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The Democratic Alliance (DA) says President Cyril Ramaphosa must set an example by firing and laying a criminal complaint against Communications and Digital Technologies Minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.

2020-04-08 09:02:00 AM

The DA says President Cyril Ramaphosa must set an example by firing and laying a criminal complaint against Communications and Digital Technologies Minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams. Stella Manana Lockdown via SABCNews

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says President Cyril Ramaphosa must set an example by firing and laying a criminal complaint against Communications and Digital Technologies Minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.

The picture sparked public outrage on social media on Sunday.The Democratic Alliance (DA) says President Cyril Ramaphosa must set an example by firing and laying a criminal complaint against Communications and Digital Technologies Minister,Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams

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.This comes after former Higher Education and Training Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana posted a picture on social media of Ndabeni- Abrahams, himself and others having lunch at his Fourways home in northern Johannesburg. This despite COVID-19 regulations, which prohibit social visits as the country grapples with the coronavirus outbreak.

Following a social media outcry on Sunday, President Ramaphosa summoned the Minister to a meeting.In a statement, the DA says the President’s move is simply not good enough.“He must set an example as the President of South Africa that lawlessness while our country deals with a global pandemic will not be tolerated, regardless of from whom it comes. He therefore ought to lay a criminal complaint against Ndabeni-Abrahams, a person who he appointed as a Minister and member of his Cabinet, and he must go a further step by removing her from his Cabinet.”

The statement further states that, “President Ramaphosa addressed the nation twice asking South Africans to obey the law while containment strategies for COVID-19 were being implemented. The majority of the people of our country have done so with diligence. Many have lost jobs and incomes while staying at home as he requested. Some have been brutalised by security forces for not obeying the law.”

Below is the statement by DA on Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams:Ndabeni-Abrahams went to collect suppliesThe Mduduzi Manana Foundation has claimed in a statement that Ndabeni-Abrahams was visiting the Manana home to collect supplies of gloves, masks and sanitisers and was not simply just having lunch with the family.

The Foundation says the family was having lunch and courteously asked the Minister to join them after she arrived to pick up the items. Attempts to reach Manana directly for comment have so far been unsuccessful. Read more: SABC News Online »

Eya!lenna ka rialo,sek! Ke matlhabisa di tlhong a moetapele Im happy she is not fired. Law is law but this serves to satisfy opposition parties... those parties must cum up with ideas on how can they help to fight covid19 and also donate where they can. Postponed the drama to your workplace were u play Parliament. But law is law i admit

Hi there Regarding Stella Ngabeni-Abrahams' behaviour, I truly think justice should be served as all SA citizens need to adhere to the president's instructions, as announced re. the Lockdown Rules. Starting with Pravin Firing infect i dnt care wt the DA she apologized so , i thnk she has a family and kids as well as a husband to look 👀 after on wtch planet 🌎 are we from were pple promote auch things

ArrestStella What has DA got to say about an exclusive Boer enclave in SA called Orania? Manana was backstabbing you without knowing. How can he allow you to visit him knowing very is a lockdown. 😱😱 Ramaphosa is only empowered to discipline blacks only not minorities. MYANC Yeah it is true that those people working the government badla kamnandi badlifutha but those on the low level we are dying of hunger.

I think is my first time to agree with DA,Stella must face criminal charges like other people I hope she is already behind bars just like everyone who have broke the lockdown regulations. Period. The minister should be treated the same as all citizen.she and her party should have been arrested I dont think firing her is the answer. As a polotician and member of parlament you know how much one month salary is worth. Nobody in this country arrested for this type of offence is even paying 1% of the value of of her fine. Stoo being vindictive.

DA is so inconsistent, those who are their tools they don't even raise their finger. The government must give her second chance..... Apologizing to the people of South Africa is enough..... One love ❤️❤️ It shows the caliber of leaders ANC deploys to positions that requires responsibility, integrity, accountability and strong leadership. It is not the first time she is crossing the lines . Is she fit for the office ? No she is not

I would like to request SABC to buy their journalist the same masks worn by ENCA journalist , I see Cricelda this morning struggling & could not breathe whilst reporting and the mask keeps moving up and down and it distracts the view Can't they open a criminal case themselves? We will take the DA seriously when it calls for Eskom CEO and COO sackings before this lockdown is over For now, they must focus on finding cost effective ways of improving home schooling for matriculants

Yebooo plzz zzz The DA simply like to play to the gallery. They are not interested in what's best for SA. She must be sent to jail like other's. For the first time I agree with the DA phela Stella is bringing a lot of drama Come Dine With Me They should use the same energy with Min Praven Gordon... Our Citizens are not fools... I wonder how he is going to spin this one.... Is he going to go to the High Court...

Give us a break you preveledged ones De Klerk said Apartheid was not a crime against humanity and you went on voicemail, pity these poor askaris who can't open their eyes when they are being used Should we remind you that no action was taken against jamnandas who hired friends for positions they didnt qualify for,authorised the corrupt BBD tender,made tax deals with corrupt whites and WMC and established a rogue unit?Is the dismay about Ndabeni fueled by her being black

Very good DA..favouritism must fall . EmeliaFra1 They love destroying black people and clever black will support them🚮 I am with Our_DA on this one. zilevandamme can you please do us good and lay criminal charges. Did they say the same about that fake pharmacist when the 1 billion man said he doesn't powers to discipline a minister?

Sacking her would be too harsh.. This is Not New Zealand where they sacked the Health Minister for breaking lockdown rules : suspension serves her right' Ai kodwa i DA The president misled parliament about funders yet they defended him, we are not kids. Helen zille has wrote nonsense no expulsions. Abelungu abasiyeke.

Ha mamele mme ooo🙄 Nothing wrong with lunch every body eat when become hungry even those doing road blocks are also eating to get energy for stopping cars. I only blame Manana bcz there was no need for shooting that lunch. Liyanya Thats very true.she undermined the president,the lockdown events,the truth commission by lying,and also the hungry masses by posting eating nice food in these hard times on lockdown

DA need so put all apartheid beneficiaries before they comment about freedom fighters Let the DA go open a case at the police station, Cyril has rendered them toothless Who took a photo Can we ask Mr President to recognize EFF as an official opposition party and allow DA to migrate to Europe they are just a bunch of useless losers

I also think one has to do time on this case It's a norm Lawbreakers must be jailed Akufani! Siyabonga. Not happy with the president action. One month was enough Exactly. leadership 21daysLockdownSouthAfrica StayAtHomeSA Stella is going nowhere, DA If they extend LockDown we demand Free Water and Free Electricity

Fuck the DA! South Africa says that! The president must not take instructions from DA he must just follow procedures that is being brescribed in relation to the disciplinary actions against ministers. DA will never say anything about Minister Pravin Gordon yet very quick to dismiss Black Leaders... Stella Ndabeni is still learning, she's not perfect. She's a great black woman

True It’s just a reflection of government. No accountability when it comes to Minister’s. And no respect for our country on ministers part. They forget who pays their salaries..... hardworking people us the plebs...but karma is another thing. Honestly I have to agree with DA on this one DA Cant Tell ANC What To Do

He doesn't have the guts to stand up to his national executive Oh please get a grip 🤬 This time I fully agree with DA, Minister ndabeni Abrahams must not just arrested,but she must also fired,those people are not taking us serious, they're playing politics with our life If that was me ill be on sabc news, Indian male locked for not adhering to lockdown procedures

I agree with the DA. She should be fired DA must sit down. Why did they not set an example when Hellen Zille tweeted about colonialism Some people have been killed by the police for disobeying the lockdown rules and she will just walk away like that because she is the minister, are we in this world to watch other people enjoying their life, are we slaves😠😠😠😡😡😠😡

Layiwe_94 But again who are we fooling 🤷🏼‍♂️ previlaged ppl always gets special treatment so we jst wasting our tym cuz dis wil jst b swept under the carpet n no arrests wil b made🤷🏼‍♂️ A warning Mr president will do. She is human after all.she don't deserve to be fired. Evn at work I do mistakes but they hv a way to warn me daily than firing me. We all hv families to fid. She will learn along the way.

Layiwe_94 Dey must do d same as dey dd with does hummanskraal boy who was tracked down after posting his video. D same as those kids who were arrested for posting a video drinking at nyt. Dis is d same issue n must b addressed SA is in junk status bcoz of ramaphosa and jamnandas let them fire themselves

Willing to assist the goverment kulento yale Sisifo as a traditional healer .i can give a good try for this country...amachiza yonke into ngiqinile ngawo Wine? Did they stockpile? Cele bopha labantu, nawe Stela uthanda ukudla It took a long time for the DA to take the opposition in that matter Options .... Options ...

Manana's objective was to throw Ndabani Abrams under the bus and put president Ramaphosa leadership skills to test well mdu Manana pulling down syndrome is your game and well played this time around. That is what the DA knows best, firing people. Well in this case there is really no need to fire her. A sanction is enough haibo. The DA must sit back and relax, they will never govern🚮.

She must be prosecuted just like the couple who were arrested in KZN..... law must take it's position even if an individual is a minister she broke a law she must be prosecuted What if she's a tea lady of Rupert? These MYANC people know they are above the law. I don't think he knows the word 'fire' This Stella Abrahams is always doing something dodgy.... remember when she threw journalists out of a press conference....and that time she's a minister of communication....🤦🏿‍♀️

She doesn't need to be fired . She needs a break time . Shes tired of working . Mr President must approve leave form that she didn't apply for . Yafana wethu bonke benza lento...yincitho xesha njee le ngoba Bona benza yonke into abayifunayo. Where how who not in this country...our Presidents don't have backbone so we might as well move on nothing will be many cases of people found guilty of corruption but they are moved to other departments..just forget shame

She must be fired🔥 she's undermining the President... Criminal complaint?. She's gone go off radar for now. If it was a ordinary citizen they would have been penalised Lockdown applies to some and not others? Fire her and send her to jail He should first set an example with the looters of the 9 wasted years.

Stella must step down but DA was quiet when Gordon lied to the President. We see you mamenemene ke lona👀 He must not forget Manana and gigabyte. Manana is an accomplice. Why other political parties always want to lead the President and act as if they are the advisor for the President. You can’t tell the President what to do and when. -All people do mistakes, the Minister does deserve to be fired but to apologize guys

I’m with DA on this one. The DA is just bitter, can you leave the President to focus on important staff please South Africans are just dramatic I don't see anything wrong here this was indoors lunch with her family she wasn't roaming around the street She has to be put to books like everyone else who broke the law she must face her own music

Ramaphosa is failing the country after being supported by all opposition parties...he has turned to show his weakness at it's best, each and everyday there's changes to regulations of the lockdown. Well we all know that wont happen, th ANC is not a above the law, they are ontop of it. Stella got her groove back and is trending, Ramaphosa saw that she already had lunch and he decided to invite her for dinner.

No one and I mean no one is above the law For once I agree with the DA Stella uyadelela gqith. But she was just having lunch I agree with DA, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams proved her incompetent by failing to adhere with the covid19SA regulations. She ought to be released off her duty... she must be fired That slay queen minister must be fired period but we all know that won't happen.

Hay khanimxolele wethu yhini😊 I hate agreeing with these white protectors, but Stella seem like she missed her adolescent stage. This is a test the government in power. One of their own has defyed law that was enforced or employed harshly on citizens to abide by, and consequences are promised to be activated should the defy. So the action to be taken by the president is very challenging to him, we are 🤔

I'm only worried about the face of that kid being shown all over the media. That's the only thing I'm worried about. Arest this kid, she is stupid. She did it on purpose, True because people where jailed and fined, DA I second that very true....she's not special she broke the Law no matter what she was collecting. Mr President your discipline to the minister would show your integrity

Our government does not care about people who depend on uif money because some sign online but no money received that online does not work why mara She must be sacked she is a disgrace Minister must go to jail like everyone in the country who is overzealous and not respect the lock down, the guy should go to join the inmates & wear orange like others,

The other one(minister)just Apologized kwaphela kanjalo let's see kulokhu PresidencyZA eNCA ...... Was there a need for a picture? Kanti wenzani? Can anyone balance me The laws only apply to us the citizens. Between minister Pando and Ms. Diko (Mr. Ramaphosa's spokesperson) one of them broke the new laws by spreading fake news, but they are still not arrested whilst thousands of our people are in prison for the breaking the law...

Banana Republic.... She must do the honorable thing and step aside she can't be trusted... This is nothing compared to how some police and soldiers treat the people out there. They never set an example on Zille tweets, why now, these ones always seek unnecessary attention Start with himself for plunging SA into a junk status. Fire eskom COO and CEO for handpicking suppliers. Only blacks will be purged

If DA is serious they must first call for the firing of Pravin Gordhan for his catastrophic failures! He's a leader so he must lead with no favors. That one of Ramaphosa always react late, reason we are this affected by Covid19, he couldnt seize the opportunity and close borders early, even this incident will be resolved in June

So ministers and MPs don't get arrested? I agree Untoucable leaders. South africans deserve better She is not above the Law. . Ramaphosa must take action The DA has a point here. Our leaders are afraid of being hated for doing the right thing. Manana is always on the news for the wrong reasons, eish! He must start with the DA for attempting to sell cigarettes

There are bigger problems in the country then to worry about an ant, come with solutions on how do we stop the huge elephant Covid19inSA. He'll never do many his colleagues have gone against the country's rules but he kept quiet. She must get a lesson Let us be equal she must face criminal activities like others.... Let it be what you do on right you must also do it on the left Minster sorry but you have to be arrested simple and straightforward

Matriculants She must be fired period. She broke the law

Covid-19 lockdown: DA calls to end 'arbitrary limitations' on what can be soldThe party’s trade and industry spokesperson Dean Macpherson said the confusion about what were considered “essential items” in grocery stores and pharmacies was unhelpful and should be ended. TheCapeArgus Day11of Lockdown DeanMacpherson TheCapeArgus We can all agree on this. These petty rules are a waste of everybody's time. ALETTAHA TheCapeArgus yes having it Gazetted will allow clear communication to the public and retail DeanMacpherson TheCapeArgus PnP wouldn’t even let us buy wood 🙄

DA launches campaign against Covid-19 fake news, calls on minister to actThe DA on Monday accused communications minister Stella Ndabeni Abrahams of failing to act against purveyors of fake news on the coronavirus pandemic, and said it was stepping into the breach to report those guilty of what is now a criminal offence. What fake news

DA worried about 'lack of clear and accurate' Covid-19 stats across SAThe DA has raised concerns about the lack of provincial and regional detailed profiling of coronavirus infections in the country. What are the Dr’s saying? We can’t take a journalist reporting on such stats. At last!!!! Someone is asking questions!!! I’ve been saying it for a week now. Something is NOT RIGHT They may as well compile what they think to be right. WTF is wrong with them since the beginning of the pandemic in SA what positive support did they bring ? If they worried,they are panicking let them visit psychiatric. I fully trust stats by DrZweliMkhize give us a break DA.

DA accuses govt departments of racialising Covid-19 relief measuresThis after certain ministers stated that their departments would be following the applicable B-BBEE Codes and prioritising female-led enterprises in the distribution of funds. Government can't be told by a MATRICLESS John. Racialising meaning protection of Whites privillages? Wasn't that already fixed in the first 'draft' ?

DA worried about 'lack of clear and accurate' Covid-19 stats across SAThe DA has raised concerns about the lack of provincial and regional detailed profiling of coronavirus infections in the country. 🤣🤣🤣 They must calm down.. Now is not the time for political games Stop it. This is a serious matter. Stop playing games.

Extend R150m relief package application deadline‚ says the DA to minister Nathi MthethwaThe application deadline for the Department of Sports‚ Arts and Culture’s R150m relief programme should be extended‚ the Democratic Alliance has said. Only a fraction of the R150M will reach the intended beneficiaries, the rest will be stolen by officials in NathiMthethwaSA ;Where have the millions intended for funerals and statues dissapear to?