COVID-19 Vaccine | Nedlac supports mandatory jabs

COVID-19 Vaccine | Nedlac supports mandatory jabs


2021-12-07 01:07:00 PM

COVID-19 Vaccine | Nedlac supports mandatory jabs

Labour Minister, Thulas Nxesi, says mandatory policies will depend on risk assessments.

Several companies, including Discovery and Standard Bank have introduced mandatory vaccines for its employees.

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Bongani Baloyi joins ActionSA

The party made the announcement during a press briefing on Monday. Read more >>

Well we dont I dont even know what the purpose of this establishment stand in the corner and be quite please...we dont care that you support mandatory vaccine... NEDLAC_SA is also joining the new fashion Who the f is Nedlac now. Mxm anyways Nedlac se moer! Target one company and unleash a boycott campaign against this apartheid onslaught.

Go and vaccine 💉 with yr family and leave those who don't want alone some of us we have different believe if u have beliefs in yr jab do it but don't force human being, u don't own our soul we cant exchange our clean soul 2 gods of vaccines, Our immune system react in different ways mina nje nento yemigomo ayisebenzi kimi unless maningenza ne mandatory salary increase yiyo vaccine engangiphilisa ngoba iqeda indlala.

Why not mandatory jobs ? I wish I can fast forward to 2024

SA records 11,125 new COVID-19 cases, 1 deathThe country has recorded over 11,125 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours. Not a breaking news tonight These are just weekend numbers.... yall are probably at 20k right now One death? Who in South Africa is going to go get tested? We might be different colors and cultures but all of us will not go get tested. Fake numbers. This is a lie.

Any organization or institution supporting raping people with substances that don’t belong inside the human body don’t belong in a free society. They are a danger to human life. They are failing to give people JOBS and business opportunities. They are energetic on giving JABS AncToday MYANC Nonsense Behold, the Minister of Unemployment!

Unfortunately for you Nedlac this is not a political issue it is LEGAL MEDICAL ISSUE so your support is illogical You guys are busy supporting useless things to be mandatory. But still fail to support employment to be mandatory! During election time there were no case reported despite extreme gatherings upon canvas ceremonies. But then y'all busy behaving like you're our God's.

According to WHO, mandatory vaccine ahould be the last resort 🤣 the anti-vaxxers will soon vaccinate their arms Mina support or no support, Mangosuthu tested positive again

School literacy a casualty of COVID-19 - ExpertAn educational specialist says because of rotational attendance, many pupils will not be ready to progress to the next grade. I'm no expert but didn't we drop the pass rate to 30% waaaay before covid and pass kids who couldn't read and write to make the minister look good School literacy has been the casualty of ANC - fixed it.

And high unemployment rate not top of their agenda? The nerve I knew something is not right with this guy, 3/4 of people didn't get their UIF money but he was nowhere to be found. Now its vaccine he is busy talking nonsese, this idiot need to be fired because i dont see wat he doing. 😡 Support the mandatory injection for your family, do not decide on our behalf.

stop showing actors,what the use of vaccine if the vaccinated one's are lying in their sick bed right now and why being forced to vaccinate if still gonna taste positive,can I get the truth in that.! Of course, anything is better than a lock down for them As long as people of South Africa can't be on the same page with these lies of the ANC I don't know because they were campaigning not long ago and most of us used to tell them on their page about these becaus it was about them now it's not about what we want 🤷I won't comply🙅

COSATU is now the government and has no interest of workers at heart. It doesn't matter what Nedlac support, but it matters what the constitution says, unless you wanna tell us that Nedlac is above the constitution.. No problem than what happens if you don't want to vaccinate do they will dismiss you in their work place or you will be fall under retrenchment or be suspended ,their statement it's not clear .give clarity !!

COVID-19 plans required for events in KZN - ZikalalaZikalala says they have already been preparing bed space to help deal with the fourth wave.

You should be focusing on bigger issues such as the reduction of unemployment rate but noo. You're so obsessed with forcing people to vaccinate. Why call it vaccination if your not immune? 🤔 The only thing that Nedlac is failing to support is the urgency on unemployment pandemic. 👂 It is time our leaders read the Constitution and give us answers on who is 'everyone' referred to in the Constitution?

Sell out move !!! When what happens to those to choose not to take jab!!! What do you have say about them !! 93% of the population which is unvaxed and refuse vaccinations doesn't support it. The mandate of the people stand. Now sit down. NxesiThulas we watching you, you will also comply coz instead we need mandatory jobs✊

Mandatory vaccines on who's body, just asking nje angilwi🤔🤔🤔. I will listen on the radio

WATCH | KZN Premier briefing on COVID-19KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala holds a briefing on COVID-19 and ICASA state of readiness. Omicron can be the end of Covid according to Netwerk24

Nedlac se gat what about freedom of choice NEDLAC ,must consult community members in community halls Then Robbin Island is a suitable place for them. We will let them go and open their own country there were they can rightfully force people to take vaccine. But still No it will depend on what the citizenry say. Their bodies do not belong to the state. Aren't we free anymore?

Nedlac can support whatever they want. WE, THE PEOPLE don't supoort Mandatory Vaccinations. What happened to determining what the people want? Is this world dictated by 'scientists'? If THE PEOPLE don't want Vaccines, why force? We will RESIST! South Africa can jump start its economy if it does the following: 1-Remove the race based BBBEE laws! 2-Remove all labour law red tape! 3-Reduce Corporate Income Tax to 22%! (This will be lowered to 27% next year tho) eNCA DStv403

Mandatory vaccine is needed especially to people with stubborn minds.CovidVaccine

Unlikely for Covid-19 to 'simply burn out or disappear' in the future'The virus has a significant ability to mutate – presenting us with a whole new danger, every time,' a medical expert has cautioned.

Buthelezi tests positive for COVID-19 againIFP founder and President Emeritus Mangosuthu Buthelezi has again tested positive for COVID-19 Haaaaayibo lomadala solo akafi kanti? I trust he is vaccinated and it will be a quick recovery. I hope he isn't fully vaxxed cause he'll put the lives of the non-vaccinated people at a very high risk. Those people are like ticking 💣s waiting to explode!