Collins Khosa matter not open for public discussion: Mapisa-Nqakula

Collins Khosa matter not open for public discussion: Mapisa-Nqakula

2020-05-28 09:57:00 PM

Collins Khosa matter not open for public discussion: Mapisa-Nqakula

The SANDF says the injuries on Collins Khosa's body can't be linked with his cause of death.

"It is a matter which I do not want to comment on, it is a matter which is still under investigation, and in terms of the court, it is a sub-judice matter," the minister said.It says Khosa and his brother were provocative and wouldn't comply with the instructions of two female soldiers.

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It also states the women called for backup and that the two men were forced to comply by being “pushed and clapped” and suffered “no injuries related to the cause of death”.READ:Mapisa-Nqakula says not all processes have been exhausted in resolving the issue.

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Viva cANCer dictators Of course it is open for discussion. Should you need troops, where are you going to get your soldiers? From civilians.....civilians who might like to be identified as soldiers and not murderers. Nice one!! Her people in the NDF are criminals !! First degree murder!! They should rot in jail and then in hell!!

Disgraceful response by the honorable minister of defense sub judicial! Nonesense? We have been discussing CollinsKhosa & will not stop until there is JusticeforCollinsKhosa Let's post pics of the citizens that was killed by SANDF and SAPS and the ones responsible for them! Mapisa-Nqakula, Cele, Ramaphosa, Ndlamini Zuma! Rest in Peace Collins! An Injury to One is an injury to All!

Everything the gov does is up for public discussion! She should know that!I dare her to declare the issue a secret! Why was killing Collins a public safety matter?! Wow, not opened for public discussion, bt he was murdered in public mxm SA This woman thinks that she controls our minds, she's failing at being a minister by concentrating on irrelevant things

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Arrogance plus ukunya is what she says I remember another man something similar happened to ... Steve Biko ... now again CLASSIFIED ... We have truly come full circle ... Mandela must be turning in his grave ... U go Collins Is it classified? No life is valuable for our government,SANDF got away with murder,what are they going to get away with next

Oh my word, designer matching masks, but wont show compassion for a man killed by her soldiers? Her outfit could feed a family for a month. Money to waste on clothes, from our taxes Well this is going exactly as I thought it would. Military is the same throughout.... We want to discuss it NOW! Another fatality at the hands of government and when pressured for justice its promptly swept under the rug...

What she's hiding hlehle or she send those SANDF to khosa's house? Tsek!!!! If it was addressed to the public then the public should question that. JusticeforCollinsKhosa JusticeForGeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter 😂 I think we're past that. Since when are heating-blankets in fashion ? dolcegabbana Versace StellaMcCartney can you please help

Something else to hide again Members of the Defense Force should not be confronting private citizens in the first place. She is too late, we discussed it at length yesterday and today, so what's she going to do about that? Clap and push us? Oa nyela mosadi tena and for your information re busy ka yona as I reply

Maybe she can invite us over to discuss the matter in private if it is not open to public discussion Cnut of the day award goes to... Tjoo but why not? These thugs must get out of our communities. Enough! Voetsek This is why we should never have military involved in public affairs go get fucked

Soldiers involved in Collins Khosa death not cleared: Mapisa-NqakulaThis is despite a South African National Defence Force (SANDF) report that seemingly cleared the four soldiers who were involved in the altercation with Khosa. These ANC thugs are just going to lie themselves all the way thru this COVID19SA pandemic Lowlives! Cleared by a kangaroo court. The fact is that the SANDF internal inquiry has cleared the officers of wrong doing. We live in a democracy that promotes transparency. The minister shouldn't be surprised the media has access to the outcome of the SANDF inquiry.

Soldiers involved in Collins Khosa death not cleared: Mapisa-NqakulaDefence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula says that members of the army allegedly involved in the death of Collins Khosa have not been cleared. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Soldiers, police 'not responsible for death of Collins Khosa': SANDF inquiryA lack of respect towards female soldiers and provocation were cited by a SANDF board of inquiry as the cause of a lockdown altercation prior to the death of Collins Khoza in Alexandra, Johannesburg. Respect the soldiers or else they will Kill you. SANDFCorpEvents So you are saying that if someone is provoked because of their gender, they can beat someone to death without consequence This is a DISGRACE! Fellow Citizens, Please VOTE for the RLF: we will deploy the Military on the Border line permanently & we will use Drones 24/365 days; we will build the most POWERFUL MILITARY in the Southern Hemisphere.

SANDF clears soldiers in Collins Khosa caseAn SANDF investigation found Collins did not die as a result of the altercation. 💩💩💩 This is very bad Lol I’m happy the family has best lawyers .. this is nonsense.

SANDF probe clears soldiers of killing Collins Khosa, saying he was only ‘pushed and clapped’The police investigation into Khosa's death continues, and the soldiers implicated 'have been ordered not to report for duty' until the criminal probe has been concluded. 💔💔💔 Those soldiers need to be put to book , no one is above law in SA! Why not when Cele's gang kills people and gets away with it? This was expected.

Khosa family’s lawyer slams SANDF inquiry report as ‘rubbish’Steyl further added the family was in disbelief that what they witnessed on that fateful day was being dismissed.