Crisis along Ukraine's borders with Russia looks far from over

#ICYMI: Crisis along Ukraine's borders with Russia looks far from over

Icymı, Sabc News

2022-01-28 03:49:00 AM

ICYMI : Crisis along Ukraine's borders with Russia looks far from over

The crisis along Ukraine's borders with Russia looks far from over. Moscow has amassed an estimated 100 000 troops near Ukraine but insists it has no intent...

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US rejects Russia demands on Ukraine but offers 'path' out of crisisUS President Joe Biden, who spoke with European leaders by video-conference on Tuesday, said that any Russian military attack on Ukraine would trigger 'enormous consequences' and could even 'change the world.'

Biden says he would consider slapping Putin with personal sanctions if Russia invades UkraineRussia has warned that sanctioning Putin would lead to US-Russia ties being cut. Docs leaked last year suggest Putin has secret assets abroad. Oh big deal does he think that will affect putin ! I bet he is shaking in his boots !

Ukraine conscript on shooting rampage, kills 5, officials say, as military readies for war with RussiaUkraine's interior ministry said Artemiy Ryabchuk, 21, started shooting with a Kalashnikov on Thursday morning and fled. He was later arrested.

Russia, Ukraine hold talks as US warns of invasionTop officials from Ukraine and Russia met in Paris on Wednesday for talks to defuse tensions on their border, a meeting seen as a positive step by France despite fresh warnings from the US that Moscow was preparing military action. Let the US try Russia will destroy US COMPLETELY in TWO HOURS I think Russia must start building strong military bases ib South America especially Venezuela

US firms urge measured process to Russia sanctionsCompanies calls for ‘wind down’ period to enable them to fulfill existing contracts and obligations should US President Joe Biden press ahead with punitive measures Typical. The $ before human life.

LETTER: Allegations against RussiaMoscow has no plans to set up a puppet regime in Kiev Russia will protect itself 🤞🏿