Dstv 403

Dstv 403

COVID-19: Bed shortages in Gauteng

COVID-19: Bed shortages in Gauteng #DStv403

2021-06-20 10:13:00 PM

COVID-19: Bed shortages in Gauteng DStv403

Various reports have suggested Gauteng is running out of beds, however, Health MEC Dr Nomathemba Mokgethi says everything is under control.

The South African National Defense Force has also deployed medics to the province.READ:Mokgethi says since 1 June, 5,521 posts have been filled to make sure there are enough hands to confront the COVID-19 third wave.This week, Gauteng's daily infections have surpassed the numbers recorded during the first and second waves.

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On Saturday, the country recorded 13,575 new infections, with 62% of these in Gauteng. Read more: eNCA »

Gift of the Givers to give medicines to clinics, hospitals after destruction caused by riots

Gift of the Givers’ Imtiaaz Sooliman says they found that 70 pharmacies, two huge pharmaceutical wholesalers and a pharmaceutical manufacturing company were burnt by looters and rioters.

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They had a year How may stages will it take to reopen Charlotte Maxeke Hospital? How many people need to die before this cANCerous wANCing Government realize they are failing the citizens of South Africa and Gauteng? How much money did this cANCerous wANCing Health Dept in Gauteng spent again to close down the Nasrec field hospital again?

Why can't you open the nasrec center yall busy with propaganda huh 🤔 tell us the name of the hospital? 🏡 And they think that lengthening the curfew by an hour is the answer. Utterly clueless and as a result even more lives will be lost.

COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | Newborn baby survives Covid-19 in ICUCoronavirus updates.

The story on the ground from multiple sources says different! mmKubayiNgubane and David_Makhura you need to investigate and resolve the bed issue in gauteng. GautengHealth GautengProvince how did enca come up with this article that all is fine? News24 IOL HeidiGiokos You are slow to report this

Money went to digital vibes. Ask Mr Mkhize where is the money... Government didn't prepare for the third wave. Leadership is busy engaging in looting. Fellow South Africans you on your own

Electronic hospital bed management dashboard and extra medics to help Gauteng deal with Covid-19 surgeAdditional personnel are being appointed to add to the 5,521 Covid-19 posts filled as of June 1, in addition to military medics.

Military to assist Gauteng in managing Covid-19 third-wave crisisThe health minister is very concerned about the rate of infection in Gauteng, which has passed the numbers of the first and second waves They can start by arresting all EFF marchers including Julia.

Gauteng leads with new Covid-19 cases as SA records 13,155 casesSA recorded 13,155 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said on Thursday. Meanwhile Wuhan has no clue what are these waves we are on about 😷 And why is the PresidencyZA quite on this Outta no whereWhat are yal trying to distract us from now?

Gauteng leads with new Covid-19 cases as SA records 13,155 casesSA recorded 13,155 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said on Sunday. Jokes aside.....out of 10 youth in South Africa..7 of them they're not working at all but we got aboMagogo and Mkhulu at our PARLIAMENTARY SA....MYANC ....They must go and grab a SASSA 🎟 as well Emang nyana ka COVID 19....JOB CREATION AND FREEDOM FOR ALL....FREDOOM IT'S MONEY...POVERTY IT'S APHARTHEID....MYANC ....Tired of your LIES abo LEE VAN LIES

Daily Covid-19 update: 13,575 new cases recorded, majority of cases from Gauteng149 more Covid-19 related deaths were reported, bringing the total number of deaths to 58,590. Lots of graves, huh?