COVID-19: Five more deaths reported in South Africa

COVID-19: Five more deaths reported in South Africa

2020-04-08 09:37:00 PM

COVID-19: Five more deaths reported in South Africa

This takes the number of coronavirus related fatalities in the country to 18.

READ:63,776 people have been tested for the virus in South Africa.Coronavirus Hotline Number: 0800 029 999 from 8am to 4pm, Monday to FridayHelp protect your loved ones by sharing this officialwith your family, friends and community.Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp.

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Maps_Welsh This is the time. Now every dau we'll hear pf death, 14 days is showing off now💔 y'all better stay TF Home or else they will dance at your funeral I wish ppl cud stop their ideologies during ths time and adhere to wht is the law. Lets stop analyzing and coming up with theories questioning the intentions and objectives now.

And thn you get people who complaints about our military officers who beats people when they're found roaming the streets. They should continue kicking and uppercutting people who don't listen. We need numbers Yhooo ngenelela Thixo kaSirayel IS THERE ANY CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS COVID 19 FROM OUR LABOUR FEDERATIONS - WORKERS UNIONS 😘😘😘😘

And people don't wanna sit at home. This is our reality now, the sooner we understand this, the better. There's no weekend that passes by without a funeral why cause people die every day, every week so why act surprised by people that die.we will all die someday whether from Corona or hunger or whatever.. So chill and drink yogi sip hluuuu'hluuu

Has anyone read up on the BCG vaccine we all received as kids? It gives me hope I think those people who are doing good work of testing must also try and explain to people on their own language the importance of lockdown usage of masks,gloves,sanitizers and what to do for them to try and stay safe knowledge is key to fight this disease,dont just test and go

Cmon DA .... stop flogging a dead horse... the Minister I s stupid and made a mistake.... what about the idiot who put the pic on internet So far 63 776 have been tested. Of those tested, 1845 (2.89%) have tested positive. Of the positive, 18 have so far died. That makes the death rate from conditions exacerbated by this virus just about 0.97%.

If only we all stayed home when we were told to... and not made this virus thing a political thing...I was so proud of my country and president...not anymore Be safe people of South Africa😥😥 Staying in ur house helps to an extend. To extend 21 days does not make sense. If u die u die,if u die i die. Like all can be part of the 50+ murders a day,hunger,tb,aids etc etc

50+ a day A normal day in S.A No lockdown for that shit? There is a vaccine for that= Hangpaal. Lord have mercy 5 death in one day. This is getting real Be strong we are super strong people we never give up. Remember after hardship comes ease Things are getting out of hands Ayisembi 🥺 Explain ‘COVID related’ and what that means.

Who are these people? Why was St Augustine allowed to remain open - they knew people were being infected there and dying and they will punish us for this while Minister enjoy lunches and laugh - lockdownMustFall 5? Lord have mercy 🙉 Lockdown will definitely be extended things are getting worse💔💔💔 The horror movie has finally started 😢😢

How many dies of starvation and the flu - lockdownMustFall Hope people will take this seriously.

COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | World's Covid-19 epicentre, Wuhan ends 76-day lockdownA Mpumalanga woman has issued a plea to South Africans to show kindness to people with disabilities attempting to shop for essential groceries, while sharing an unhelpful experience of her own.

Five more Covid-19 deaths in SA, nearly 100 new casesThe number of South Africans to have died of Covid-19 has increased to 18. Your opening remarks speaks of 5 additional deaths yet your description shows 6. '2 from kzn, 2 Gauteng and 2 from Free State'. Please confirm your numbers?

57-year-old man becomes SA's 12th Covid-19 death as cases climbSA has recorded its 12th Covid-19 death, as cases climbed to 1,686 on Monday night. Deceptive headline to sell papers Why don’t you finish the sentence?!!! 57 year old man with UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS becomes the 12th Covid-19 casualty. I agree with all of the above replies, but I am finding it difficult to believe the numbers... Either its a miracle, or we're being lied to...

Malawi records first Covid-19 deathMalawi recorded its first Covid-19 death and added three new cases to its tally on Tuesday, bringing its overall number of infections to eight.

BREAKING NEWS: SA Covid-19 cases grow to 1749, death toll rises to 13SA Covid-19 cases grow to 1749, death toll rises to 13. Heath Minister Zweli Mkhize has expressed concern over Netcare's St Augustine's Hospital in Durban, where 66 people who had been linked to the hospital have tested positive for the virus, among them 48 staff members. SO the most infected people at the hospital are the staff. Terrific. NHI will be a dream South Africa. This Durban hospital mara💔 😭

Man with prostate cancer becomes SA's 13th Covid-19 deathA Durban man has become SA's 13th confirmed Covid-19 related death. 13 then each day some people die yooo