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ATM president Vuyolwethu Zungula has his sights set on unseating President Cyril Ramaphosa through a motion of no confidence

2020-10-01 09:30:00 AM

ATM president Vuyolwethu Zungula has his sights set on unseating President Cyril Ramaphosa through a motion of no confidence

African Transformation Movement (ATM) president Vuyolwethu Zungula has his sights set on unseating President Cyril Ramaphosa through a motion of no confidence submitted by his party before Parliament earlier this year.

Speaking to City Press on Wednesday morning, the ATM leader said the “stigma” that had been created by “links associating the ATM’s formation to Magashule and former president Jacob Zuma” had cost the party “dearly in the 2019 national and provincial elections and was continuing to cast doubts” on what his party stands for.

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Read: R500 000 ATM defamation case still on, says Ace Magashule’s legal team“Now that we have been vindicated, we are relieved and can continue to fight for job creation for South African citizens and push to oust Ramaphosa, who has not done anything to aid our people.

“Ramaphosa has failed to do away with corruption. Instead, during [the Covid-19 coronavirus] pandemic the ANC has been the chief culprit with regards to corruption and mismanagement of funds meant to assist our people.“Earlier in the year, when we submitted the motion of no confidence, we detailed [Ramaphosa’s] failure to deal decisively with unemployment, gender-based violence and other ills that continue to affect our people,” said Zungula.

Read: ATM prepares to take on RamaphosaAlthough he had not yet seen the report which allegedly cleared Magashule, Zungula said he, having been a part of the party’s formation, was confident that the ANC secretary-general had no role in the formation of the ATM.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe was not readily available to comment whether or not such a report had been tabled before the ANC national working committee.Our confidence that we will be successful in our bid to remove Ramaphosa comes from the fact that we provided facts relating to his failures as president

ZungulaHowever, two ANC national working committee members who spoke to City Press confirmed that such report had been tabled and that Magashule was cleared. However, they both could not confirm whether Zuma was also cleared of being a part of the formation of the ATM or not.

This week, Speaker of Parliament Thandi Modise wrote back to Zungula crediting the delay in considering of the motion of no confidence to Covid-19 disruptions.In the letter, which City Press has seen, Modise says: “I am pleased that you acknowledge the negative impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on the full function of Parliament since you submitted your motion.”

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She goes on to vow that she will finalise her consultations with the “leader of government business [David Mabuza] and the chief whip of the majority party [Pemmy Majodina] on the matter as required by the rules”.Read: Ace Magashule’s hand in ATM

Zungula said “the fact that across the country various councillors have shifted from merely voting based on party loyalty to now putting South Africans first” was a huge boost in their quest to oust Ramaphosa.“For us, our confidence that we will be successful in our bid to remove Ramaphosa comes from the fact that we provided facts relating to his failures as president. Any member of Parliament with a conscience will put South Africa first,” he said, adding that this was why his party had requested a secret ballot.

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Obani manje laba? UTom, Dick no Harry Dream party City press using memes too 🤔 🤣🤣🤣He must first get past ACE! Tribalism He would do this Nation a great favour by doing this Izwe_Lethu_2020 uzohluleka 😂😂 Dictator Ramaphosa is untouchable 🤞🏾 Lungah__ DA will vote with the ANC for the first time in history.

ATM is and will always be an extension of ANC RET was long been revealed even though the real owners denied it Lungah__ Yes please 🙏 This Zumanoid ZungulaVuyo advised by poor media mogul is jumping gun. Maybe soon-to-be-arrested Magashule promised him that 70% of ANC MPs are going to support the motion.

The fact that eff does'nt support this motion should tell u something about them Look at this Mzwanele Manyi political intern osipuka dreaming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wasting your time ATM ,because if you have a problem with Ramaphosa tell us as SA. Just vote out ANC not Ramaphosa because you are still going to be led by the same ANC even if remove Ramaphosa in power. Just learn more politics ATM. Ure still learning

? People just have wishes that can never come true, stop it!! AfricanChildSo1 Yes, this man is getting the cowontree into more debt. Thank you Mr ZungulaVuyo Fokof! The RnTEd party should be allowed to proceed with its motion. Mxim Goodluck🤣🤣🤣 Did they get a seat in the last election? Ace's pop-up party is trying too hard...

With only 2 plastic chairs (seats) in parliament, hayi baphambene shame- bayitshaya way too much intsangu ngoku🤣😜😂😝🙄🤔😳 I even forgot that there was an organization called ATM I support the motion Results of smoking socks I support this motion ..Not everyone is cut out to be a president ..Ramaphosa should go back to breeding his R18 mil buffalos for a living...

Umuntu that old who didn't know what Soweto abbr, may not even know that ATM also stand for Automatic Teller Machines... i_seeek leshela lea hlalosa go dutse bomang moo, a lena hlokomelo. 😂😂😂😂 More like a bunny rabbit trying to kill a lion, an impossibility and I'm no Cereal cheerleader 🥴 But why do people waste their votes on micky mouse parties like ATM?

How much money does he have to buy anc parliamentarians. 🤔With all these arrests he might be on something. I don't think looters in ANC benches will defend the president. Him strengthing law enforcement institutions must be worrying many people in that parliament including outside ANC Except that on the internet their acronym means ass to mouth. It doesn't bode well for them

What a disgusting and fairytale story to read this morning. We are still recovering from EX-Jimmy and his uncles (the Guptas) painful regime and you are here reporting nonsense. MzwaneleManyi Ramaphosa must fall You're crusading for the RET faction within the MYANC. Let this bear testament to you doing Jimmy Manyi, Supra Mahumapelo, Jacob Zuma and Ace Magashule's leg work. The MYANC fighting itself via proxy. I do not support CyrilRamaphosa but I condemn you for your recklessness.

All of the ANC must go. The level of incompetence is mind blowing. Stupid is running wild Hebanna, what for? Their motion won't derail state capture inquiry into failed ANN7 project financed proxy SABC which by extension is the taxpayers money.Those responsible need to payback the taxpayers money.South Africans support PresidencyZA fight against corruption.

masentle_NEO I said it before and I'm going to say it again. Some dreams are not meant to come true 😂😂😂 Haha this guy is Ambitious😂 masentle_NEO If a Motion of no confidence is allowed, Ramaphosa will go. Many of his comrades are shaking in their boots given the current arrests happening and will support the motion.

ATM must focus on building their party's growth. Running a country is not a joke! We are trying to pick our lives up right now and reading such has no place in our minds mcm! ATMovement_SA has shown its Guptas colors from day one with a clear mission to disrupt Cyril from solving very same issues they are citing, of which most are results of State Capture they are defending. I'm PutSouthAfricansFirst and against motion of no confidence ZungulaVuyo

Do it president we behind you ATM waya waya Who is him? Iyaraka laaPoni Is this Boy a Politician or he just want to feed his stomach? I DON'T THINK HE IS, HE JUST WANNA CREATE JOBS AND TOPPLE THE CURRENT PRESIDENT? 'THAT'S ALL FOR HIS SPAZASHOP...... Kee dreaming Wanting power via the back door factional politrics will destroy this country

He was a church choir leader two years ago and now he wants to be president? Hahaha very stupid that one. He must be smoking something dangerous, and he must stop now before it damage his brains Focus on building your small party. 😅 Power hunger 😀 😀 😀 This boy is a joke

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