COVID-19: Banks race to get ATM machines in line with regulations

COVID-19: Banks race to get ATM machines in line with regulations

2021-01-14 03:49:00 PM

COVID-19: Banks race to get ATM machines in line with regulations

This comes after government took a hard line about them providing hand sanitisers at all cash machines.

READ:Banks that fail to comply face penalties but several are saying that meeting the updated regulations will be a gigantic logistical exercise.They say they may have to close some machines but emphasise they have no problems adhering to the new rules.

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10 months into lockdown now the atm is the problem, wtf next. Bank rates up to counter to cost of sanitiser been scaled I always take my wipes or spray my sanitizer. God bless HarryPJones0 I just made my second withdraw thanks so much HarryPJones0 you are the best account manager I really appreciate sir

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tshidi_lee Capitec can chill, they said Banks with actual ATM’s 😂😂😂 FNBSA AbsaSouthAfrica Nedbank StandardBankZA Sanitisers at every ATM will be logistical nightmare. Banks must reduce the amount of money they issue at Atm to encourage people to do card purchases. Maximum amount allowable at ATM should be R500

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Why not just chip everyone when they get their vaccine and we can move to a cashless society. WEF Davos Agenda 2030 Great Reset will be so happy if we could do this. 😁 Are the notes sanitized? If not then what is the use... If I happen to go to the ATM I use wipes.... Job creation opportunity for about +-29,643 people. Never let a crisis go to waste. Thank me later!

Banks bending over. Ridiculous. ANC says jump. Corps say how high