COVID-19 in SA: Fourth wave looms

COVID-19 in SA: Fourth wave looms

2021-08-03 05:53:00 PM

COVID-19 in SA: Fourth wave looms

The Health Department's Nicolas Crisp says that the timing of the first three waves could mean we are in for another in October and November.

Professor Puren said surveillance of the progress of the virus is important. Read more: eNCA »

Kebby Maphatsoe's brother dispels false information on cause of death

President of the now-disbanded MKMVA, Kebby Maphatsoe died of a heart attack.

Reitumetsi_m Let's find the person who name this variants coz they are the parents of the waves Omg what sensationalist headlines.I am so so happy I deleted their app from phone.Everyone should do the same for their mental well being. Can this one be Omega🤦🏾‍♀️ 😅😅😅😅😅😅the third wave wasn’t even over

😂😂😂😂 YOU satanists are really at play and you all part of it. 🖕🏾 Yhooooo ha a kuko Lambda osilindileyo? 😭😭😭😭 Already? Lere etsa di Popeye Lona! Fok🤣😭 Do yall still remember saying CODIV doesn't kill black people... 'show me one black person who died from COVID...' and when yall said Madagascar has the cure?...

Each and every one of us are very powerful beings and can create what we focus our minds on. Please remember that mainstream media is the enemy. The enemy is pushing this now so many of us speak about it and create the fourth wave into existence with our minds. Manje ba bampile.

Covid-19 update: SA records significant drop in daily positive casesSouth Africa now stands at 2.46,758 laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid-19 an increase that represents a 21.9% positivity rate. Happiness is achieved when your aims and desires in life are determined. Still doubting the efficiency of my words? Give it a try and have the satisfaction you can obtain for yourself. I'm happy at last i have found a company i am recovering my lost from gregoryskallas On weekends very few people are testing as most of private lab are not operating. Your article is misleading I entrusted shantelll_142 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with her platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with shantelll_142 and get a good mentorship and safe trading.

Haibo sesiya jwayela phela manjeh, we rily nid to put a stop to all this nonsense n end this error of being ruled n be our own rulers But we will not vaccinate, let the 4th looms n the 5th 6th etc What's the name of the fourth wave? How many waves are there? I repeat mnqundu we Covid bra Bathi iyazilumisa 🤣🤣🤣

Nisfakel I depression nje nani mxxm We reject it in Jesus name. The expectation of the wicked shall perish. It shall not kill as they have planned. On CHRIST the SOLID rock we stand, all other ground (of science, vaccines) is sinking sand. Give me strength 🥴 4 wave... 30+ ⚰ 5 wave... 20+ ⚰ Wake up 2nd wave was 40+ who were mostly dying...

Wuhan to test 'all residents' as Covid-19 returns after tourism boomThe city of Zhangjiajie has become 'the new ground zero for China's epidemic spread'. I entrusted shantelll_142 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with her platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with shantelll_142 and get a good mentorship and safe trading.

Ayi seniqalile Looms on deck. From where? And whats causing this waves? Home made virus this one🤞🏿 Since covid came we never hear of ppl dying from other illness is just covid nje...we survived many illness y this one is difficult to end..nd worst part they know the dates nd months for new wavea bt HIV/AIDS they ddint even bother looking more into it..something fishy here

You guys are doing number blocks with us.... We know already u will Close again tops and other stuff We know about the scam We've been biting sea waves but Corona waves are somehow exgerrated Hawu kahle booo 🙆🏾 KhulaNxumalo11 GreenMerch23 asibuyele eDubane sofela khona 🤧😪

'A recipe for disaster'- say experts as youth ignore Covid-19 regulationsNational Liquor Traders Council’s Lucky Ntimane said they were not going to protect anyone and as they had previously mentioned, whoever does not adhere to Covid protocols stands to lose their licence. Appreciation from my heart to you Henrymayson4 you're such a wonderful person now we south Africans has hope again about investing and fast withdrawaI , I and my family will invest with your company forever I entrusted shantelll_142 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with her platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with shantelll_142 and get a good mentorship and safe trading.

They did say we have an appointment with it fourth wave in October And we still won't have any new hospitals. 🙄 rivaldo_nkuna follow me I Follow back immediately 🙂 Siya gowa yooh Now you’re pushing it 🚮 Couldn't they just prevent this fourth wave from coming? Our tired is tired now😷🥺 Yho ha.a We will have all the waves they throwing at us until we enforce mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors. They have successfully made us a dumping ground for their diseases.

Lol its not funny anymore From where, which street, which house, which individual?

Another reason to get the Covid-19 jab: Wimpy will give you a free coffeeWimpy is offering a free filter coffee to customers who present proof of their Covid-19 vaccination. Wake up people, this is becoming a forced situation! Wimpy can stick it up their arse! Stop. Just stop. The blatant coercion is transparent. You are ruining whatever is left of the media’s reputation. Freedom is bought with a cup of coffee?

🙄 Argh. Just.... Take us all. Take us all with these waves. May as well give us a surfboard. Nobody : Our country is back to normal South Africans: 😂😂🚶🏾‍♂️👏🏾 who is making this waves? I still won't vaccinate even if it's the 10th wave Bathong we barely recovered from 3rd wave climax, now 4th is looming 😏

What will the petrol price be when the one after this one takes hold? Joyous Celebration albums🤣 Aowa this covid thing wont end mos. Lomsangano wenu uyeken njalo We not even done with the 3rd now ya'll are rushing off to 4th🙄

Nigeria receives 4 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines from US governmentNigeria has received 4 million doses of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccines donated by the US government, its health minister said on Monday, as the West African country battles a third wave of infections.

Ayi ngeke Didn't you guys move it from October to December kante? They are busy with waves but no solutions Kanti how many waves does this thing have 😏😏😏 yall fucking with us now How many waves does Covid have? It now looks like the waves are coming to South Africa only?🤔 but how do y’all know 😒 this thing is programmed 🚮

Aiii ftsek Ag rubbish. Pot kak how many waves are there, kanti? IVhembeni lapho ihamba khona , i repeat Vhemba leyo 4th Wave

Delta variant: Nigeria isn’t ready to deal with rising Covid-19 casesThe Conversation Africa’s Wale Fatade asked public health expert Doyin Odubanjo what Nigeria should do.

Just give us all the waves, so I can schedule my dairy accordingly. 🏄🏾‍♂️ madodana19 If so, I need myself a surfboard no more vaccine We are wavey like that🏄‍♂️🤗 Another wave 🥲 When are we going to rest mara huh? Wooo lona hle 😒 All see is ZOMBIES Yi lume ban ffs

Surely SA is an ocean because the tide keeps turning How the fuxk do you know? 😭😭😭 Now government is testing our patience Forth wave of propaganda Didn't know Covid is an ocean? Always moving in waves. Lol Nazi ngani? Go Rama 🚶🏾‍♂️Mangaki vele lama-Wave esewonke?

Foqqoff. A most generous offer but we do not want it. Send it back.. Funny part is that all these waves only occur in South Africa Lol, who did it loom? Its a hell of a ride....BG is releasing virus after virus Lento yenu yama waves esebenza njani? T_Khule Aren't we in a third wave? 😂🤣 yha neh! ke dipitsi redi bona ka mebala.

Voetsek already 🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Saze sasiphila isiJoyous Celebration yoh💔😭🥺🤔 Lol, you guys are so desperate to kill us. What's up with that vele? It's a SCAM 😂🤣😂 Just on time… like clock work. The fourth wave ushered in the news early as August to be full blown in October 😏 Yo lumiwa nga nnyi 😂😂 I wish thieves can steal the USB that contains COVID-19 files.

This thing is definitely controlled somewhere 🤞 Hooray🥳🥳 Deep sigh

3rd e fedile neng? Modimo ha bule lefatshe re wele klaar. Or a big flood ho fele does this virus evolve or something , or , are they MAKING it evolve … We will ride that 🌊 MERCYLEWISSS 🙂 Wave after Wave Level 4/5 loading for November and December 🙃 Ai ftsk maan! buy this covid thing a durag Ache re tla teneha jwale

So their predictions were wrong what happened to October 👀

Weeehhh. All of this is planned Its wave after wave😫😫Bahna! Fourth wave🙆‍♂️ i'm confused, how are we still on the 3rd wave and they already saying that the 4th wave is on the way👀💀 But …. We are not even in the 3rd one🤔😒 YourSisBoo Ay niyasdakelwa manje Aowa bathong, aowa....Kanti yini? MuloiwaThendo dawg but you said…

i wish the man I love was this consistent

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You have to joking. And you swallow this and then regurgitate it. Please man go away. Can you ask Ramaphosa in which number will be the last wave, at least 10th should be the last one 🙏,😀 We know vele because people vaccinated and the variants changes but vaccine is a no no no for me and my family 🤗

Had my 1st Vac, can't wait for the 2nd! Bring it! This no longer a virus, it's a secret ammunition used to kill human beings. How do they know is coming? 🙄 The third wave is not even completely over and there is already a talk of forth wave. We can't breathe Kinda feels like wave 672 but okay

Fasten your seat belts everyone, with 3rd wave people just dropped dead... So wth 4th wave I suspect even worse, maybe people will turn into zombies and rot and rot, basaphila 🙄🤔lol The government pushing people to vaccinate. So sick off this shit nothing positive any more. Lost my husband last week COVID and now this.

Overseas media is now warning of the Lambda variant from South America. What's next?!? Government and their Experts don't want to loose Control. Wake up People, it's not about the Virus Anymore. Covidmmunism More people to be vaccinated! The more waves! The vaccinated are a walking manufacturing machines of variants.

Well planned project How many waves are there 😂 🤣 😅 🤣 Aii ke sharp ka Mzansi

Where do they get revelations from Please we are still in 3rd wave let us breath Yet more waves & variants. Vaccines may stop one from ending up in hospital, but indicators are now telling us that one can still be a carrier, even after being fully vaccinated (vaccines only help your body to produce antibodies). Ivermectin kills it.👇

And we will have a 5th wave then a 6th wave ... get used to it Le thomile baloi!!! WITCHES!!! How do you know for sure that there's a 4th wave looming Yerrrrr!!! I am now 100% conivinced that there's dark forces and secret societies pulling strings on this Covid! BALOIBACOVID Please let this hashtag trend guys!!!

Yoo kajhani as we are still waiting for third wave 🌊 of covid-19 So this virus no longer a Chinese virus but South African virus? I still can't believe that a real account manager exist I am so happy trading with lovely1642 i never took her serious because I taught she was a scam like others ,until my first withdrawal of R60,000 within just one week of trading! 👇👇👇👇 lovely1642

So now it’s combination of third and forth at the same time Wake me when the 10th wave has passed on we are on day 7000 of 21 to prepare the hospitals

Looms from where 🤔😳 In China there's no second , third wave I wonder how they do it 🤔🤔 Use ivermectin ist an over the counter drug Fokof man These waves are communicating with governments. Wow 😯. They even tell them when the coming for the next visit 😂😂😂😂 OK If we are to trust administration ka OscarMabuyane , EC is already contemplating the fifth wave, because he said we are in a third wave around May and Meth said we have entered the third wave just after the announcement of Level 3. Clearly, EC is in the '4th wave'🤣

This is a well planned project.