Cogta refuses religious organisations' plea for special lockdown regulations

Cogta refuses religious organisations’ plea for special lockdown regulations

2021-06-18 12:13:00 PM

Cogta refuses religious organisations’ plea for special lockdown regulations

During Tuesday's meeting, some religious leaders wanted 'scientific proof' that religious gatherings were super-spreader events.

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5 ways to help after the devastating looting in KZN

Communities in KwaZulu-Natal are desperate for even the most basic food staples after a week of devastating looting and violence. In honour of Mandela Day, and in the spirit of Ubuntu, here are five ways you can help out.

Malema talks big game during heavily packed Youth Day rally | CitypressMalema talks big game during heavily packed Youth Day rally Heavily packed, really now? I see what you did there If that’s the true picture then it was irresponsible. In few weeks time some of them will be dropping like flies due to COVID. He is faulty

'You can have it' - KZN pastor's phone snatched during live sermonA sermon ended on a bad note for Douglas Mellish, a pastor in CityHill Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, when he was robbed of his cellphone. 😅😅😅

Ramaphosa's 'lockdown nonsense regulations won't stop us' – MalemaMalema said the EFF would not adhere to the restrictions which were imposed under lockdown Level 3 by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Flouting Covid regulations, and encourages his people to do so. Is this not treason? Risking life and limb

EFF won’t comply with level 3 laws even if it means jail time, says Malema in fiery Youth Day address“From today, we don’t listen to what Ramaphosa says about the coronavirus. We don’t comply with nonsense he says about the coronavirus until he gives us vaccine and vaccinates our people because he has no intention of vaccinating our people.' For 1 i agree malema is right As his own day in court draws nearer every day he will become more and more of a problem. He will get many of his supporters into trouble to mask his own court battles that lie ahead. He will know people at the NPA and they will tell him his day is coming… Time that this naughty boy is getting called to the office!

WATCH | We won't comply with Ramaphosa's Covid-19 lockdown rules until we get vaccines - Malema | News24EFF leader Julius Malema says they will no longer listen to anything President Cyril Ramaphosa has to say about the coronavirus or comply with any of government's imposed lockdown regulations. | pule_jones pule_jones Malema is a chameleon, not long ago this charlatan said we need to go back to level, now he is singing a different tune. Today, I'll kill for Zuma , the next day he's either anti Zuma or pushing his agenda pule_jones Keep them dumb and hungry and they will vote for whoever gives them a StreetWise 2 and pap with a free t-shirt..... Regardless of who it is... That is why we are where we are... The dumb (not so much hungry cause of stealing) is running this country.. pule_jones Hahaha !!, cutting your nose to spite your face. Drinking poison so that the next person can die.