Cryptic Crossword 309 - December 3, 2021

16A Weak leopard limps back inside (4)

2021-12-03 10:33:00 AM

Cryptic Crossword 309 – December 3, 2021: 16A Weak leopard limps back inside (4)

16A Weak leopard limps back inside (4)

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LIVESTREAM | Parliament fire update

The Speaker of the National Assembly will give an update regarding the fire at Parliament.

Cryptic Crossword 309 - December 3, 2021Cryptic Crossword 309 – December 3, 2021 - 16A Weak leopard limps back inside (4)

CARTOON: Stamping out the rotFriday, December 3 2021 Except for the CR17 bank statements

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CARTOON: Sluggish prosecutions at NPAThursday, December 2 2021 Who, in the mafia organisation that is the ANC, will turn state witness against a comrade? Under oath both Ramaphosa and Gordhan refused to name names at the Zondo commission, yet state capture took place under their noses for a decade. What is the point in prosecutions, in courts, in judges? Any half brained (Frazer) will overturn the ruling of any court in the country, even the CC, and gov and all political parties don't give a shit about it. Close all courts, fire all judges. Who needs them. Save some money. Another great withdrawals today!! Really appreciate what you've done for me, you're the best and I promise to always spread your good deals everywhere trade_with_sean

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