her department is waiting for confirmation from the ConCourt that it can proceed with the switch-off on 30 June.

Government still has hopes of reaching SA's digital migration deadline, says Ntshavheni | The CitizenFree-to-air broadcaster e.TV has approached the Constitutional Court to challenge the 30 June digital migration deadline.