DAYS OF ZONDO: Who to believe: Mcebisi Jonas or Duduzane Zuma?

DAYS OF ZONDO: Who to believe: Mcebisi Jonas or Duduzane Zuma? By Ferial Haffajee


DAYS OF ZONDO: Who to believe: Mcebisi Jonas or Duduzane Zuma? By Ferial Haffajee

Former deputy minister Mcebisi Jonas and patronage’s Prince Charming, Duduzane Zuma, have presented diametrically opposing versions before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry of what happened on the day when a R600-million bribe offer was made to Jonas to get him to twist the Treasury towards the Gupta family network.

That third angle in State Capture is Jacob Zuma’s urbane and telegenic 35-year-old son, Duduzane Zuma (hereafter Zuma), who appeared before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry this week.

Leave it to DCJ Zondo.

In his testimony this week, there was ample evidence of how well he did: he lived/lives in a Saxonwold mansion; he drove luxury cars which included a two-door Mercedes in which he transported former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas to the R600-million bribe meeting; he picked up a former KZN Hawks boss in a white Rolls-Royce from the Gautrain train station, to take him to meet the Guptas, the commission heard.

Mcebisi Jonas’s testimony that the Gupta family offered him R600-million to become finance minister and tilt economic policy to their interests;

His alleged facilitation of a meeting between former KZN Hawks boss Johan Booysen and the Guptas where the cop was offered the job of national Hawks head; and

In his two days of testimony on Monday October 6 and Tuesday October 7, Zuma outright denied the evidence of Ramatlhodi and Muofhe, of Booysen, of Mxolisi Dukwana, the former Free State MEC who testified in the Estina block of evidence as well as that of Rajesh Sundaram, the short-lived editor of ANN7.

He said, “Any formal setting with Minister Ramatlhodi has never happened,” and, “I have never had a discussion like that,” in relation to the former minister’s testimony.

The date was October 23, 2015. Jonas had wrapped up a meeting at Nedlac in Rosebank, Johannesburg and headed for the Hyatt Regency hotel in the suburb.

When Mr Duduzane [Zuma] arrived at the Hyatt hotel, we had a brief discussion. He appeared pretty nervous and spoke in very vague terms. He said nothing of substance except to say that his father, then president Jacob Zuma, liked me. After a while I indicated that I was under time pressure.

Zuma’s version is that Jonas knew they were headed to the Gupta estate up the road in Saxonwold.

Zuma replied: “Uncle Fana [Hlongwane, the arms deal fixer and Gupta business buddy who was also at the meeting] said he was not comfortable meeting in a public space. It was a hotel lobby and they [Hlongwane] and Jonas wanted the meeting changed to somewhere closer, [so] there’s the house where I do work from and there are offices there at the Gupta residence.

Justice Zondo questioned Zuma extensively on the venue:

Zuma’s version of the meeting is he was playing “mediator, facilitator, convenor” to sort out issues between Jonas and Hlongwane even though he and the deputy finance minister had never formally met each other.

He said, ‘we have been gathering intelligence on you’… he emphasised that they, which I understood to be the Gupta family, have the capability to gather such information and that they had gathered a lot of information on me which they could use against me. He said that as far as he was concerned, this meeting never happened and that one day if I were to suggest that this meeting had occurred, they would destroy my political career.

To which Jonas replied “R600-million, yes,” before continuing his testimony.

(Jonas told the commission he was trying to extract information from them to inform civil society’s then-growing movement against State Capture).

Jonas told the commission his version of how the meeting had ended.

Then he told Duduzane to arrange that I come back the following Tuesday and that he should tell me to bring a bag. I asked Mr Zuma to take me back to my car. Mr Gupta said he wished to continue the meeting with Mr Zuma and another car would take me to the airport. At the end of the meeting, Mr Gupta repeated that they had information on me and if I suggested that the meeting had occurred, they would kill me.”

Zuma listened attentively and answered patiently with nuggets of humour and dollops of swag. At the end of his testimony, he said: “I have been mentioned in all sorts of lights and I did not have the opportunity to give my side of events,” and thanked Justice Zondo and the commission for allowing him to do so.

Mcebisi Jonas is now the chairperson of MTN and a director of other companies. He is campaigning for a new social contract in South Africa and for the speeding up of reforms to ensure State Capture does not happen again. He has written a book called

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Queen of trash journalism!!!! U r also discredited so we don't trust you nd daily maverick...... Mcebisi Jonas,not this enabler of corrupt acts Neither. They both remain politically influenced and contaminated so neither are credible or trust worthy. ..ignore the choir..born brainless But why did Jonas refuse to make a statement to Saps against Zuma?

Zuma 👇👇👇 But you are also discredited we cannot believe you. Mcebisi Jonas is a liar. Jonas obvious. Seriously ?

Mcebisi Jonas knew I was taking him to the Guptas: Duduzane ZumaDuduzane Zuma’s first day at the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture yesterday was punctuated by denials, concessions, chuckles and jabs. Obviously. How can a grown man, a deputy minister at that, jump into a car not knowing where they're going. DuduzaneZuma is the epitome of a worthless and despicable scumbag... escaping justice after killing commuters in a car accident and enriching himself as a Gupta lackey with the help of his thieving father

Ferial and her disgraced employer the Daily Maverick have lost credibility to claim moral high ground! Your agenda agenda against black politicians are very strong to ignore! I’d choose Mr Jonas, any day, over that spoilt brat of a liar! Neither

Mcebisi Jonas knew we were going to the Guptas' home - Duduzane ZumaWhen former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas climbed into the Mercedes Benz two-door car, he knew they were going to the Gupta family home in Saxonwold, according to Duduzane Zuma | kgmadisa

Duduzane Zuma says Mcebisi Jonas lied about Gupta meetingHe also told the Zondo inquiry on Monday that Thuli Madonsela had not give him a ’fair shot’ at giving his version of the Saxonwold meeting Polygraphs

DAYS OF ZONDO: Duduzane Zuma on Rajesh ‘Tony’ Gupta: ‘That’s my guy’Duduzane Zuma described his very close friendship with Rajesh ‘Tony’ Gupta, the youngest of the three infamous Gupta brothers. He said they would meet on a daily basis. ‘Mr Tony Gupta is a business partner of mine and he is also a very dear and close friend,’ said the younger Zuma at the State Capture Commission on Monday, 7 October 2019. My dad guided my goals in every area in my life,setting my sails,giving me a sense of purpose and direction in my life.He created my visions emerging as my twisted goals miscarriaged not knowing how to be a man of value whether u rich or poor. ermbates Duduzane__Zuma is beyond doubt the son of that PresJGZuma.

Duduzane Zuma lied to Zondo commission, says Thuli MadonselaMadonsela told Business Day on Monday that investigators had even offered to travel to Dubai to speak to him 🔒 More proof that Duduzane learnt how to lie from the best , his old man Zuma. ermbates Chip of the old block.... Junior Zuma Like father like son!! Corrupt to the core!!

IN QUOTES | Duduzane Zuma at state capture commission: 'Jonas knew where we were going and why'Monday marked the first day of Duduzane Zuma's testimony at the state capture commission of inquiry, during which he answered questions related to allegations levelled against him by former finance deputy minister Mcebisi Jonas. Like father like son! Final you'll get a chance to use Zuma as form to increase your sales, media sector is slowly loosing it credibility in public because of your biasness and protecting whiteness. His name is Duduzane Zuma, and is well known, can you leave Ubaba out of this to enjoy his pension in peace

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